Tips to Prevent Wedding Day Disasters


It is something a couple never wants to think about, but it has been a reality for some in the past. No one ever knows how and when disaster could strike, especially on a wedding day with so much going on. Perhaps the weather was unfavorable and you couldn’t get married outside, a groomsman has had one too many, or your DJ showed up an hour late and left guests wondering what was going on. Any one of these things could happen and much more, so it is always best to be prepared. We have compiled some tips on how to avoid events that could lead to a ruined wedding.

Don’t Hire Friends and Family
Your sister in law might be a makeup artist and your aunt is a florist, but hiring friends or family to save a couple of dollars could be asking for trouble. It is better to leave wedding details to the professionals that can work under pressure and will have secure backup in case something goes wrong. It is alright to politely decline the help of people you know.

Make Some Calls
It is perfectly alright to check up on some vendors as the wedding day arrives. Making sure everyone has their arrival times correct is a big part of everything running smoothly. Your vendors should also have a number to call in case anything goes wrong on their end and they need to contact someone. This number, however, should not be yours. It should be a trusted friend or family member so that all of the stress is not put on you.

Always Have a Backup Plan
If you have planned for an outdoor wedding or reception, always make sure that you have a backup plan in case of inclement weather. Hoping the weather will stay nice is not the best plan to go in with. You may have to pay a little extra to hold over a space in case Mother Nature has her way, but it is better than not having anything and having to reschedule.

Invest in Wedding Insurance
Purchasing wedding insurance is not that costly; anywhere from about $100 to $500 for the event, but it could end up saving you thousands. If you are getting married in a tropical location and an unexpected hurricane hits, you will not be out any money if you have insurance. It is better to be safe than sorry, and buying wedding insurance should be a necessity in case anything does go wrong.

Make a Checklist
Making a checklist and following it will ensure that you and your vendors are all on track with one another. Having a checklist of things to do or people to contact or pay will benefit you tremendously. Having a vendor not show up because they may not have been paid is a nightmare that can easily be avoided by making sure everyone has been taken care of. If you have a wedding planner, they will make sure they do this for you.

Put Ones You Trust in Charge
It is your wedding day, you should not have to be trying to control your uncle that had one too many at the open bar. Assign some trusted friends or family ‘damage control’ duties so you will not be the one trying to take care of everyone. Let them know everything beforehand, and even give them a timetable of the days events if you can. Putting trusted and capable friends or family in this role will leave you open to having more time to relax and truly enjoy your day instead of stressing out about things.

Article by Theresa Gibson, wedding blogger and social media manager for

Image by Ryan Ray.

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Romantic Spring Wedding Inspiration from Russia

Today, we visit spring in Russia. A historic estate served as the perfect setting for this romantic wedding inspiration shoot, grounding the flirty, pretty palette of pastel pinks, purples, and blues. With lush florals, this look is just right for the bride seeking inspiration for her own sweet, sentimental wedding day.

More from the photographer, Max Koliberdin:
“I did this photoshoot as a part of my photography workshop in Sochi last April. I live in Moscow, and the winter is still very much present here in April, with occasional snow days, and only little signs of a slowly coming Spring. 

In Sochi, however, the spring was already in full swing. We were immersed in its presence even more so, since our photo-shoot took place at the former General Drachevsky’s estate, famous for its large variety of rare species of plants that were already in full bloom. We were inspired by this place as soon as we saw it.

We generally don’t like the excessive decorations on the set, and instead prefer the natural, beautiful simplicity. Thus, we didn’t want to overshadow the space, and instead spiced it up a little with the bright yellow accents. During the photoshoot, the weather was changing from sunny to rainy, and as we were finishing up, we took the last photos in almost complete darkness. The indescribable spring scent of the Southern coast increased the creative atmosphere at the event. 

The next day, as I was flying home to the wintery Moscow, I was bringing a little taste of spring back with me.”

Photography: Max Koliberdin | Flowers: OvOwi | Decor: OvOwi  & Anna Kovalyova | Make-up and hair: Anastasia Gvardiyan | Models: Elizabeth Shmelyova  & Konstantin Yartsev | Dress: Nataliya Lokteva

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Destination Wedding & Engagement Photography in Scotland

Katie and Mark recently traveled to Scotland for their destination wedding, pausing a few days earlier for their engagement session with Laura Gordon Photography. The resulting photo gallery is an astonishing collection of beauty, showcasing the Scottish highlands in all their glory, leaving us with a serious case of wanderlust. Read on for more from the newlyweds.

More from the couple,
“Scotland is a magical land that speaks to your senses and soul. From ancient, crumbling castles nestled throughout the countryside to lush and rolling hills of the famous highlands, it is a country that has something for everyone.

Our wedding in Scotland was a true fairytale, and the stage was set perfectly by the days before…replete with lots of whiskey, heather, Scottish rain, and intimate family gatherings. I cannot recommend a destination wedding enough…it is a truly special time to share with your loved ones and a great way to turn your wedding day into a week-long celebration. If you are planning a destination wedding, I highly recommend a prewedding shoot so you can capture another element of the country you are marrying in. Ours, captured beautifully by Laura Gordon, are images I truly cherish. We embraced the highlands clad in classic Tweed and leather, muted tones, and the hunting tartan of the clan I was marrying into.”

Photography: Laura Gordon | Planner, stylist & bride: Katie Grant | Video: Before Your Eyes Cinema | Jacket: Zara | Boots: Frye Company | Styling: Sara Russell

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Sophisticated, Modern Bridal Style

Some couples cannot see themselves in a field of grass, near the ocean tides of the beach, or climbing a mountain to take their engagement photos. So, taking inspiration from the vision of today’s sophisticated, modern bride, this team of wedding vendors set out to create a new style of inspiration. Read on for more!

From the creative team:

 “We were put to the challenge and our team discussed using muted slate undertones, simple angles, and lines to achieve a crisp Scandinavian look. We used Shop Gossamer’s studio where the blank canvas of a backdrop really allowed us to focus on the couple and the minimalist artifacts, which gave a cohesion to the overall style of the shoot. When you try and step out of the box, there is always that challenge of trying to source the unique pieces needed for the session. But somehow we managed to find the items that were crucial in allowing us to be consistent with our theme. We wanted our husband to have an intelligent and modern look while still maintaining the sleek and simple style, so we outfitted him with come clear glass frames and fitted blue blazer and silver trouser. Our bride was given a clean, tied back hair style to highlight the soft and fresh make-up. An Alexandra Grecco vintage blue satin Valeria Skirt paired with a cream blouse created the tones which blended well with the gold accessories. We hope this can give the modern couple a way to express their style and uniqueness during their engagement session.”

Photography: Jon Cu | Creative Direction: Sally Pinera | Bridal Shop: The Dress Theory | Skirt: Alexandra Grecco | Rental: Vertigo Home | Studio: Shop Gossamer | Lab: Goodman Film Lab | Video: Robert Pinera | Hair & Makeup: Amy Cu

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