Inspiring Natural Wedding Design Ideas

This editorial created by Ginny Au is an incredible piece of visual inspiration for brides and wedding professionals alike. The blending of the traditional church ceremony with a simple open-air reception is absolutely inspiring. Starting with that magnificent floral installation hinting at the graceful curves of the church’s architecture and moving into the historic interior, we see these stunning foliage arrangements that arch and curve down the aisle in a completely natural movement. The greenery-filled view looking into the sanctuary beautifully give reference to the coming reception. We love the simple details of the outdoor reception table, focusing on texture, movement, and color. Off-setting the larger floral and foliage arrangement creates a perfectly imperfect design, balanced visually by a clustering of earthenware vessels.

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Creating Movement In Imagery


Wedding imagery should tell compelling stories, express emotion, and capture genuine moments as they unfold. To create meaningful, cohesive work, we must find ways to include the expressions of people and action into our designs and imagery. 

We can achieve this through movement. Showing motion in an image brings the viewer into the middle of a story, watching it unfold frame by frame. 

Ginny Au is sharing with us today her advice on how to best introduce movement into your imagery, whether you are working with models or a couple on their wedding day. 

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Everyday Art: The Beauty of Film Photography

Most engaged couples will agree that finding the right photographer is one of the most important wedding planning decision. We believe that this is because photography has an ability to capture and immortalize moments in time like no other medium, uniquely memorializing emotion and motion. At Once Wed, we feel that film photography has a distinct ability to do all of the above and more, adding a distinct character of art to each and every image created.

Today we’re thrilled to showcase the art of film photography from Canadian photographer Lauren Kurc, from a recent one-on-one workshop with Ginny Au. This non-traditional boudoir session does amazing work of highlighting the contrast of shadow and light, capturing the curves and movement of the body, and emphasizing the beauty in ordinary, every-day places and places.

We’ll let Lauren explain further.

I am always  looking for new ways to capture something intimate without it being overly provocative or what one might expect from boudoir, which is how this shoot came about. 

As a creative, I was starting to feel like my work was becoming repetitive. I was also feeling pressure to fit into a box determined by trends in our industry – but this has never been me. I come from an editorial background and I wanted to refresh and open my eyes to a new way of story telling, a new way of executing a vision, and creating art that makes you feel something; that the viewer connects with. Ginny pushed me to think about all of the components that make up the story, everything from movement to the environment we are in. 

Using movement and Ginny’s process of fluid motion in this work has pushed me to document moments that are authentic to the natural rhythm of how a body moves or how a story unfolds. My eyes are open in a whole new way when it comes to composition, movement and storytelling now. I feel inspired and armed with new tools to push myself and make work that is connective, intimate and authentic. 

Photographer: Lauren Kurc | Styling: Ginny Au | Paper: September Letters | Hair: Christina Orologio with Pony Salon | Makeup: Marie Pearce | Assistant: Rebecca McColgan | Film Processing: Richard Photo Lab | Model: Delaney Beaton

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How to build a strong foundation with your client

Client Consult Advice

When it comes to consultations with clients, Creative Director Ginny Au says learning a couple’s back story is what she finds the most interesting and informative part of the process.

“You want to understand not just their vision for the wedding but also about their relationship, home, family, friends and lifestyle,” she said.

“Try to get to know your clients beyond the world of their wedding. How do they celebrate? Are there any cultural or familial traditions that are important to them? What are some of their most treasured memories?”

CLICK HERE to read more about Ginny’s consultation process, and learn the 3 questions you should be asking every client.

Photography by Ryan Ray.

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