Writing Wedding Vows for the Bride

To wrap up our series on writing wedding the perfect wedding vows, we’ve got some advice from Michelle Leo on how Brides can write vows for her groom.

When a bride makes the big decision to write her own vows, it can be quite an undertaking. Chances are she’s never written something so personal intended to be shared in front of so many. Although challenging, when I was a bride, I chose to author my vows because I felt strongly that pre-existing vows written by someone else would simply not feel unique enough nor adequately express what I wanted to share. 

Most brides who chose to write their own vows do so because they want their testimony of love to be personalized and truly express their feelings in their own words. Getting personal and incorporating your unique love story is the best place to start when writing your vows to him. Here are some ways to into incorporate your individuality when writing your vows for him:

Tell Your Story: Your love is unique and like no other love story. Incorporating these individualized details into your vows is what makes your vows truly special and unique. Start by identifying how your love began and focus on the traits that drew your close to him. Share how you felt when you began dating and how and why your love blossomed into something deep and meaningful. Talk about the moments you shared with him that made you feel special and the things about him that make him undeniably perfect for you. These are beautiful moments he’ll reflect upon affirming his decision in asking you to be his wife. 

Identify Your Future Story: Your vows should not only contain your confessions of love for him, but also your promises and desires for your future together with him. Address the parts of your relationship you look forward to growing with him by your side and how you envision your life spent with him. What things are you looking forward to experiencing with him? What excites you when you think about your future together? How does he make you a better person and what goals do you share together that will help you embrace the world as team? These are things that you’ll be able to reflect on throughout your marriage and fall back on when you face challenges together.

Promise to Honor Your Story: The entire purpose of coming together on your wedding day is to profess in front of your closest friends and family the love and honor you have for him. This is your opportunity to promise to protect and cherish that love you have built together. Make a commitment to value your story and continue writing your future story together through the ups and downs. Identify the ways you promise to grow with him instead of apart from him and the ways you will rely on him as his wife and best friend. Promise to continue writing the best love story you know how, together with him by your side.

Most importantly, set aside any pre-conceived fears of what others will think, and write from your heart. When you write from your heart and tell your individual story, it will be pure, honest and cherished by the most important person of all- him

For more advice on writing wedding vows, check out our guide to writing vows, and how to write vows for the groom. 

Photographer: Polly Alexandre | Graphic: Hannah Lee | Article: Michelle Leo of Michelle Leo Events

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Surprise Modern Wedding in London

Don’t you wish you were gutsy enough to throw a surprise wedding? Well, Danny and Luce were, and the result is absolutely darling, and Emma Case beautifully captured their modern surprise wedding. We love every single detail of their lovely wedding- from Luce’s simple Stella McCartney wedding dress to the choice of their transportation! Read more about this lovely modern wedding from the adorable bride, Luce:

Danny and I got engaged on December 16, 2013 in Ibiza where we live with our scruff bag dog, Ziggy. It was the happiest moment- knowing I was going to marry the love of my life. Having never been the little girl that doodled wedding dresses and all things girly and never dreamt up church and marquet scenarios, it was always going to come down to romance for us and the real reason behind being engaged. I think there is too much pressure these days to pull off the perfect wedding, and whilst I have been lucky enough to witness a lot of my friends marry in beautiful set ups, there are still the few you hear of that sound all about the show and we wanted to avoid this. Moreover I knew myself and the likelihood of a bridezilla lurking within. So we planned our day and night celebrations within three months. We booked the Brydon Room at the Chelsea Registry Office  in London because I had grown up nearby and had always loved riding the red bus past the registry office as a little girl seeing the bride and groom on the steps being showered in rose petals. So there was sentimental value in that. The big day was on my Birthday February 27, 2014 at noon, and lunch followed at the Cheyne Walk Brasserie and for both we were joined by a close group of best friends and our families. I wore the best of british in Stella McCartney, Christian Laboutins as my ‘borrowed’ from one of my best friends Ellie and my Mr wore a bespoke suit from Gieves & Hawkes where the dapper Jolyon Evatt Bexon helped him throughout the fittings, and well heeled in Loake brogues. We then traveled in style in a gorgeously kitsch Karma Cab to The Langham Hotel for some downtime before our evening party – Goa, India holds a special place in our hearts which was the reason for the Karma Kab. On to Beach Blanket Babylon in Notting Hill Gate where we had asked 100 or so of our friends to join us for what they thought was our Engagement Party, my husband then announced when everyone had arrived that it was infact…….our wedding day! It was the most delicious buzz I have ever felt and we really were surrounded by a lot of love and warmth and genuine affection for our surprise. My dad delivered the best speech – I’m biased but truly it was the best I have ever heard. We then danced till midnight when my now Miu Miu decked feet were weary and headed back to our hotel with happy faces and a me with a brand new surname. 

Photography: Emma Case | Make Up: Aga | Hair : Vadon at Glo Fulham

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Organic Indoor Winter Wedding

This organic wedding from Rylee Hitchner and Ginny Au was inspired by Kelsey & Rob’s love of the simple beauty and warmth of the winter season. They chose an historic home in Birmingham, Alabama as their reception venue, featuring the most stunning floral staircase install from Rosegolden Flowers. Ginny wanted the design to be understated with a natural palette of greens, ivories and whites and lots of candlelight to softening the moody brown frames of the home. Combined with an intimate gathering of close friends and family, this simple wedding was the perfect tribute to a southern winter.

Photography: Rylee Hitchner | Creative Direction & Styling: Ginny Au | Floral Design: Rosegolden Flowers | Paper Design & Calligraphy: Holly Hollon | Venue: Clubhouse on Highland  | Catering: Savoie Catering | Band: Luke Wade & No Civilians | Dress: Olia Zavozina from Carriage House Weddings | Shoes| Manolo Blahnik | Earrings: Stella Blu | Grooms Suit: J.Crew

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DIY Rope Braid Updo

How fun is this DIY Rope Braid Updo from Heidi Marie Garrett, Amy Clarke, and Bryce Covey? We loved this updo because 1. it’s fun! 2. it’s unexpected 3. it’s classy and playful all at the same time. Would you be bold enough to wear an unexpected wedding hairstyle like this? Tell us your thoughts!

Below are the full step by step tutorial on how to recreate this beautiful rope braid at home

1) Separate hair into four sections: two side sections and two back sections
2) Place the section located at the crown into a ponytail and create two braids
3) Loosen each braid by gently pulling on each loop
4) Lay the first braid across the top of the head and secure with bobby pins
5) Lay the second braid across the top of the head and secure with bobby pins
6) Braid the back section UP
7) Loop and roll the back braid up to join the first set of braids and secure with bobby pins
8) Twist the first side section and place it up and over the top of the head
9) Twist the second side section and place it up over the top of the head and secure with bobby pins


Once you have finished securing all the hair with bobby pins, gently pull on small sections of the braids and twists to create a more tousled look.

Photography: Bryce Covey | Makeup: Amy Clarke | Hair: Heidi Marie Garrett | Graphic: Hannah Lee | Creative Direction: Emily Newman for Once Wed

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