Magical Anniversary Photos

For their 5th wedding anniversary, Valentina and Matt knew they wanted to celebrate in a special way. As an immensely talented film photographer herself, Valentina places huge importance on the immortalization of life’s moments. We love their choice to move in front of the camera for an intimate, magical anniversary photo session. With deserted locations, the dusty air magnifying the setting sun, and Valentina’s elegant outfit choices, these photos are a beautiful way to remember a special day.

Photography: Jose Villa | Hair and Makeup: Team Hair and Makeup | Dress: Alexandra Grecco | Location – Alisal Guest ranch

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Delicate Forest Elopement

By its very definition, an elopement is completely and whole-heartedly romantic. Last spring, this couple planned an intimate afternoon for just the two of them, to share the vows of love they’d pledged to each other, and then celebrated with a beautiful dinner under a canopy of trees. The spectacular feeling of calmness that one views these images with is something you don’t often feel when looking at a collection of wedding photos, and that speaks to the intentional intimacy and romance of an elopement.

From the couple:

While both of us love big parties, for our wedding we wanted something small, intimate, and magical. We wanted an opportunity to both spend time alone together and have quality time with our very nearest and dearest. With that in mind we turned our wedding celebration into a two-day affair. On Friday, we had the ceremony with only our immediate family and the bride’s best friend. Before the ceremony, we got ready together (again, just the two of us) and after a small celebration immediately following the ceremony with our family, we had a picnic for two in the redwoods. Later that night we met up with our friends for drinks and food to get the party aspect of the weekend started. On Saturday, we had our closest 30 or so friends gather for brunch in the morning and then a floral and dance-filled reception in the evening. It was a weekend full of meaningful connection and love, and neither of us will ever forget it.

Photographer: Elizabeth Messina (day one); Kristen Loken (day two) | Floral & Event Design: McKenzie Powell Floral & Event Design | Vow Scroll: Lauren McIntosh | All other paper goods (vow booklets, guestbook etc.): Bride | Slippers: Opal & Owl

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Ikebana Inspired Wedding Ideas

We love to see unique, culturally-inspired weddings, and this beautiful editorial is no different. Ikebana is the Japanese art of floral arranging, and much more so than just placing flowers in a vase, it is a disciplined art form with the goal of bringing together nature and humanity.

More from the designers at Studio Mondine:

We looked to the raw, uncomplicated, and whimsical natural world for inspiration. The ikebana-inspired florals suggest the whole of nature, with a smoke bush kokedama string garden creating a link between indoor and outdoor.

Traditionally, a kimono is worn for introspection—the stiffness of the cloth makes way for a gentle, graceful stillness. A linen jumpsuit and robe from First Rite echo the silhouette of a traditional kimono, but allow for more movement and exploration.

Mimi + Taylor highlighted the cheeks but kept the rest of the face natural, as a wearable and modern take on geisha beauty. When the kimono gets traded in for softer garments, the hair and make-up soften as well. Our model wears a smoky plum lip as she explores the kokedama string garden.

In the flowers, fashion, and beauty, there’s a reverence for Japanese heritage and a desire to bridge tradition and modernism. 

Photography: M. K. Sadler | Florals and Design: Studio Mondine | Hair and Makeup: Mimi + Taylor | Clothing: Priory

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We’re Hiring a Business Intern!



Are you tired of being at the bottom of the totem pole? Does making copies of documents that nobody reads not really do it for you? How about shredding documents all day that are even less important? Do you aspire to something greater than fetching coffee?

If so, we might just have the internship for you!

If you want to work from home, have flexible hours, love interacting with people and consider yourself an organizational genius, you should check out this position. The thing is…. while your title may be  “Once Wed Business Intern”, this is a role of real importance and essential value to Once Wed. Identifying and training you to make a real impact on our teams will be one of our more critical tasks this year. So if you are interested in learning state-of-the-art business processes from an online startup, working on a variety of social media, cloud based tech, reporting, and customer service initiatives, working with amazing creatives, building a reputation as an irreplaceable member of our team and working for one of the finest wedding publications in the world, please click the link below fill out the questionnaire . We are really excited to meet you!

Let’s discuss the many ways you have dazzled and amazed the entire Once Wed team at the conclusion of your internship:

  1. Your copywriting for social media features and recognitions has drawn us closer to our community, dramatically improved our followers on social media and earned the appreciation of our sponsors and industry friends
  2. Your flawless attention to detail in payroll has saved the company money and insured accurate and timely pay of all OW personnel – making for very happy owners and employees
  3. Your streamlining of client reports and refining of sales process have shortened the time needed to close deals, increased renewal rates and helped our sales team close more new business – making you a superstar in the eyes of the sales team
  4. In this multifaceted role, you have shined as a proactive, high energy self-starter who monitors her own work, handles issues before they become problems, communicates exceptionally well to all OW team members and clients, has the confidence to stop and ask questions when needed and summons the mental flexibility and emotional maturity to adapt with a growing small business. Management has been blown away but your contributions!

We can’t wait until you make this opportunity a reality.

Now Back to Today.

If you’d like this story to be yours….

Please fill out our questionnaire for consideration!


Desired Skills, Reqs, etc:

  • Affinity for the OW Aesthetic
  • 5 to 10 hours a week. Preference given to daytime availability
  • 6 month unpaid commitment with potential for part time position working with Once Wed
  • A passion for social media, learning more about it and managing social profiles
  • Strong all around, technical, computer, internet & copywriting skills
  • Preference for Atlanta Candidates– it’s easier to train our people if they are nearby and we also like to take our people to lunch!
  • Life Experience is a bonus (though not required)
  • High speed internet

Image: Erich Mcvey

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