Visit The Riviera Palm Springs in Palm Springs

I was so thrilled when the Riviera Palm Springs invited me out to tour their historic hotel and grounds! The Riviera Palm Springs has been an iconic playground of movie stars since 1959, and in 2008, with a huge renovation, this stunning hotel regained it’s former glory and glamour. You can see the Riviera sparkling as soon as you drive up, filled with luxurious textures, lights, and art. You feel like you’ll turn a corner and run into Marlyn Monroe, and its so much fun!

If you’re looking for an inclusive hotel experience for your wedding guests, I couldn’t suggest the Riviera Palm Springs any more. I loved the private Wexler Garden, where you and up to 300 guests can enjoy the stunning and iconic view of the San Jacinto Mountain range in Palm Springs, and walk under the starlight to an amazing reception in one of their 3 ballrooms. The Grand Ballroom has been overhauled since the days when movie stars graced its stage, but still retains its original crystal chandeliers (which were so beautiful, they left me breathless), and can hold up to 800 people!

In addition to the Riviera Palm Springs being the absolute perfect venue for your Old Hollywood wedding, it’s the perfect place to honeymoon! You can start your honeymoon off relaxing at the hotel’s amazing SpaTerre where you can get your choice of treatments or just hang out in their indoor waterfalls, jacuzzis, and tea lounge to unwind after your wedding. Once you’re officially in honeymoon mode, move on over to the hotel’s Bikini Pool, which is situated in the middle of the hotel grounds with live music and poolside service! If you’re looking for a more laid-back atmosphere or a little more privacy, the Chiki Pool in the back of the hotel is the perfect place to catch some of that year-round Palm Springs’ sun. You can even reserve one of the hotel’s private cabanas that includes a bottle of champagne, fruit platter, chilled waters, and your own personal hostess. I promise…you’ll feel like you want to stay forever.

There is so much to do at the Riviera Palm Springs that you may feel like you never want to leave, but Palm Springs itself is a wonderful place to explore during your honeymoon or in the days leading up to your wedding. The Palm Springs tourism board took us on an amazing trip up the mountain on the world’s only fully rotating tram car, and once you’re on the mountain…you truly feel like you’re in a completely different state. The views of the Coachella valley are indescribable. And Palm Springs has become quite the destination for some of the country’s most talented chef’s. We ate dinner at the hotel’s famous Circa 59, which was honestly the best hotel food I’ve ever had. I would’ve eaten there for every meal, but we ventured out on our last night to Workshop in downtown Palm Springs, and was simply blown away. If you have the chance to visit, please try the duck rillette and waffles (may be my favorite meal ever).

Needless to say, if you’re looking for an amazing destination for your wedding, or honeymoon, or even bachelorette party (I couldn’t stop thinking how much fun it would be to have a bachelorette party there…), visit Palm Springs and stay at the historic Riviera Palm Springs. Everyone was so welcoming, the food was amazing, and I wouldn’t trade that sun and weather for anything.

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DIY Natural Bridal Makeup with Temptu

Over the last few months, while working with Temptu, we have simply fallen in love with every aspect of this amazing airbrush system. Not only does the airbrush foundation give you flawless coverage, but the finished look is also very natural! If you want to look your absolute best on your wedding day, while also looking like your most beautiful and organic self, we highly recommend the Bridal Beauty Kit. We’re excited to share this awesome tutorial today that shows you exactly how to achieve perfectly natural wedding day makeup!

MKSadler_temptu_2-1598_2   natural-bridal-makeup-tutorial

Instructions for Natural Bridal Makeup with Temptu

Step 1: Start with a clean, moisturized face.

Step 2: Gently dab Temptu undereye concealer underneath your eye. Tap lightly with your middle finger to blend for full coverage.

Step 3: Set up your Temptu Machine. Take one end of the Flex AIRhose and connect it to the Nozzle of the AIRcompressor. Then connect the other end to the AIRbrush. Insert the A/C Adaptor to the back of the AIRcompressor and plug it in the nearby outlet.

Step 4: Always shake the air pod before every use for smooth color application. Remove the chrome cap and tamper seal from AIRpod.

Step 5: Upon first use, or as needed, pull on the Clear Loop while holding the AIRpod Tip up. Open the Plug before every use to allow makeup to spray. Be sure to close when not in use.

Step 6: To attach the AIRpod, press down on the Release Button and push the AIRpod horizontally into the AIRbrush until you feel it pop into place. To release the AIRpod, press down on the Release Button and pull the AIRpod away from the AIRbrush.

Step 7: Target imperfections first and then blend outwards. Build sheer layers until your desire level of coverage is reached. Turn the Dial to 3 o’clock(the optimal setting for a flawless AIRpod Foundation application). Hold your AIRbrush like a pencil, pointed downward, 4-6 inches away. Gently pull back on the Trigger and move in small circular motions. Stop & look. Repeat until you acheive your desired level of coverage.

Step 8: Using a powder brush, powder Temptu Invisible Difference Finishing Powder as a sheer layer over the foundation you just applied.

Step 9: Apply blush by starting at the apples of the cheeks, sweeping upwards towards the temple. Build sheer layers for a more dramatic flush.

Step 10: Your blush can double as a gorgeous lip stain. Come in close(less than one inch), pulling very lightly on the Trigger. Blot lips together for a gorgeous stain.

Step 11+12+13: Apply highlighter to the cheekbones, eyes, and décolleté to add a pretty sheen to your flawless finish makeup.

Tips For Airbrushing Like Pro

* Find your sweet spot – Always maintain a 4-6 inch distance for a soft, feather-light finish

* Keep Moving – Keep it moving in small, circular motions for a seamlessly blended application.

* Soft Touch – Pull back gently on the Trigger for flawless, buildable coverage.

* Pro Coverage – To avoid over-application, build coverage in sheer layers, only where needed, until you reach your desired finish.

CLICK HERE to purchase the BRAND NEW Beauty Kit from Temptu!

Creative Direction and Styling: Emily Newman for Once Wed | Photography: Meghan Kay Sadler | Makeup: Amy Clarke | Hair: Christian Marc | Wedding Dress: Rue De Seine Sadie by The Dress Theory

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Whimsical Wedding Day Look

Backless wedding dresses are all the rage right now. Bride’s are starting to take a few more risks when choosing their dresses, and a deep v in the back is our favorite new trend! This whimsical backless Sadie dress from Rue De Seine simply took our breath away. Don’t you just love the beading detail on the “wings”? We love that this dress is classically designed, yet has so many modern details, like the low back and modern gem detailing. You’ll certainly make jaws drop walking down the aisle in a dress like this.

If you do choose a dress with a low v, we suggest keeping your hair up in a loose updo, so some pieces fall but so that it’s covering up your back. To complement the modern design of the dress, we paired the Rue De Siene dress with a modern hairstyle and natural makeup, using the Temptu Bridal Kit. We love the whimsical, and almost rock and roll style, we achieved with this loose and piecey updo!

Check out the DIY Natural Bridal Makeup Tutorial on how to recreate this natural look for your own wedding.

Creative Direction and Styling: Emily Newman for Once Wed | Photography: Meghan Kay Sadler | Makeup: Amy Clarke using the new Temptu Bridal Kit | Hair: Christian Marc | Wedding Dress: Rue De Seine Sadie from The Dress Theory

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A Styling Workshop for Photographers (Studio Sessions)




We’re excited to announce new Fall dates for Studio Sessions, a one-day styling workshop for photographers to help you continue to grow as artists. This won’t be about how to use your camera or how to run your business; we’re only speaking to what we know from our seats. Nor will these sessions be a particularly pampered or posh time; we want to make it affordable and accessible for you as small businesses. It will be light on fluff and heavy on the content that we think will make a big difference in your work.

We realize most of you don’t have stylists working with you at every wedding. You often have to be your own stylist and art director. We’d love to help you learn how to watch for (or create) all the little things that make the difference.

We know that you also have to be your own editor. We want to help you learn to edit before you take a picture–and after. Which are your best images? We’ll give you our opinions.















All sessions will be one day of class time. Lunch will be included. Limited to 20 attendees.


Available the second day for up to 8 attendees. If you’d like us to take a look at your work, give our opinions of your best work and what we think you should be showing on your website, help identify areas for growth and coach you in those, or for you to ask us anything… You’ll get an hour with with Joy and an hour with Emily.


AUG 4 (AND 5) — ATL

SEPT 9 (AND 10) — NYC

NOV 10 (AND 11) — LA

CLICK HERE to see what other photographers are saying about Studio Sessions and how to sign up!

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