How to Tie a Bowtie: A Gentleman’s Guide

Is there anyone else who finds navigating the world of menswear to be much more confusing than women’s fashion? Men’s fashion has become so much more exciting over the past few years, and with grooms wanting to look chic and stylish on their wedding day, we decided to reach out to Hendrik Pohl, the founder of online neckwear brand, Bows-N-Ties, to give the full scoop on how to properly tie that “knot,” as well as share a preview of men’s fashions to come.

Q: You are the founder of online neckwear brand Bows-N-Ties. You have been mentioned in a wide range of wedding publications, and you have made quite the name for yourself as one of the best places to shop for wedding ties. What inspired you to design ties especially for weddings?
A: I get asked this question a lot. To be honest, if you would have told me 10 years ago that I would one day design and sell ties, I would have thought you were crazy. But, now that Bows-N-Ties has been in business for 7 years, I couldn’t imagine a different life. I love what I do. Our first wedding collection was launched 5 years ago. It all started after we received lots of requests from customers to make ties that match their wedding colors.  I love the challenge of creating new collections, and after seeing that there was a need for wedding ties , I jumped at the opportunity.

Q: At Bows-N-Ties you add many new collections each season. How do you choose your colors and designs?
A: That is a great question, and basically, we want to make sure that what a groom chooses will align nicely with what his bride chooses. We draw a lot of inspiration from wedding dress designers, and to forecast color trends, we collaborate with almost a dozen bridesmaids dress brands to create collections around their latest color palettes. Once we have narrowed down the color trends, our designers create a wide range of color combinations, fabric weaves, and patterns using these hues.

Q: What is so special about the bow tie vs the standard necktie?
A: Bow ties have seen a huge comeback in recent years. In fact, there are 4x more Google searches for bow ties than there are for neckties. Simply put, bow ties are a fun way to infuse some personality to a look. Depending on the style you choose, you can add all types of characters to a look, ranging from classic and formal to vintage and rustic.

Q: With so many different bow tie styles available, what advice can you give a groom to pick out the perfect one for his big day?
A: This all depends on the type of wedding, setting, season, and color scheme. Want something more formal? Then stick to solid colors. Is your wedding taking place outdoors during spring or summer? Pastel hues as well as summer-typical fabrics such as cotton, linen, or silk are great choices. Want something more unusual? Then choose a diamond tip, batwing, or oversized butterfly bow tie style. The options are endless. You simply have to choose the tie that speaks to you. At the same time the tie needs to compliments the wedding theme.

Q: What suggestions do you have to add additional accessories to compliment the bow tie? But instead of choosing a pocket square that perfectly matches the bow tie, pick one that is different in color and pattern, yet compliments the look. Other great accessories are lapel flowers, boutonnieres, suspenders, and cufflinks. However, don’t go overboard with your accessories!

Q: Tell us a little bit about bow tie colors. What colors are most popular for weddings?
A: It all depends on the season. Recently bow ties in mint, peach, and blush have been most popular. For that reason we have added over 100 new styles in these colors not just for bow ties, but also neckties, pocket squares, and kid-sized ties (which will always get an ooo and aaah from the guests!).

Q: What can we expect from Bows-N-Ties for the 2016 wedding season?
A: There are several exiting changes coming for us, some of which I won’t be able to share until spring. We will certainly continue to add new collections for the latest seasonal hues, as well as working on a new collection of toddler bow ties for ages 1 to 3, a wider assortment of linen and cotton pocket squares, a new neckwear line made in Italy, our first collection of lapel flowers, and more tie clips and bars.

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How to Find Your Dream Wedding Venue

DreamWeddingVenue_V1When searching for your wedding venue, the practical details are often what first come to mind. Is this venue within my budget? Is it within driving distance for guests? How many guests can this space hold? While these questions are important and must be considered, every bride has a vision of what her wedding day will look like, so why not begin the process with a different mindset – one that primarily considers your wedding style.

Wedding branding expert Kristen Ley Green, of Something New for I Do, shares with us some tips on how we can do this.

For DIY brides or a moderate budget

Look for a venue that serves as a blank canvas. A space with neutral walls and minimal décor is the perfect location to jazz up with draping and rentals to match your wedding style. Open floor plans and bare walls, like at an empty greenhouse or a studio, can take on almost any look. Outdoor venues are also a great option, as the natural elements make for a clean backdrop for a custom design. Keep in mind that with this approach, you may be spending more to bring in the visual elements. That means that while the venue fee may be less expensive than other venue types, depending on your vision, the costs can add up for designing your venue to fit your style.

For a tighter budget

When being more conscious of budget, the reverse is true. Choosing a venue that embodies your style means less décor will be needed. Like this contemporary German brewery wedding, for example. If your wedding style is vintage; historic spaces, inns, manors or private estates are smart choices that will likely require little work to exemplify your style. Sometimes, well-designed tablescapes are all you need to set the tone.

For the minimalist

If your wedding style is that of a minimalist, anything is possible. Some of the most beautiful organic weddings are in the simplest of places – a scenic spot, at home, or at your favorite restaurant, brewery or winery. For brides with a rustic flare, because of the recent rustic wedding trend, there is no shortage of barns, lodges and farms that have sprung up as wedding venues. Simply choose a space that speaks to your specific ideas. There’s a difference stylistically between a working farm and an upscale venue built to resemble a barn.

For open budgets

If money is not a factor when planning your wedding, the sky is the limit. Create a wedding mood board with photos of exactly what you envision. Then, do your research looking beyond typical wedding venues. It could be that a mountain top wedding where every last detail is brought in fits your style. Be creative, open-minded and never settle for anything less than what you envision on your most special day.

Be inspired by these amazing venues:
Gone are the days of cookie-cutter weddings and commonplace venues. Brides today are growing more creative by the minute, and we love the fact that no celebration spot is off limits. Here are 15 uniquely amazing venues – in no particular order – and why brides are swooning over them. Compiled by Kristen Ley Green, Something New for I Do, and Eva W Clark, Belle of the Ball Events.

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Intimate Summer Wedding Inspiration

We know that summer is fading before us, but not before we share these beautiful wedding ideas with you. We love the fresh color palette with those touches of caramel and pear, and of course, the ambience of romance (and that beaded Jenny Packham gown!). Set in the privacy and intimacy of a couple’s own yard, this overall concept behind this editorial is to give brides and grooms ideas on how to really love on your guests–show hospitality!

More from the photographer, Jake Anderson:
“There is one particular aspect, or component, of a wedding which makes itself abundantly evident when it is intentionally focused on–hospitality. When a couple’s character is such as they desire to ensure their guests feel cared for and welcomed, it explicitly proclaims their outlook on life. We specifically focused on the ways in which, and the details surrounding, a bride and groom who invite friends and family to their own yard to share in celebration; one which, we envision, lasting long into the evening.”

Florals: Studio Fleurette  | Photography: Jake Anderson | Styling: Lizie Anne | Venue: Bloom Lake Barn | Lab: Photovision | Calligraphy: Athena Pelton | Dress: Esme by Jenny Packham via The Dress Theory | Silk: Silk and Willow | Hair & Makeup: Brett Dorrian

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How to Get the Ultimate Bridal Glow: Makeup Tips from Laura Geller

LauraGeller_SP2_V1 (1)

The one phrase that makeup artists hear all the time is, “I want to look like myself, just better!” And the best way to make sure that you are the best physical version of yourself on your wedding day is by emphasizing a beautiful glow. Your excitement will certainly create a natural glow, but why not amp it up a little with long-lasting makeup? We’re excited to have Laura Geller sharing her top tips to achieve the ultimate bridal glow, and some of her favorite products that get the job done.


1.       Always start with a good quality make-up primer like this Spackle Tinted Primer. Primer creates a beautiful, even surface to allow foundation to glide onto skin and not sink into pores–not to mention it allows your make-up to last longer!

2.       Avoid shimmer, as matte works better for photography purposes.  Daylight and a camera flash can be unflattering to a shimmery face, so limit it to just a few key spots:  bridge of the nose, brow bone and cheekbone. We love this Baked Highlighter duo palette– it’s everything you need to create a luminous, sculpted look.

3.       Eyeshadows and lipsticks in bold hues are more noticeable in pictures when enhanced by the camera and daylight. You want to choose colors that flatter your skin tone and eye color. One of our top picks is this 14-hue long-wearing eyeshadow palette called “Delectables“, which can be applied dry or wet.

4.       And of course, never forget about your lashes. Whether you’re adding in false eyelashes or considering extensions, make sure that your lashes are ready for their close-up. While dark lashes don’t affect your bridal glow directly, they will help to draw attention in to your face.

5.       Finish off your look with the perfect shade of lipstick. Brides love this Iconic Baked Sculpting Lipstick, with creamy, vibrant shades. It stays put for several hours, meaning you’re free to kiss away for photos and not need a touch-up!

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