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Over the past few days you may have noticed we’ve been sharing advice for creative entrepreneurs and small business owners on pricing and profit.

We wanted to let you in on why we’ve been doing this.

After Joy and I released our last course we sent out a survey trying to gather more information on what our community was really struggling with; what they wanted to learn more about.

The results were fascinating – and also unanimous. Everyone was struggling with pricing. Here were the most common responses.

  • Is there a “right way” to price my work? Pricing feels so arbitrary to me, like a big guessing game.
  • I know my services are worth more than I’m charging, but if I increase my prices I won’t book enough clients.
  • It’s hard to put a price on my creativity and my expertise. How do I communicate the true value of my service to clients?
  • I want to be able to charge more (what I’m worth), and work less. But how do I set those boundaries in my personal and professional life?
  • I have heard bits and pieces of information on all different pricing models, but I struggle with pulling it all together and applying it to my business.
  • At what point is my skill and expertise strong enough to raise my prices?
  • I’m booking a high percentage of inquiries, but I still don’t feel confident in what I’m charging.

Do these resonate with you?

It was obvious to both Joy and I that we needed to create a course to help address these concerns, but neither of us are pricing experts, which is why we reached out to Shanna Skidmore.

Shanna is a business strategist and financial coach who specializes in working with creative entrepreneurs. She has a degree in business and psychology, and she took every art class she ever could at college. She’s worked in the finance, fashion and wedding industry so she’s uniquely positioned to understand the nuances of the needs and situations faced by creatives.

We’ve also seen first-hand how Shanna has completely transformed several of our friends’ creative businesses and lives through the principles she has taught them.  

Because we know more of you need Shanna’s help than she has hours in the day, having her write a digital course for us was the best way we could make her teaching affordable and accessible.

The result is Pricing for Creatives – a 120 page digital course to take you from surviving to thriving in your business. Whether you’re just starting out or are an established business owner, we’re confident you will find tremendous value in this course.

CLICK HERE to be taken to the course website and read more.

The course has been officially released today and is on sale until February 11.

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How pricing can help grow your business

 blog-graphicCan you imagine what your day would look like if your business was thriving?

Let’s imagine this life together for a minute.  

You wake up slowly in the morning, sip on hot coffee, and spend some time reading your favorite book. You head into your studio about 9am and meet your admin assistant who is already hard at work, answering emails and handling inquiries received from the night before. Your studio assistant is busy unpacking boxes from the weekend’s wedding and managing inventory for the week ahead.

Your job? You put some Amos Lee on Spotify and then dive into the first creative project on your list.

Sounds like a bit of a dream, doesn’t it?

But it can happen, and Britt Bass is proof. Britt’s a successful abstract painter with a thriving business. From struggling to make ends meet to the creative and financial freedom of trying new product lines and designs, Britt completely transformed her business with the help of Shanna Skidmore.

It turns out it was her pricing that had been holding her back for so long.

Click here to read more and learn how Britt created a sustainable business… and the freedom to spend her days painting!



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Intimate Destination Wedding in Mustique

Much of the time the focus of wedding planning goes onto the details of the wedding day itself…the flowers, the cake, the favors. But today we’re featuring a wedding where the experience of the wedding became the priority. Olly and Duncan gave their guests an incredible gift: time together, and not only that, they spent their nuptial weekend celebrating in one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Read on for more from the photographer and the bride.

“Olly’s family owns an amazing house called The Grasshopper on the stunning private island of Mustique. She’s been going there all her life and knows every rock, every bay, and all the locals. 

When Olly and Duncan emailed me asking if I was available to shoot their wedding celebration in Mustique I literally had to pinch myself! And after pinching myself I had to Google “Mustique.” It seriously was a wedding photographers dream come true to be flown to a private island in the Caribbean and to shoot the entire week with super fun, relaxed, beautiful people. What’s better than being surrounded by nature and stunning sea and having a personal house keeper who makes sure we are fed and watered? We met everyone upon arrival, and I knew we would have a great time together!

The young couple decided to fly over their closest friends and family and celebrate with style! There is a cute little church made out of bamboo which Olly thought would be perfect for their wedding ceremony, and the incredible beaches are great for BBQ parties too. 

We had a week full of entertainment and relaxation: beach lunches, hammock swinging, and a snorkeling day for all the wedding guests where we took a catamaran boat ride to the Tobago Keys and swam with turtles. 

Olly says: “I spent ages and ages and ages looking at photographers’ websites, getting recommendations from people, and researching until I found Ana Lui. She has an absolutely beautiful style – very soft yet vibrant. I love how Ana Lui captured the day; the pictures are almost dream like, and she didn’t miss a moment.”

I have asked Olly to write few tips for future Mustique brides!

1. ‘Vincy Black Cake’, which is the local specialty (fruit cake with a LOT of booze,) is the best cake for weddings, period.

2. Soft, light, and delicate wedding dresses are the best for tropics. I got mine from Amanda Wakeley’s shop in Chelsea, London.

3. Our best idea was to jump in the pool at midnight! Mustique is great for partying till the morning hours!

4. You need to know how to do your hair or fly someone with you, because there aren’t any hairdressers on the island!

5. Keep it local! Mustique and St. Lucia and Grenadines have so much to offer. Rum, music, fresh fish, BBQs and reefs filled with marine life! We organized a pre-wedding BBQ and farewell catamaran trip to Tabago Keys for our guests. It was simply amazing experience.”

Photography: Ana Lui Photography | Wedding Dress: Amanda Wakeley | Stationery: Printstore London | Bride’s Shoes: Jimmy Choo | Venue: The Grass Hopper | Earrings: Kiki McDonough

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Price your services with confidence

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As artists, we want anything and everything we create to be the best because it is a reflection of who we are. Our creations can feel so personal that it can seem impossible to put a price on it.

The result, however, is more often than not that we discount our prices, over-deliver, and then wonder why we feel so overworked and underpaid?

It’s an experience floral designer Amy Osaba can relate too well. She’s sharing her experience with us here today on how she realized the importance of understanding her costs and pricing her services with confidence.

If you’re in a place where you are just keeping your head above water, financial coach Shanna Skidmore is also sharing 5 tips you can implement to avoid emotionally pricing your work (which usually looks like offering discounts too quickly and/or over-delivering on the design).


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