Warm Coastal Wedding Inspiration

We always find coastal weddings and editorials to be so inspiring. There is something about a seaside view that just takes your breath away, and makes it the perfect setting for a wedding! In this gorgeous editorial, we also cannot get enough of this truly amazing MXM Couture gown. Have you ever seen such subtle detailing create such a major impact?

More about what inspired the stylist, Paper Diamonds:
“I wanted to take a soulful approach to the design of this editorial. Hidden in a cove, our little patch in the sand was a warm, inviting, and familiar setting. Raw, rugged, and resplendent, crystal blues, soft shimmering greys and washes of lavender play against jagged sandstone rocks.

For the table I pulled in treasures of the old world, pieces that might have travelled the oceans many years ago on ancient voyages. Silver chargers, candelabras and serving spoons paired with velvet textured ribbons and hints of raw crystal elements. I paired the linen with a tulle overlay to resemble the ocean shimmering gently at dusk.

The incredible gown was almost other-worldly, as though it was from a bygone era of royalty and utter decadence, even reminiscent of a divine mermaid lost along the shoreline. With every angle we saw something new, with layer upon layer of tulle, ruffles, crystals and intricate beading playing perfectly against the ocean.”

Photography: Feather & Stone | Planning, production and styling: Paper Diamonds | Wedding gown: MXM Couture | Hair & make-up: Odelia Sarre | Model: Rebecca M represented by Viviens Models | Flowers: Lua Leuca | Cake: The Cake and I | Furniture and table decor: Her Handpicked Harvest | Stationery: The Little Press | Crystals: Sharon Settineri

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Lilac Bridal Portrait Session

We love the tradition of bridal portraits, and Maegan’s gorgeous session from Heather Hawkins Photography is no different. This girl has serious style–just look at her amazing dress and hair! We especially love her bouquet, designed by Andi at Bows & Arrows Flowers. Anytime lilac is an ingredient in a bouquet, it’s going to be good. The addition of caramel toned garden roses, iris, and pieris with the rust hued fritallaria makes that lilac pop.

Love this unique color combination? Check out some of our other favorite floral palettes here, here, and here.

More from Andi at Bows & Arrows Flowers: 
“I met Maegan last fall at a workshop that she attended at our studio and almost immediately a friendship began between us. As the months went on and she approached me to do the floral for her upcoming wedding, I considered it a pure joy and privilege to be a part of my dear friend’s day. For our time together, her bouquet was composed of moody purples, greens and pops of peach, with fritallaria, David Austin garden roses, clematis, hellebores, andromeda, irises, lilac and wild honeysuckle. The beauty of these photos perfectly captures the essence of my sweet friend—lovely, effortless and beaming with joy.”

Photography: Heather Hawkins | Styling and Floral Design: Andi Jamison for Bows and Arrows | Hair and Makeup: Tracy Melton Artistry | Ribbons: Silk and Willow | Gown: Enzoani | Film Processing: Photovision

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DIY Knot Pony Tail

DIYKnotPonyGraphic_V3 (1)
It’s always fun to see a new twist on an old idea, and this awesome DIY Knot Pony tutorial from Kylie Swanson and Samantha Landis is a great interpretation of a classic. Keep reading for the full video tutorial and step-by-step DIY so you can re-create this look for your very own wedding day!


DIY Knot Pony

1. Hair Elastic
2. Comb
3. Bobby Pins

Knotted Pony:
1. Air dry hair for natural texture.
2. Take a section from each side of the front hairline, pull back and knot, pin in place.
3. Add more hair from each side and continue to knot and pin.
4. Tease hair in between knots for added hold and texture.
5. Continue to knot until the ends are reached, then secure with an elastic.

Want even more DIY hair ideas? Check out our favorite wedding day looks here!

Photography: Heather Hawkins | Videography: Kelly Christine | Creative Direction and Design: Kylie Swanson | Hair and Makeup: Samantha Landis

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Being Inspired By Your Wedding Venue

Looking for inspiration? Click through our gallery of 10 amazing weddings for more ideas on how to be inspired by your wedding venue.

Inspiration for your wedding can come from many places – online resources or pretty pictures, personal experiences and memories, perhaps your favorite colors. But as you’re collecting ideas for your wedding, the one place for inspiration that should not be ignored is the venue itself.

We asked The Day’s Design owner Shelby Lynn to talk us through how she helps her clients be inspired by what their venue has to offer.

How should your wedding feel?

Close your eyes and imagine your guests’ reactions as they first see your wedding. What do they feel? Relaxed, sophisticated, happy? Now think back to your very first venue visit – what made you choose this venue and how does the space make you feel? If these sentiments are in line with one another then your mission has been accomplished, but if not, you might have to work a little to make your venue bring these emotions to life.

Pay attention to the small details and be inspired

Think about creating an overall ambiance and pay attention to the small details in the venue. While you may not think little features like curtains or carpet colors matter, they will be noticed even if it’s only subconsciously. Be inspired by the pattern on the wallpaper, the pictures on the walls or the color of the lounge seating.

Often outdoor environments are seen as a blank canvas, catering to any event from black tie garden parties to rustic, backyard barbecues. But a woodland locale is very different from a winery or seaside setting. Draw inspiration from the colors of the trees in the background, the wildflowers blooming at your feet or the stones washed up on the shoreline.

Be purposeful in selecting your style and colors

To make the overall day feel purposely planned and cohesive, be selective in your style and color palette.  If the venue has an old world charm, wrought iron and stoneware accents will work perfectly. An old warehouse or loft space pairs perfectly for those seeking a more industrial style. Or a gorgeous Georgian style mansion with traditional details, such as burgundy drapes and gold chandeliers, is the perfect setting for jewel-toned celebrations filled with brass accent elements. Additionally, remember that colors themselves evoke certain feelings so don’t forget to take that into consideration when you’re trying to set the mood for your day.

While you may have thoughts about the general direction you want to take your color palette and style before selecting your venue, be open to making small changes and additions to ensure the overall design makes sense.

The day should be a reflection of you, it should be emotional and full of joy and reflect upon you who are not only as individuals, but as a couple.

Photo: Rylee Hitchner | Florals: Sarah Winward

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