Soft Pink Spring Wedding Inspiration

Weddings and wedding inspiration doesn’t have to be overly complicated. Sometimes you just need one extraordinary detail to curate a breathtaking event, and these magnolias are definitely show-stoppers. Keep reading on what inspired Kelly Lenard to create this lovely, spring-inspired shoot with Lauren Balingit.

Ode to the Magnolia from Kelly Lenard:

Every year it’s the same, as I wait with heavy anticipation for the velvety grayish green buds to bring life to our yard. It’s the first sign of spring. Within a day, the leafless tree is heavy with blooms and within a week they fade. Magnolias are fleeting. While I feel romantic about most flowers, the transient beauty and fragility of our pink saucer magnolia tree draws me in and makes me see spring for what it is… a miracle. I make a point to lie beneath its branches each April and soak in the view. I wanted to capture a little of my adoration in an uncomplicated way. The flowers themselves are poetic. This shoot was about the brief moments of perfection in the life of these blossoms and the swift passing of time. We kept the colors minimal so that the gentle pinks would be the focus. Long exposures held on to whole seconds of the day. Lauren and I watched as these delicate beauties unfolded in the sunlight and browned at the lightest touch. I wanted to save a little of the magic until it begins again next year. Known to symbolize a love for nature, beauty, strength, and dignity; these blooms, with proper care, can be the perfect addition to a wedding. I hope this post will inspire some lucky spring brides to incorporate magnolias into their day and their floral arrangements.

Photography: Lauren Balingit | Flowers and Styling: Kelly Lenard/Intertwine | Ribbon: Frou Frou Chic | Model: Bessie Kostidis

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Modern Seaside Wedding Inspiration

There is so much to love about the new modern aesthetic. Rather than being  antiseptic and cold, this elegant style incorporates luxurious natural fabrics, organic florals, and simple, statement-making jewelry. These exquisite gowns designed by Emily Riggs were inspired by the subtle hues of sunsets found in Normandy. Paired with an amazing cradle bouquet and the softest of flushed cheeks, we hope to see more brides embrace this aesthetic.
All images photographed at the Erich McVey Workshop in Elk, California at Navarro River Redwoods State Park | Creative Direction & Styling: Ginny Au assisted by Charlene Tea | Art Direction: Kaela Rawson for Ginny Au | Floral Design: Soil & Stem assisted by Tess Comrie | Hair & Makeup: Mimi & Taylor | Gown: Emily Riggs | Silk Tunic: The Row | Blue
Skirt: Alexandra Grecco | Ribbon: Froufrou Chic | Model: Morgan Love & Nata Sarafinchan for Option Model & Media | Sponsors: Neve Albums, PhotoVision, Fuji Film, Pixieset, Once Wed, Make & Stow

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Studio Engagement Session Inspiration

From Ginny Au:

Last year Erich was gracious enough to allow me to try a different approach with a boudoir shoot. Before the shoot took place, I provided the couple with a storyline and together we blocked the movements and then I left the couple to find their own rhythm.  In groups of 5 and 6 the attendees were welcomed into the space and without intrusion documented the story of the couple as it unfolded. This year we turned the space into a studio and applied the same principles to the attendees, restricting their direction and pushing them to use their cameras as a tool to preserve the moments as they naturally progress. This Loom philosophy is always an emotional journey for me and in some cases the photographers themselves. Perhaps this is why I strive to encourage this form of photography, to evoke an emotion from the photographer allows them to become actively invested in what they are shooting. The end result is a beautiful glimpse into the world of an artist in her studio surrounded by the adoration of her husband.

All images photographed at the Erich McVey Workshop in  Elk, California at Cuffey’s Cove Ranch  | Creative Direction & Styling: Ginny Au  for Loom assisted by Charlene Tea | Art Direction: Kaela Rawson for Loom | Hair & Makeup:  Emily Newman & Kaela Rawson | Floral Design: Soil & Stem  assisted by Tess Comrie | Original Charcoal Art: Zin Lim | Anthony’s Pants: JCrew | Anthony’s Shirt: Acne Studios | Hanna’s Top: Anthropologie | Model s :  Tony and Hannah Culver for  Muse Model Management |  Sponsors: Neve Albums, PhotoVisionFuji Film PixiesetOnce WedMake & Stow

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Breathtaking Film Wedding Photography

There are many reasons why we love film photography, especially for weddings. We’re honored to share this beautiful shoot from the recent Erich McVey photography workshops. Entitled “Element,” we’re inspired by the breathtaking way that film captures the movement of the wind in her hair, the dancing of her dress and bouquet ribbons, and the crashing of the waves against the rocks.

All images photographed at the Erich McVey Workshop in  Elk, California at Cuffey’s Cove Ranch  | Creative Direction & Styling: Ginny Au  assisted by Charlene Tea | Art Direction: Kaela Rawson for Ginny Au  | Floral Design: Soil & Stem  assisted by Tess Comrie | Hair & Makeup: Mimi & Taylor | Gown:  Rick Owens | Suit:  Zara | Ribbon: Froufrou Chic | Models:  Hailee Lautenbach &  Devon DeJardin for Option Model & Media  |  Sponsors: Neve Albums, PhotoVisionFuji Film PixiesetOnce WedMake & Stow

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