Our Top Destination Weddings


Whether a location is a particularly meaningful place or a new adventure to be enjoyed with guests, destination weddings provide a breathtaking change of scenery plus a sense of travel camaraderie.

While differing languages, time zones, and cultural backgrounds may make the thought of a destination wedding a little daunting, as the weddings we’re sharing with you here will demonstrate, the result can be a fairytale celebration that exceeds all of your wildest expectations.

Elyse Jennings, a wedding planner specializing in destination weddings to New Orleans, says she loves the element of surprise that comes with a destination wedding.

“In New Orleans I get to watch guests eyes get wide when the second line brass band fires up or when I tell them they can leave the venue with their drinks! While planning a destination wedding can seem so overwhelming, it can also make for an exciting experience to show your guests a new city with it’s unique culture!”

Her best advice?

“Hire a professional that can be your eyes, ears, and voice in that city, then discover everything that city is known for so that you can give your guests the fullest experience both through the wedding and over the weekend!”

Here we’ve compiled a preview of 25 of our favorite destination weddings showcasing exquisite backdrops and incredible cultural heritages from Europe, to the Americas, Africa, Asia and beyond.

Of course, if you find yourself inspired to take the plunge, there are a few considerations for planning destination weddings in other countries. For example, will your marriage be legally recognised? In many countries it may not so you will need a civil ceremony in your home country to make things official. You’ll likely need a local planner and bilingual vendors, and you’ll want to plan around locally institutionalized extended vacation periods, especially in the summer. For a few more basic tips, check out this article on how to plan a destination wedding in Paris.

Whether your destination is domestic or international, we think you’ll find that these photos and stories prove that if a locale speaks to you, it’s well worth the effort to travel in order to host the wedding of your dreams.

Article by Once Wed regular contributor Caroline Boneham Roche

Click through the slideshow below to learn more and follow the photography credit to view the original wedding feature in full.


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ALERE | A Retreat for Established Creatives to Revive, Rethink and Grow

We love the intention of this gorgeous retreat co-hosted by rental favorites 12th Table and designer Lauren Ledbetter. ALERE is a luxury retreat (not to be confused with workshop) for established creative entrepreneurs who want to be intentional about their design, their business, their strategy, their creativity, and their bliss. Rather than focusing on craft,

these awesome ladies created a space for artists to gather for rest, perspective, and kinship and offered their guests an opportunity to step back, refresh, remember why they’re doing what they’re doing, and then gather the energy to do it well for the long run. They also partnered with McKel Hill of Nutrition Stripped who provided attendees with a one on one refresh – a back to basics wellness session tailored specifically to each individual’s lifestyle and needs.

From Megan Proby of 12th Table:
For a while, exhaustion and creative burnout have been a common thread among my self-starting, business-owning friends. We all love what we do, but we work so diligently and so hard that we commonly neglect ourselves. A counterintuitive act when you consider it because people always do their best work when they’re personally well and inspired.

I got together with branding expert Lauren Ledbetter and designed ALERE the Retreat. We wanted to sincerely create a retreat and not a workshop—the emphasis being on making ourselves better, not necessarily our craft. We wanted to give people a place to rest, be recharged, and then dive again into the deep end with a renewed perspective.

We assembled the most lovely crew to come to Jackson, Hole Wyoming with us. We wanted to give attendees the space to be creative and stretch their limbs in fields that weren’t their own—a means to spark their excitement again.

Ashley Beyer of Tinge Floral and Holly Carlisle of Rosegolden Flowers gave floral design lessons out in the Wyoming field and decked out our dinner tables. McKel Hill of Nutrition Stripped held one-on-one wellness consults. Lauren gave everyone customized insight on their brand and direction. Claire Wallace loosened everyone up with massages. Chelsea Petaja taught everyone how to sun print. Gemaal Pratt of Aperitif Events held group cocktail lessons. Tec Petaja took everyone’s portraits.

The emphasis throughout the entire experience was on serving people well and giving them the space and time to love and rekindle what they do. Out in the big wild of Wyoming, it proved to be a rather natural effect.

Dates for ALERE 2016 are in the works. 10 attendees maximum. Please email Megan@12thTable.com if you are interested in joining us in Jackson Hole.

Co-Host, Event Design, Rentals: 12th Table | Co-Host: Lauren Ledbetter | Photographer: Tec Petaja | Paper Goods: Chelsea Petaja and Lauren Ledbetter | Florals: Tinge Floral and Rosegolden Flowers | Cocktails: Aperitif Events | Partners: Nutrition Stripped (nutrition consults) and Claire Wallace (massage)

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Organic Mountaintop Wedding Inspiration

The stunning images in this inspiration shoot from Joey Kennedy transport us to the amazing mountains in Utah. With elegantly curated details, all keeping a similar organic, un-done aesthetic, this mountaintop wedding reminds us of the breathtaking inspiration that comes from nature itself. While not every view is as remarkable as this, we encourage you to look to the world around you when planning your wedding.

Read on for more from the photographer, Joey Kennedy:
“Searching for a unique location for a romantic ceremony and creating a cohesive look with that landscape was the motivation for this organic mountaintop inspiration.  I reached out to Amber for help in creating a raw, un-polished look in the beautiful mountains of Utah.  Its very romantic to go off the grid and let nature act as your cathedral.”

From the designer, Amber Reverie:
“As soon as we found this particular spot atop one of my favorite canyons, it felt like the perfect place to exchange intimate vows. The whole setting had the awe-inspiring grandeur of a gothic cathedral, but without the formality. Mountain peaks and tall pines surrounded us like towering spires, and warm sunlight filtered and twinkled through the trees like stained glass. We kept this enchanting natural elegance throughout the design, choosing only a few simple details to enhance, not overwhelm the scene. To frame the ceremony spot, I made a natural arch from bowed branches, interwoven with foraged vines and leaves. Our bride was styled with undone elegance. She walked barefoot through the scene wearing beautifully simple vintage gowns from Gossamer, and carrying a wild bouquet wrapped in raw silk. The foraged flowers, berries and foliages I selected for their interesting textures, slight color variations and spots or signs of age from a long, hot summer. A neutral, tonal palette tied everything together and mimicked the natural environment with its dark stone and subdued gold grasses. Joey’s film captured the soft details and luminous glow magically.”

Photography: Joey Kennedy  | Design and Flowers: Amber Reverie | Gowns: Gossamer | Model: Monica Hobbs | Ribbon and Fabric: Silk & Willow | Film Scans: Richard Photo Lab | Location: Little Cottonwood Canyon, Utah

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Simple Outdoor Wedding Inspiration in California

There is a sweet simplicity to the beautiful details in this wedding inspiration shoot: pared-back hair and makeup, a flowing and delicate dress, and a simple outdoor setting. Yet, these details are no less breathtaking for their simplicity, so we encourage all of you newly engaged couples who are getting started with your planning to keep things simple: focus on the feelings, moments and ideas that will make your wedding day magical.

Read on for more from the photographer, Christine Donee:
“For this California Mission shoot, we were deeply inspired by the moments that evoke more than just a feeling, but take grasp of your soul and leave a mark that never disappears: the smell of old books, a lover’s glance, a melody that echoes through that streets. It’s these simple fragments of life that are the most magical, and that is what we sought to capture.”

Venue: The Mission in San Juan Capistrano | Photography: Christine Doneé | Planning & Styling: Christine Doneé | Floral Design: Ellamah | Rings: Trumpet & Horn | Dress: Chloé | Suit: ASOS | Paper Goods: The Vintage Inkwell | Ring Box: The Mrs. Box | Hair & Makeup: Madelin Adena Smith | Film Lab: Richard Photo Lab

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