Modern Indian Wedding

With inspired architectural settings, stunning fashion choices including both traditional Indian attire and a classic white wedding dress, and so much love from family and friends, this Indian wedding ceremony and reception uniquely blends the couple’s modern tastes with traditional elements. Read on for more!

“Niraj and I wanted our wedding and reception to be a testament to our life together in the future, full of details that reflected our values and interests.  We aimed to welcome our family and friends by creating warmth through food, lighting, and music. We were certain Ginny Au was the right person to anchor the design/ planning process after she attended my brother’s wedding as a guest and connected with our families personally and aesthetically.  In the months that followed, Ginny, along with each of our vendors, grew to understand our culture and vision with a fresh set of eyes.

When our wedding day arrived, I felt blissful as my family lovingly helped me get dressed.  Niraj’s Baraat, or entrance, was vibrant.  I felt ecstatic as I heard him dancing his way towards me.  The ceremony was emotive yet graceful and took place upon a Lucite altar, gently draped with florals, allowing us to still experience our environment.

At the reception the next day, guests leisurely strolled the expansive grounds of Cavas Codorniu as a trio of violinists covered modern songs.  When the sun set, we moved indoors for speeches and a dinner with innovative, international cuisine and cocktails.  We danced under floating orchids to the beat of drums well into the early hours of the morning, never more exhilarated or euphoric.

Each perfectly executed element of our wedding week was a true testament to the dedication of our families and vendors.   We are forever thankful for their talent and art, which elevated our ideas into an exquisite and unforgettable experience.”

Styling, Planning, & Production: Ginny Au| Photography: Erich McVey | Videography: CinemArt | Venue: Castle de Sant Marcal and Cavas Codorniu | Floral Design: Fabricio Giordano from Florestudio | Audio & Lighting: Marc Cunil I Tolsa from Atmosferas | Rentals: Nuovi Piatti and Catering Sensaciones | Catering: Bollywood Restaurant and Catering Sensaciones | Cake: Dolc Atelier | Hair & Makeup: Larisa Astahova and Igor Losada from Estilista Barcelona | Music: Ameet and Klaus from London Beats | Entertainment: PPC Events and Factor 3 Events | Video Mapping: Alberto Calahorro from Palnoise | Custom Illustrations & Art: Erin Petson | Paper Design: Kaela Rawson | Paper Printing: Microprint

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Traditional Indian Wedding Mehndi

The art of bridal mehndi is absolutely mesmerizing. This is commonly a time for the women to join and celebrate a bride prior to the wedding, and the unique henna designs that are applied to the bride’s skin are incredible. Here, you’ll see how the henna artists personalized the designs. Read on for more!

From the bride:
“My Mehndi truly felt like a metamorphasis.  I was transfixed for the nearly twelve hours it took for the designs, stemming from Hindu mythology, to be drawn and dried onto my skin.  As the artists dexterously placed lines of cool, malleable mehndi from the tips of my fingers to just below my shoulders, I felt the weight of centuries-old rituals and tradition seeping into my skin. The smell was intoxicating and lulled me into a contemplative, yet euphoric state.  As Niraj and our loved ones adoringly doted on me, I felt blessed.  The next morning, as I scraped off the hardened mehndi paste, I scarcely recognized my etched limbs.  I felt changed, as if overnight, I had somehow transformed into a bride.

As the Mehndi and Sangeet were the preliminary events of our multi- day celebration, we aimed to slowly immerse our guests into a vibrant union of Indian, Spanish, and American culture.  The inspiration for the Mehndi came from Southern Spain.  We wove elements of Moorish architecture and the Generalife Gardens into the environment by incorporating intricate lanterns, foraged greens, and abundant fruits into our tablescapes.

At the Sangeet, we brought the three regions together through a mix of cuisine, music, art, and dance.  We deliberately kept the environmental details clean and minimal in order to let rhythm and flavor reign.”

Styling, Planning, & Production: Ginny Au| Photography: Erich McVey | Videography: CinemArt | Venue: Fairmont Hotel Rey Juan Carlos I | Floral Design: Fabricio Giordano from Florestudio | Audio, Lighting, & Rentals: Marc Cunil I Tolsa from Atmosferas| Catering and Cocktails: Fairmont Hotel Rey Juan Carlos I and Bollywood Restaurant | Hair & Makeup: Larisa Astahova and Igor Losada from Estilista Barcelona | Music: Ameet and Klaus from London Beats | Entertainment: DM Espectaculos | Custom Illustrations & Art: Erin Petson | Invitation Design: Kaela Rawson | Invitation Printing: Microprint

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Destination Engagement Photography in Spain

Today’s sweet couple share a beautiful story: as family friends, the pair have known each other their entire lives. So when it came to planning their wedding, they envisioned a celebration that would bring together their loved ones from around the world. Read on for more about their engagement session in Spain.

We’ll be sharing more from the couple’s mehndi and sangeet ceremonies today and destination wedding tomorrow!

More from the bride:
“Niraj and I have known each other our whole lives. Our families are deeply intertwined, but our relationship is a fresh twist in their decades long friendship. We wanted our wedding to reflect that same juxtaposition between history and modern innovation. Barcelona perfectly encapsulates this spirit, and is a picturesque midpoint between the States and India, where the majority of our friends and family live. To weave this narrative through our engagement shoot, we chose two historical locations in Barcelona as a canvas, which we contrasted with modern attire and accessories.

The shoot took place just an evening before our wedding events began. The intimate moments fueled an organic transition from the months of meticulous, grueling planning into the serenity of our wedding. Our anticipation for the upcoming week grew as we wandered knitted streets and paths searching for secluded spots to capture our interactions.

Our comfort with Erich McVey, our photographer, also grew as we chased the last bits of sunlight around the Gothic Quarter and Parc del Laberint together.  Having a natural relationship with Erich made documenting the intricacies of the rest of our wedding week seamless and joyful.”

Styling: Ginny Au | Photography: Erich McVey | Videography: CinemArt | Hair & Makeup: Larisa Astahova and Igor Losada from Estilista Barcelona

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American-Made Bridesmaid Gift Ideas from Swell Forever

“There are friendships imprinted in our hearts that will never be diminished by time and distance.” – Dodinsky

The relationship you share with your bridesmaids are those amazing friendships that you will always hold close to you. These women have been your go-to for years: the first calls you made when he proposed, the steady shoulder you leaned on throughout college days, the little girl down the block with whom you gossiped about boys with in junior high. You chose each of these women to stand beside you on your wedding day for a reason, and while they’re there to support you, we know you want to find a beautiful way to thank them. And so, the search for the perfect bridesmaid gift ideas begins.

Swell Forever is our favorite new find for bridal party gifts. They have created a line of luxurious, heirloom quality blankets that are completely American-made (they make the perfect gift for your parents, too!). Each includes a personalized fabric message tag and can be monogrammed, so your heartfelt thanks will always be present. These unique, beautiful blankets and throws are especially perfect for those hard-to-buy-for friends.

What we love the most about Swell Forever is that these gifts are more than just a thank you – these are gifts that do more. Each Forever Blanket funds adoption grants for families all over the US. They also offer a “Foster Swell Fund,” allowing you to select a gift that provides specialty needed items for children in foster care. Each blanket is a gift with a lot of meaning, a way to say thank you or I love you in an unexpected and special way.

Follow Swell Forever on Instagram here.

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