How to Style Kitchen Shelves with Zola and Ginny Branch

Since so much of newlywed time is spent in the kitchen, we partnered with Zola and some of our favorite stylists to bring you tips on decorating yours with all your wedding gifts. Haven’t heard of Zola? They’re the wedding registry that we’ve fallen for since they make registering for all the gifts, experiences, and funds you want easy + hassle-free. While we were shooting their amazing kitchen accessories (all available on their website’s home store), like this graphite Staub pot and these wooden bowls, we snuck a little advice from our favorite prop stylist, Ginny Branch. Check out her awesome advice below on how to style all of your new home items from your Zola Registry, and remember to sign up today and get $25 towards your registry from Zola!

From Ginny:

When styling shelves, I try and create a consistent color palette and groupings of textures to carry throughout the shelves to create some continuity throughout. Consider mixing metallics like copper, brass, and stainless steel that you might find in your pots and pans with classic dinner whites and warmer, weathered woods from cutting boards or wooden utensils that will show their use.  I also try and balance the shelves with both larger item like a potted plants or stock pots with groupings of smaller items like stacks of bowls or a row of glasses. Another easy way of creating levels of varying height on your shelves is to use books to stack under items. Also, vary the way you stack your books both horizontally and vertically, and if one has certain cover appeal, showcase it proud and facing forward, or layer several covers, or  tuck slightly behind a stack of plates. And when in doubt don’t hesitate to infuse some life into the shelves with little jars of herbs, bud vases, or some happy houseplants.

Creative and Art Direction: Emily Newman for Once Wed | Photography: Meghan Kay Sadler | Styling: Ginny Branch and Ginny Au| Food Styling: Katelyn Hardwick | Products: Zola

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Simplify your Travel with Travefy

Trips are one of the most exciting times during the wedding process. Whether it be your bachelorette party, or bridal shower in your hometown, your honeymoon, or even a destination wedding, everyone looks forward to time away to celebrate. However, it can be hard to ensure the trip goes smoothly from start to finish.

Travefy, an interactive group travel planner, will help you organize it all from your computer or iPhone for free. They provide the tools to share trip ideas and collect payments easily so you don’t have the typical pains associated with a group trip. Today, they are sharing tips with us on how to make your plans as simple as possible:

Decide Your Travel Date

Get your friends in one virtual spot and decide a date that most people can attend. Dates can be the most limiting factor to get everyone on board, so figure those out first!

Pick a Location

Plan based on a number of factors: weather, locations of attendees, costs, and desired areas. Think about what vibe and type of trip you want….relaxed and serene or adventurous and upbeat?; book in bulk if possible to save money; make an itinerary for once you arrive.

Determine Your Travel Budget

Make sure everyone agrees on an approximate trip budget per person and a method of payment. Using a travel and expense organizer makes it easy for a group to split hotel rooms and collect money upfront via credit/debit cards.

Know The Group’s Arrival & Departure Times

It’s simple but a lot of work to know when everyone is getting there. Keep track so you know when to plan events for the group.

Get Everyone on the Same Page

Ensure everyone is ready and aware of the plans. Simply communicating the plans and ideas ahead of time gives everyone a feel of “having a say.”

Live in the Moment

Enjoy your trip!
Visit or download the iPhone app for more stress relief in your planning process

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Hawaiian Sunset Bridal Portraits

“But these are the days we dream about, when the sunlight paints us gold.” In the words of Kylie Martin, the photographer who conceptualized this serene Hawaiian bridal portrait shoot, these beautiful days leading up to a wedding, are the days we dream about. We crave the salty air that twists around the bride, emphasizing her effortless and natural beauty, as her photographer captures her bridal portraits. Read on for more from the creative team.

More from the photographer, Kylie Martin:
“The inspiration for this session was drawn from natural textures and light located on the North Shore of Oahu in Hawaii. During the late winter months the sea casts large swells that release a salty spray throughout the air; as the sun begins to sink into the horizon, a rush of gold light pours out over the ocean and reflects into the hazy air creating a serene, romantic canvas. We chose a gown that was modern but feminine, the natural textures found throughout the gown were complimentary to the location we shot in. We wanted our bride’s hair to feel effortless but still maintain a chic quality. Kendra was able to create two stunning original looks out of one, this helped create a “day to night” or “ceremony to reception” hairstyle. A lush, overgrown bouquet completed the look by incorporating neutral colors and a unique arrangement. The concept was to create an effortlessly chic look that can appeal to any bride who wants to remain classic but allow for some modern touches.”

Photographer and Concept Design: Kylie Martin | Hair and Makeup: Kendra Hittinger | Dress: The Dress Theory and Houghton NYC | Florals: Passion Roots | Model: Kaleo Woods | Ribbon: Adorn Ribbon | Photo Lab: PhotoVision | Assistant: Whitney Huynh (Tulle and Grace Photography)

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Intimate Waterfront Engagement Session

Parisa and Ike’s engagement photos are some of our recent favorites, because the images truly embody what an engagement session is supposed to be about: becoming comfortable in front of the camera is important, but going beyond that to share your love for each other and celebrate the commitment you’ve made to spend your life by your partner’s side, and have it captured to remember forever. Paris and Ike’s waterfront photos are the perfect blend of intimacy and joy. We love the sense of pure happiness and utter calm in this set of images, and wish Parisa and Ike the absolute best!

From the bride:
“We were dreading taking these photos – neither of us are particularly comfortable in front of the camera and we were expecting it to be a completely awkward experience. We met Meghan just prior to our session and she immediately put us at ease. Within a few minutes it felt like we were hanging out with an old friend and all our fears of being intimately photographed disappeared. Meghan’s ability to empathize with and understand her subjects is obvious and makes all the difference in the quality of her work. We couldn’t be happier with how everything turned out or that we picked such a warm, funny, genuine and talented photographer to share our big day with. Picking Meghan is the second best decision I’ve ever made!”

Photography: M.K. Sadler | Jeans (both): J Brand | Parisa’s shirt: Nili Lotan | Parisa’s sweater: Marc Jacobs | Ike’s shirt: Ralph Lauren | Ike’s sweater: facconable

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