How to Forage for your Wedding

foraging2What makes floral designers like Ashley Beyer and Kelly Perry truly special is their talent for working with nature and foraging in their surroundings to create organic and sensational florals. These talented ladies are sharing their secrets for how to best forage for greenery for your own wedding! Keep reading for their tips.

'From Kelly Perry:

I think noticing what is around you, now, and bringing it into your home or event is special.

It brings out that quality about plants I love so much.  They are fragile, so remind us to enjoy today before it fades away.  And then plants return, season after season, to remind us of these special days gone by and the circle of truly living in the moment marches on, like the comforting beat of a heart.

When I had 24 hours in Utah with Heather and Ashley this June we lived!  We gathered the iconic Russian Olive that fills the valley with a light, sweet fragrance and we brought it home so we could share it with you!

We took in every second.  It’s so vivid in my memory — the sound of the stream, the squeal we let out when a snake slithered across the sandy path, the warm breeze, the sound the trees made as we snipped.

Living in the moment creates some beautiful memories.

So what do you need to create memories of your own?  You just need to get a pair of clippers, open your eyes and snip!

A few other notes:

– It’s important to identify what you touch and clip.  Look out for things like poison ivy.

– If you clip away from home, be sure to ask permission if you can.

– Avoid cutting during the hottest part of the day.  Your flowers will hold better and rehydrate quicker when cut early in the day or in the evening.

Feature by: Ashley Beyer and Kelly Perry | Photography: Heather Payne 

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Most Pinned Real Weddings

Real Weddings are our biggest source of inspiration here at Once Wed. We love seeing what you put together with your wedding designers, stylists, or even on your own! We’ve had thousands of submissions over the years, and we’re lucky to feature some of our favorites ever week. Here are the most pinned weddings ever from Once Wed! Find some inspiration and have fun!

1. (Pictured above) This Cheekwood Nashville Wedding from Jessica Sloane and Jessica Lorren wedding has been the most popular wedding ever featured on Once Wed, pinned over 40,000 times! See the full feature here.

2. (Below) Rylee Hitchner’s Italian-inspired wedding has also been a huge hit on Once Wed. All of the custom details, hand-made decor, and overall elegance of this backyard wedding made it something truly special. Visit the original post for vendors and to see all of the stunning images.
3. The custom dress, and absolutely breathtaking setting for this Autumn wedding has made it one of the most popular real weddings we’ve ever featured here. Go back and visit the original post for more inspiration. monique-lhuillier-sleeve-wedding-dress
4. We can’t even count how many times we’ve seen this bride and her maids on Pinterest! This timeless wedding from Jose Villa is still one of the most popular features we’ve posted. long-pink-bridesmaid-dresses
5. The colors and outstanding florals from Sarah Winward have definitely sky-rocketed this real wedding to the top 10! We haven’t often seen texture, detail, and such vibrant use of florals like this beautiful San Ysidro wedding. Tec Petaja couldn’t have captured it more perfectly!fall-inspired-ceremony
6. Joy Thigpen has a gift for brining in a part of her couple’s heart into her design, and this Whimsical Big Sur wedding is no different. Visit the post for words from the bride about how Joy captured her spirit this coastal design.pfeiffer-beach-wedding-reception-lunch-long-wooden-table-chairs1
7. This white wedding was only posted a couple of months ago, and in that time it’s received over 14,000 pins! Rylee Hitchner captured every detail perfectly, and we can’t help but love this sweet couple. elegant-outdoor-wedding-ideas-white
We hope to share more of our favorite real weddings in the future, so keep coming back!

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How to Have a Small Wedding

He popped the question, you said “yes”, and the glow and magic of the moment is still fresh in your mind, playing over and over. What if I told you that it’s possible to hold on to this sweetness and still plan a wedding? That wedding planning doesn’t have to be stressful?

The guest list, which is probably one of the first steps you’ll take in planning your wedding, will set the tone for everything that follows. Deciding early on in the process that you want to have a small, intimate wedding can do wonders for simplifying your planning. Intimate weddings usually include 75 guests or less, and there are numerous benefits to selecting this style of wedding. Here are some points to consider as your start to think about planning a small wedding:

1) Trimming the guest list: As you start compiling your guest list, think of it as an extra large dinner party and build up from there; this will be the hardest part, as it will mean resisting the urge to invite everyone you know and care about. You may want to take some time and decide what is going to work best for you two, whether or not it makes everyone else happy. This doesn’t have to be a negative thing; think of it as an opportunity to create more memories with all of your guests, and to offer them a personal experience one cannot get with larger weddings.

2) The venue’s the thing: Having a small wedding opens up a number of possibilities for your venue, ranging from the sentimental choices (a wedding at home) to more unique options, such as a cave or a secluded forest alcove. Some of the more unique venues, such as historic buildings, greenhouses, and sailboats, are also better suited for smaller groups. Many of these unusual venues will probably also not cost as much, since they are not traditionally marketed for weddings with the typical markup that’s associated.

3) Let yourself be inspired: Once you and your fiancé have settled on the guest count and secured your venue, give yourself some time to be inspired outside of the unending visual feast that is readily available at your fingertips (specifically Pinterest). Take a moment and step away from the computer. Take a stroll through an art gallery. Find a local floral wholesaler and walk around through their floral cooler. Walk through a specialty fabric store and absorb the colors and feel the fibers. Find an element, a color, a texture that inspires you and let that enrich your wedding style.

4) Your vendors, and a coordinator too: Did you know that some vendors specialize only in intimate weddings? This is especially true for photographers, planners and designers/ florists. What better way to get the wedding you envision than to choose vendors who have an eye and passion for the same thing? You will also want to consider that even though you’re going small, you will more than likely still have the same number of vendors as you would for a large wedding, which is why you will not want to skip on a coordinator. Whether day-of, week-of, or month-of-coordinator, these professionals can do wonders for easing the stress of planning, especially as you near the big day.

Article by Elisa Restea from Elisa Event Design

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DIY Autumn Nashville Wedding

We can’t think of a better way to start off October than with our first Autumn wedding of the year! We love all of the special details that Jessica Sloane worked into the design for this adorable couple, and Austin Gros did a phenomenal job capturing every part of their special day.

More from Jessica Sloane:

Sarah and Marc are an artistic couple with Brooklyn style and a Southern sensibility. They wanted to have a laid-back gathering of close friends and family to celebrate their marriage. Sarah, a Brooklyn designer, known for her ceramics and work with porcelain, wanted to contribute her art to the wedding design. She crafted all the porcelain pieces that were used as vases and the hangings placed over the guest tables. Her overall approach was DIY and that’s what made her wedding truly unique. All of the decor, hangings, desserts and favors were contributed by either the bride or talented friends and family. Sarah even took her stunning Nicole Miller dress and with her mom, reworked the lace to be a gold modern design that complimented her aesthetic. This relaxed celebration was truly “homemade,” but felt more like an intimate community of artists, family and friends.

Photographer: Austin Gros | Designer/Creative Director/ Stylist: Jessica Sloane | Florals: Vintage Florals | Hair Styling: DIY | Makeup: DIY | Paper Goods: The Bride | Venue: Wren’s Nest | Desserts and Cookie Favors: family made | Rentals: Southern Events | Wedding Dress: Nicole Miller and lace added by the mother of the bride

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