Greg Finck Photography


Our newest sponsor has a deep love for photography that began when he was a child. Always fascinated by the magic of photography and the power to capture a moment in time, Greg Finck has taken this passion and has created an impressive portfolio full of images of love. Greg is a fine-art wedding photographer based in Paris, France, and exclusively shoots film in order to capture the absolute best image. Greg’s use of natural light creates simple, elegant, and timeless images that speak to the true nature of your love.

Greg Finck is available for weddings and engagements in Paris, France and worldwide, as he loves to travel the globe photographing images of couples in love.  Greg provides each couple he photographs with absolute exclusivity. He understands how important a wedding photographer is to you on your wedding day, and he makes a point to dedicate himself exclusively to you on your wedding day. He takes on a limited number of weddings per year to ensure that each client he works with gets all of the attention to detail they deserve.  He also works with a discerning eye to provide you with the absolute best images from the most important moments of your wedding day.

Please take a few minutes today to visit Greg Finck’s website to learn more about his love for photography and to find out if he is the right choice for your international or destination wedding!

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Stone Platter DIY

Sarah Winward sent over this great tutorial inspired by the stone platters she used for her sister’s Organic Rustic Wedding feature earlier in the week. I think these rock platters are a great new alternative to using tree stumps on dessert tables for people who want to incorporate a natural element into their displays. I found that the color and texture of the stones complimented most foods really well. Or you could use them to display favors, pictures, or event just personal items at home like jewelry.


Large flat rocks. sturdy bigger rocks that have a flat surface good for mounting the top on, Gorilla Glue.
You might be able to find stones like this around your home. You can also purchase them from home improvement stores.


1. Select your rocks. If you are making multiple platters it might be nice to make them at different heights.
2. Wash all of the surfaces of your rocks, leave the surfaces that the glue will be on slightly damp.
3. Spread gorilla glue on the parts of the rocks you will be glueing together. Be sure to not put glue closer than 2 inches away from anywhere it could ooze out. It expands and it dries, and you don’t want to see the glue coming out of the seams.
4. Give them 24 hours to dry

Photography: Kate Osborne | Tutorial: Honey of Thousand Flowers | Cakes: Noisette

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Organic Rustic Indoor Wedding

Today we are featuring the gorgeous wedding of the sister of Honey of Thousand Flowers. More details below from Sarah about her sister’s wedding…

Emily is my sister, and so planning the decor was important and very connected for me. Emily is a minimal gal, but has lots of personality. So together we designed her wedding to match. We wanted to include lots of natural materials. We used lots of plants, vines, foraged branches and leaves to give the space some life, and loaded the tables with candles for warmth. The dinner was all seasonal Vegetarian and Organic, and was catered by a local restaurant that is a favorite of theirs. The dessert were made by a friend who made cakes and macaroons with fall flavors like pumpkin, chai, and lavender.

What followed was a beautiful day where Emily and Tim were surrounded by only their closest family and friends for their wedding. They then gathered all together for a meal, toasts, and dancing. It was a simple, and perfect fall wedding day for them.

Photography: Kate Osborne | Floral and decor: Honey of a Thousand Flowers | Desserts: Megan Whittaker | Venue: Studio Elevn | Dinner Catering: Sages Cafe | Dress: Topshop

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Adrian Michael Photography


It’s been a while since we’ve introduced a photographer as a new sponsor, so we are thrilled to announce that Adrian Michael Photography has joined the ranks of other fantastic fine art wedding photographers as a sponsor here on Once Wed. Adrian is a fine art film photographer from Canada who has always been in love with film. After originally learning to shoot film, then jumping on the digital bandwagon, Adrian soon realized his heart truly belonged to film because of the natural and soft quality of the images. Adrian’s photography combines natural light lifestyle photography with an editorial style to create timeless, romantic, and emotional images.

Adrian is in love with everything involved in wedding photography. He adores witnessing couples proclaim their love for each other week after week, and is inspired by his amazing clients on a daily basis. We are absolutely in love with the refreshing style that Adrian has perfected in his wedding photography, and we’re crazy about the fact that he’s so passionate about film and wedding photography! We think there’s something unique about the way he can capture the feeling of love between the two people he is photographing.

Adrian Michael Photography is located in Victoria, British Columbia Canada, but is available for travel and destination weddings, and we’re happy to announce that Adrian Michael Photography is offering an 8 hour wedding photography package to one lucky Once Wed reader! Comment below telling Adrian more about where you wedding(we want all the lovely details like where and when!) and how you met for a chance to win.*

Visit Adrian’s website today to see his beautiful portfolio!

*Travel outside of the Victoria/ Vancouver area is not included. Travel must be paid up front, and travel arrangements are to be made by Adrian Michael Photography. Couple must sign a standard wedding photography contract within 2 weeks of being notified of winning. Adrian Michael Photography must be the exclusive photographer at the event.

Contest ends January 2nd.

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