Tips for Cleaning Your Ring from Jewelers Mutual

Your jewelry, especially your engagement ring, deserves special attention. You should insure, guard, and take care of your engagement ring- part of taking care of your ring involves cleaning it properly. We have a few tips from our favorite jewelry insurers, Jewelers Mutual, on how to properly clean your jewelry for this spring!

Skip the toothpaste: It’s a bit of a misconception that you should clean your jewelry with toothpaste. Yes, it does give your diamonds some sparkle, but the abrasives that clean our teeth can cause damage to the metal and stones of your ring. Instead of using toothpaste, try taking an ammonia-based cleaner or rubbing alcohol and a soft toothpaste to clean your diamonds.

Watch out for the sink: It’s your worst nightmare- you’re cleaning your engagement ring, it slips, and down it goes… Avoid washing your jewelry in the sink because they can easily slip out of your hands and get lost down the drain.

Keep an eye out for labels: If you’re using cleaning supplies created specifically for cleaning jewelry, make sure you’re mindful of which stone it is meant for. There are some cleaners made specifically for cleaning diamonds, opals, emeralds, etc.

Other helpful hints from Jewelers Mutual on how to keep your jewelry in the best shape- have it professionally checked and cleaned a couple of times a year to ensure the stones are secure and everything is still in place. Visit the jeweler for a check when you bump your ring or if you feel like anything is off. And remember, during your yearly jewelry check-up, have them check the current value of your jewelry to ensure you have adequate insurance coverage.

Thanks so much to Jewelers Mutual for sharing these tips with us. Your engagement ring won’t mean anything if it’s ruined or lost, so take care!

Photography:  Mandy Busby | Graphic: Hannah Lee

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Natural Outdoor Anniversary Session

Sometimes simplicity is best, and this sweet one year anniversary shoot from Christine Doneé proves that. We are enamored with the natural details of Megan and Stephen’s little anniversary session with Christine, and we think it’s the perfect way to celebrate your first year of marriage if you’re looking for something special to do.

Megan, the bride, shared a little about their wedding day and their inspiration behind this shoot:

After months of planning a large wedding to be held in my husbands hometown in Northern Ireland, we decided to go a different route and instead had a tiny courthouse wedding in Scotland (where we were living at the time) surrounded by 9 of our close friends. A few months later we moved to my hometown in Los Angeles and had a slightly larger backyard wedding reception. I never got to wear the long flowing dress like I had wanted, so when Christine approached us coming up to our one year wedding anniversary, with a picture of a dress I would have loved to wear on our actual wedding day, I knew we had to make an anniversary shoot happen.

Photography: Christine Doneé | Dress: Chloé | Earrings: STRANDS

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Win 8 Hours of Wedding Photography from Captured by Keryn

Captured By Keryn is a boutique photography business, based around celebrating the beauty, history and personality of each person that comes before Keryn Sweeney’s lens – whether a bride bursting with excitement, or the family sharing in the joy of the moment.  Captured by Keryn specializes in subtle documentary, fine art style wedding photography, with a passion for the use of natural light. Residing on the north shore of Auckland, New Zealand has given Keryn a lot of opportunity to refine her use of that natural light!

When Keryn is not busy with weddings, she loves to travel. Her images portray the essence of her surroundings and evoke a sense of emotion and adventure.

Keryn’s experience allows her to approach each environment in a relaxed and informal manner encouraging spontaneous moments that often result in beautiful caught-off-guard images. Nothing gives her more satisfaction than capturing the raw beauty that is in each person, allowing her to share this with the people that care about them the most.

Once Wed is happy to announce that Captured By Keryn is offering a wonderful photography package valued at $3,890 to one lucky reader living in New Zealand or elsewhere!  The winner will receive 8 hours of wedding photography, five 8”x10” prints, and their images on a USB.  Keryn’s love of travel means that she is happy to come to you wherever you are. *

To enter, please comment below, telling Keryn a little about you as a couple, give her your name, email, wedding date, wedding location and venue. Share with her what you love about Captured by Keryn’s photographic style.  If you would like to show us your wedding style inspiration, please include a Pinterest board link.  The giveaway will end on May 14th, and the winner will be announced that week.

*Travel fees must be paid by the winner and will be arranged by Keryn (as a guideline, current airfare for a September flight from Auckland to LA  is $1200; from Auckland to London it is $1800).  Albums, prints and other products can be ordered through Captured By Keryn. A standard wedding photography contract applies and must be signed within two weeks after the winner is chosen.

This contest has now ended. Thank you for your entries!

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How to Fake Thicker Lashes Tutorial

What women do for thick eye lashes…we spend hours looking in the mirror, painstakingly applying mascara, eye liner, eye shadow to create the illusion of lush, thick eye lashes. Eye lashes are alluring, and really make your face pop, so we love a good tutorial that makes faking thick lashes quick and easy. This tutorial from Amy Clarke is the end all for creating the illusion of thicker lashes. Finally, you won’t have to spend hours prepping in the mirror to create the perfect eye!

Fake Thicker Lashes:

1. Apply one mascara, starting at the base of your lashes, wiggling the mascara wand back and forth until you reach the ends of your lashes. We used Rimmel’s Extra Wow Lash Mascara.

2. Using a small eyeshadow brush, apply a loose powder to your lashes, coating all sides.  I used Laura Mercier’s Loose Setting Powder in “Translucent”.

3. Then, apply one more coat of mascara. But this time, just brush upward with the mascara wand, coating the top and bottom of your lashes.

One bonus trick: Use tweezers to pinch the ends of your lashes together in little sections. This almost gives an illusion of false lashes.

Photography: Bryce Covey | Makeup: Amy Clarke | Hair: Heidi Marie Garrett | Creative Direction: Emily Newman for Once Wed

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