Heirloom Hangers


The time you share with your bridesmaids before your wedding may be some of the most precious hours you ever spend together. So much of your wedding and the preparation focuses on the time after you walk down the aisle, but that time before, in your last hours of being a single woman, should be cherished and remembered forever. With the creation of Heirloom Hangers, Ashley Garmon has created a beautiful memento to help you and your bridesmaids remember that treasured time.

After years of shooting gorgeous wedding gowns, Ashley Garmon, one of Texas’ most talented wedding photographers, realized that a wedding dress was deserving of a hanger that was just as unique and beautiful as the bride’s gown. It was tragic for Ashley when she saw custom wedding gowns hanging on plastic, or even wire hangers. So, Ashley came up with a solution to this problem: she created a line of custom designed and handmade hangers that were specifically designed to flatter your wedding gown and serve as a memento from your wedding day.

Each hanger is customizable: you choose the shape and font, then her team in Austin, Texas customizes your design where the entire hanger crafted by hand. Also, the detail on each hanger is impeccable; for example, the hook has been designed to withhold the immense weight of a huge ball gown and can turn in all directions to allow for it to be hung almost anywhere. Each hanger starts at $75, and any additional hangers you add to your order will receive a 10% discount. How special would it be for you to customize each hanger for your bridesmaids to take home as a token from your wedding day to remember that beloved time before you walk down the aisle when you’re with your closest friends and family?

Take a few minutes to visit Heirloom Hangers to order your custom designed hanger for your wedding day!

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Delicate Provence Sunrise Wedding Ideas

“One Eye sees, the other feels” – Paul Klee

We wanted to address the poetic content of things in life, and use traditional thoughts in unexpected ways to find fresh emotional connections, and new beauty.

The morning sun silhouettes of queens anne’s lace and olive branches, danced around the humble stone house and the views eastward, this area of Provence is so undeniably gorgeous, our heart closed around a pale colour palette intertwined with soft as skin grey sages and dark leaves.

The girl, efflorescent in the morning sun, blooming and dancing, amongst the beauty of olive foliage – soft velvety and sage coloured. Rosemary, mint and thyme scented the air, the vastness of the pines behind us, an endless necklace draped around her white hands, she spreads her wings of lace and blows gentle kisses with a mouth of heaven.

The mood for this shoot was sensual, intricate, full of sentiment and a little imperfect too. The girl is earthed and melts in a heap of lace amongst the warmth of the olive groves, adding to the air of late summer months, slowly vanishing into the luminosity of the open glade in the wood of pines..

Everything from the homemade fig bread, the apricot coloured mirabelles, and the handwritten letters amongst the garlands of lace. A drop of olive fruit falls from the sun into her dark provencal eyes, her arms of flowers adorned with white snails, and a precious lap of lace. The florals she had gathered from all the meadows and mountain woods, binding them with dreams.

The light wraps her in its gentle flame, the late summer wind is on its way west…..

Production, Art Direction & Styling : Pearl & Godiva | Photography: Feather & Stone | Hair & Make up: Ylva Langenskiold | The Gowns: María Luisa Rabell & Lace Gowns and Veils sourced and customised by Pearl & Godiva | Bespoke Headpiece : Opal & Owl  | Stationery & Calligraphy : Sally Balt from LA Happy  | Florals: Pearl & Godiva  | Jewellery: Fleur  | Props: Pearl & Godiva  | Models: Marion from Up Models France | Location: Le Gite Caramone

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Two Bobby Pin Wedding Updo


Today I have another amazing hair tutorial to share with you from the amazing duo behind the blog, Irrelephant. These two ladies recently challenged themselves to see if they could create an updo with only 2 bobby pins. This updo even survived an evening ride in a Jeep(no top or doors so lots and lots of wind). Enjoy!



Step 1:
Start by twisting your hair and  spraying it with a bit of  hair spray, we came to find that it keeps those layered hair cuts tamed.

Step 2:
Twist your hair into a knot. Literally. Then pull it tight! (at this time, also fluff your crown- to make sure you have volume.) Hair Spray again.

Step 3.
Grab the left over tail and twist that slightly (like step 1), then twist it around the knot.

Step 4.
Bobby pin the end of the tail with the knot and your hair. The second bobby pin is used for securing. Pin it opposite of the previous one so it looks like an “X”

This tutorial is meant for that 2nd or 3rd day hair, dirty hair is best for molding and staying as desired. If you have clean hair, it will be silky and it tends to slip out of anything and you will become frustrated. Before starting hair, try spraying dry shampoo or texturizing spray on roots and ends to give texture. We like: Bumble and bumble dry spun finish and surf spray, or Oribe texturizing spray.

Photography and Tutorial by the lovely ladies of Irrelephant 

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Experience the Gorgeous Secrets Resorts


We have been so thrilled to share some fantastic honeymoon and destination wedding locations with you recently, so we are even more excited to share our newest sponsor, Secrets Resorts & Spas! Secrets Resorts & Spas are perfect for your honeymoon as they offer adults an extra measure of romance and luxury in some of the most beautiful places in the world- Mexico, the Dominican Republic, and Jamaica.

Secrets has developed expertly crafted wedding packages for you to choose from that include everything you need for your big day. You won’t have to worry about the ceremony, cocktail hour, or dinner reception- they take care of everything! Work closely with the on-site wedding coordinator to craft the customized wedding of your dreams. You also have a wide variety of absolutely stunning venue locations to choose from like a rooftop gazebo, a secluded beach, or pier over the ocean.

Choose to have your honeymoon at one of the many Secrets Resorts & Spas and experience ultimate luxury. Everyday, you will enjoy a full breakfast, lunch, and dinner, at gourmet a la carte restaurants, along with unlimited international and domestic top-shelf spirits. Their Unlimited-Luxury experience also includes 24 hour room service, and with the special touch of the “Secrets Box,  room service can deliver your order without you having to answer the door. Talk about complete privacy!

Secrets also wants to welcome you back on your anniversary by giving you a free return stay at any Secrets Resort for your first anniversary if you book a qualifying wedding or honeymoon!

Visit Secrets Resorts & Spas website here to learn more about their wedding and honeymoon packages!


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