Pin to Win Jewelry from N + A New York


We are so excited about this partnership with N + A New York! They have such an amazing selection of lovely and delicate jewelry that would make the perfect addition to any wedding ensemble. And we’re even more thrilled that for the next 5 days (through next Thursday June 5th, 2014) you can enter for a chance to win a piece of jewelry from N + A New York! Everyday for 5 days, we’ll choose 1 winner at random. Take a few minutes to start pinning your favorite delicate jewelry inspiration pieces from our collaborative board with N + A as inspiration, and share your favorites with us! Click here to start pinning!

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The Girl and Her Reflection from Pearl and Godiva

“I have always loved the desert. One sits down on a desert sand dune, sees nothing, hears nothing. Yet through the silence something throbs, and gleams…” 

~ Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince

Serene, calm and still, the Moroccan desert glows. The vastness and pureness of the North African vista, stretching all the way to the foot of the Atlas Mountain, brings a quietness to your soul like no other place on earth. At a glance it is easy to see this barren land as void of life. Stark and fierce, the desert is lone and merciless.

Instead, looking deeper, you see it is a pulsing living thing, shaped by the winds and the cradle to beauty and infinite colour, texture, and plays of light. What once appeared as emptiness is instead gloriously revealed as a mecca of energy. The oasis, nestled within the folds of this endless landscape, gathers life, celebrating and embracing all into warm comfort and grace.

To look deeper is to really see, to reveal a world that was otherwise hidden. This is the cornerstone of our tutelage at the Style Pilgrimage, the newly launched Pearl & Godiva workshop series. Retraining your eyes to see in a pure and stainless way enables you to find endless inspiration in the apparent void. Through our workshop we find ways to refresh our thinking, our perceptions, and most of all, our creative minds. 

This belief was the inspiration for our shoot, with the endlessly talented Jen Huang, at our first workshop in the Moroccan desert. The Girl & Her Reflection – the duality of what is apparent and what is hidden, what is hidden below the surface, waiting to be discovered – is brought to life through this shoot. On the surface she is fierce, passionate and free. But equally she is delicate and gentle, a diety to be cherished and kept safe.

Workshop, Styling and Creative Direction : Pearl & Godiva  |  Photography : Jen Huang with Nevealbums  |  Make Up Artist : Lora Kelley  |  Hair stylist : Lora Kelley  |  Bespoke lace embroidered tulle gown : Created for Pearl & Godiva by Emily Riggs Bridal   |  Beaded gown : Jenny Packham from The Mews, Clifton  |  Earrings and Necklace : Kristin Hayes  |  Veils and turban : Enchanted Atelier by Liv Hart   |  Ring : Delphi Antiques  |  Pearl Earrings : Sourced by Pearl & Godiva  |  Fine art tarot paintings : Karina Puente |  Model (Maja) : Union Models 

Shot on location at La Pause, Morocco at “The Styling Pilgrimage”, a Pearl & Godiva Workshop.

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Heart of Haiti

As a team of creatives, it’s always touching for us to find organizations who help other creatives and artists, which is why we’re so excited to tell you a little bit about an amazing initiative called Heart of Haiti. Started shortly after the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, Heart of Haiti is a “Trade Not Aid” initiative launched by artist and social entrepreneur Willa Shalit, Macy’s, and The Clinton Bush Haiti Fund that provides artists in Haiti with an opportunity to make a living, feed their families, and pay their children’s school fees. Instead of donating money to projects that may never come to fruition, Macy’s has provided Haitian artists with sustainable work in a field that they were already world-renowened for. This gorgeous collection features more than 40 home décor items including paper mache, metalwork, jewelry, and paintings all made almost entirely from recycled and sustainable items like old cement bags, cardboard, oil drums, and local gommier wood.

Heart of Haiti provides local Haitian artists with opportunities to work with U.S. designers, which helps international artisan relationships and makes their products visible in the U.S. market. Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere and despite the devastating earthquake, people there are filled with hope and desire to improve their lives through honest work and economic self-determination. When you purchase anything from the collection, the artisans receive half of the wholesale price for each item.  If you’re looking for a meaningful gift for your wedding guests or a wedding present for a friend or family member getting married, these gorgeous Heart of Haiti products are a responsible choice that gives back.

Find more info about the Heart of Haiti campaign and products at

Photography: Rylee Hitchner

Twitter: @HeartofHaiti



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Unravel My Thoughts from Pearl and Godiva

Over the past three years, Pearl & Godiva have built an eponymous brand and reputation for creating out of this world and beauteous events and editorial shoots. After many many requests, they finally designed a workshop especially for artisan vendors in the wedding industry and this beauteous shoot was created for the first of their series of 2014 workshops entitled ‘The Styling Pilgrimage’

We choose to host the shoot in this breath-taking setting, nestled in an oasis in the desert but not far outside Marrakech. We were more than thrilled to be able to collaborate with Jen Huang, her tender style of photography and her manner in which she approaches a subject was a perfect partnership for us and our vision for this very unique experience we had to offer to our participants.”

This shoot is based on a fable – an exquisite and delicate girl, unravelling her heart and soul to a boy. The story starts with glimpses of her by herself, cocooned in her little world, a little shy and lonely, till she begins to blossom when she meets her very soulmate. Together they embrace a path of love and explorations. He lifts her veil to the world and releases her beauty and luminosity. The couple become inseparable, translucent, an honest journey where one figure seems to deliquesces into the other.

As with all their shoots and events , they step outside of the box and cast off staid conventions  as well as tell a story with their unique visual language that  is both organic and avant garde. All of their projects carry  a narrative that seems to breathe life into the imagery. You can visit one of their workshops where they  tell all…..

Find out more here about the upcoming ‘The Styling Pilgrimage’ with Erich Mc Vey  hosted in the duo’s homeland of Ireland. Sigh, think of those soft irish mists, alluring lakes and all that ivy…

, Styling and Creative Direction: Pearl & Godiva | Photography : Jen Huang with Nevealbums | Make Up Artist: Lora Kelley | Hair stylist :  Lora Kelley | Stationery: Maybelle Imasa | Moroccan Wedding Dress:  Sourced on location |  Lace Gown: Sourced by Pearl & Godiva customised by Sarah Foy Design | Earrings and Necklace: Kristin Hayes | Crown: Fleur Jewellery | Ring: Delphi Antiques | Pearled Shoulder Boudoir piece :  Fleur Jewellery | Model Eve & Chun: Distinct Model Management, | All props and decor”  Pearl & Godiva | Shot on location at one of our Pearl & Godiva Workshops 2014, The Styling Pilgrimage in Morocco.


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