Elegant Black Tie Wedding in Washington

With just a quick glance through these photos, anyone can see that Jenn and Salil’s Washington summer wedding was an elegant affair. If you’re planning a black tie fete, we encourage you to take a second look, as some of our favorite details set this beautiful wedding apart from other classic weddings. Floral design is always one of the best-loved elements of a wedding day, and these amazing blooms created by McKenzie Powell are no exception. The lush arrangements and elegant white and green palette lend a traditional feel, while the garden-inspired flower selections and botanical greenery reinvent the classic look.

Be sure to check back tomorrow for Part 2, with more images and inspiration from Jenn and Salil’s wedding day!

Photography: Tec Petaja | Design and florals: McKenzie Powell | Planner: Holly Rohrbacher | Paper goods: Willow and Ink Studio | Dress: Luly Wang | Groom attire: Theory | Venue: Lakewood Gardens

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5 Things to Know About Wedding Calligraphy

So, you’ve pinned some gorgeous calligraphy ideas on Pinterest and you’ve been obsessively researching envelope etiquette. Now how do you find a calligrapher who can take your wedding to the next level?

Whether you’re drawn to whimsical, modern styles or want a simple, classic look, you can find a calligrapher to fit your aesthetic, time frame and budget. Here Kristara Schnippert shares with us five things you may not know about working with a calligrapher.




There are a lot of different styles of calligraphy—modern, classic or casual brushed lettering. Take a look at your calligrapher’s portfolio of past work or ask for some samples to see if they’re a good fit for you.


More than just beautiful writing, calligraphy is a skilled art that can never be replicated with a font or a printer. Each letter is written carefully and precisely. Each envelope must be prepped, dried and proofed. Every once in a while, the ink splatters or something smears. Because of this, calligraphy is a slow process. Calligraphers have several projects going at once, so expect your order to take a couple of weeks (or you’ll be considered a rush job and be charged accordingly).


With calligraphy, you really do get what you pay for. An experienced calligrapher has worked with a wide range of papers, surfaces, inks, nibs and paints, so they’ll make fewer mistakes. Calligraphers can also customize letter styles, join letters in unique ways, add gorgeous flourishing, custom match inks and more. In general, the more experienced a calligrapher is, the more options you’ll have. The best calligraphers are booked weeks – if not months – in advance, so it’s good to be proactive.


A lot of calligraphers charge extra for dark envelopes, lined envelopes, metallic ink or extra lines. That’s because all of those things take more time. Dark envelopes require penciled guidelines to ensure straight writing. Metallic inks are more time-consuming to write with. And four-line addresses take more time to write out than just three.


Beyond envelopes, you can incorporate calligraphy elements into your invitations themselves, develop a monogram or even create one-of-a-kind wedding signage. Most calligraphers ask that you send the paper or mediums (think fun mediums like leaves, rocks, driftwood, ribbon) you want to use. And remember, this is all done by hand, so don’t forget to include extras (usually 10-15%) depending on the project.

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Outdoor Couple’s Photo Session

We’re always honored to showcase photos from those dearest to us. Today, we’re sharing a couple’s session from one of our staff, Kaela. The sweet glances that she shares with Jonathan make these photos so special, and this setting is just breathtaking. This is further proof that if you’re in need of some inspiration, just head outdoors! Allow nature to do what it does best.

More from Kaela:
“Everyone talks about the wedding but rarely do you hear others talk about the part after the wedding. Those precious days and months after your wedding–the time when everything is anew yet complete–that’s something to cherish.

Marriage is more than the one day of celebration, it’s a lifetime of shared experiences and memories and it is important to honor and celebrate the moments big and small in-between. We especially want to document our time together as newlyweds so we can look back on these years and remember the feeling of being young and in love.”

Love Kaela’s style? Check out her elopement here.

Photography: Michelle Boyd | Styling: Ginny Au | Hair and Makeup: Kaela Rawson | Dress: Billy Reid | Suit: J.Crew

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Unique California Destination Wedding

People love to see pictures of beautiful weddings. Today’s real wedding certainly doesn’t fall short in that aspect. But what is it that truly makes a wedding beautiful? This couple has enviable style, gorgeous flowers, a breathtaking venue…and what we find the most inspiring is their story.

Kathryn and Campbell’s only priority in planning their wedding was to create as much time as possible to spend with their friends and family, and we love their creative solution: a destination wedding weekend over Christmas, allowing them to gather everyone together. Guests rented individual cabins at El Capitan Canyon, where they rented bikes, rode horses, and celebrated Christmas in a yurt.

Kathryn and Campbell happen to share an incredibly sweet story. Read on for more from the groom:
“We met in March of 2012 in Boston. We both worked for the same international travel company. Kathryn was cast in an internal human resources video, and I was working as a director for the video production company. We met when I was put on the assignment to shoot the video–Kathryn was luckily one of those interviews. The whole thing was pretty hilarious; we got to know each other in a conference room with a camera sitting between us! It’s kind of cool though, because I still have a hard drive with the footage of our first conversation. After the interview, my boss, who is a great friend of mine, saw the way I was acting after the interview and he said, “You’re going to marry that girl.” I was rolling my eyes a bit, but in the back of my head I was strangely okay with that scenario… it was very uncharacteristic of me.

I asked her on our first date a week later. I took her to an oyster bar in Boston, called “Neptune” in the North End. Toward the end of our meal, in another moment of foreshadowing, a lady who sat next to us at dinner asked us if she could use our phone. She proceeded to take a picture of us together, saying, “You’ll thank me for this 20 years from now when you’re married”. I guess we can safely say, we began the process of falling in love on our first date.”

Photography: MK Sadler | Floral: Studio Mondine | Dress: Rue de Seine | Suit: J.Crew | Stationery: Ruminary Co | Venue: El Capitan Canyon

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