At-Home with Newlyweds: Photography Session

We’re excited to be sharing more today from Loom Curated, a series of inspiration workshops for wedding and professional photographers. This scene comes to us from at-home with a newlywed couple, and gives inspiration not only for the types of moments that can be celebrated in life, but also the beautiful way that your wedding photographer can capture intimacy in your photographs.

More from creator Ginny Au:
“It was an amazing experience to watch the photographers respond to this scene because of the the level of intimacy. Constance and Jonathan have an effortless and thoughtful love. This devotion shone through in their delicate and tender touches and at times very playful moments. They also made the intimacy of a couple’s morning actions gentle and sweet, which is a lovely representation of these newlyweds.”

All Images taken at Loom Series Nashville

Photography: MK Sadler | Creative Director: Ginny Au | Art Direction: Kaela Rawson | Location: Bloomsbury Farm | Prop Design: Ginny Branch | Creative Assistant and MUAH: Once Wed

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Intimate Kitchen Engagement Session

We believe that continuing education and craft development should be something of utmost concern to your wedding vendors, and this is just one of the reasons why we’re honored to showcase a series of images this week from a recent workshop for photographers. Read on for more, and be sure to come back each day this week to be inspired by more breathtaking images.

Loom is a practical teaching platform for photographers that encourages authentic documentation of the human condition. Ginny started her career as a designer & stylist and found by manipulating a scene for the sole purpose of beauty, the authenticity and memory of a moment was lost. She began to seek a method that encouraged a true representation of how her clients felt and communicated not just what they look like. She then begun to apply this technique to editorial shoots, lifestyle campaigns, lectures and now the Loom Series.

The Loom Series is a worldwide teaching platform for Photographers. Twice a year we welcome photographers to our chosen venues for educational lectures, observations, shoots and camaraderie. In small groups, the attendees are welcomed into curated environments with the sole purpose of documenting the story as it unfolds. By storyboarding each shoot in advance and allowing the natural relationships of the subjects to shine through, Ginny allows the photographer to focus on the subtleties in life we often overlook. This first shoot from our Nashville series followed a lazy afternoon in the kitchen with Will & Hannah. Ginny used the chemistry and playfulness of this real couple within the shoot to allow their natural relationship to flourish.

All Images taken at Loom Series Nashville

Creative Director: Ginny Au | Art Direction: Kaela Rawson | Location: Bloomsbury Farm | Prop Design: Ginny Branch | Creative Assistant and MUAH: Once Wed | Photography: Meghan Kay Sadler

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Shop the Minted 2015 Holiday Collection

Tomorrow is the first of November, which means that if you haven’t started making your holiday plans, then you’re already behind! Luckily for you (and us!), Minted’s 2015 holiday card collection has just arrived, and they have the sweetest selection of newlywed holiday cards to help you celebrate your first year together.

With so many options to choose from, we find ourselves leaning towards designs with real foil-pressed details. Minted offers foiling in gold, silver, and rose gold, which is perfect for adding a little holiday sparkle. Their Signature paper is thick and luxurious with a creamy cotton texture, and has been optimized for photo printing, making it perfect for sharing a photo from your recent wedding or engagement session. You can also choose 100% recycled paper, Pearlescent paper which adds a subtle shimmer, DoubleThick paper or even TripleThickTM paper.

We love the customization options Minted offers, from a variety of backer options to add additional photos and text, to FREE matching envelope designs with recipient addressing. This year, all holiday cards are available with matching envelope designs and recipient addressing, FREE for a limited time. Save time and make your holiday card beautiful from the inside out! You can also upgrade to add matching return addressing (starting at $0.60 per card).

Minted works with local, indie designers, selecting unique designs freshly sourced from their community of independent artists and curated through competitions.

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Unique Ceremony Ideas


There is a lot to be said about the classic beauty of a traditional ceremony. But why not personalize things a little more with added details that catch your eye?

Event Designer and Planner Molly McKinley has pulled together some unique ceremony ideas that may just get your creative thoughts flowing when it comes to planning your wedding.

Focus on the Back of the Aisle
So many times, we focus only on the front of the aisle instead of the whole picture. If you have a gorgeous landscape behind you, why not move your florals to the back of the aisle?

Create a Path
Create a look that complements your venue and personality. Not into the classic aisle or terrified of that moment? Create a casual path that leads to your groom.

Incorporate Furnishings
Your guests would definitely remember this fun detail. Incorporate other furnishings such as benches, sofas, cushions and chairs into your ceremony.

Use a Focal Element
Draw the eye in to your aisle by using your chair ends as a point of focus. You could use a ribbon garland down the aisle, or florals or candles could achieve a similar effect.

Curve your Chair Rows
A straightforward classic aisle is beautiful, but there is a softness created by curving the chairs. You don’t see it as often and it can add a unique touch to your day.

Create a Circle
If the formality of a seated ceremony feels a bit overwhelming, why not keep things casual by having your friends and family gather around you in a circle while you say our vows.

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