How Sarah Winward Creates Movement Through Color

If you’ve ever seen one of Sarah Winward’s floral designs, you’ll know how masterful she is at her use of color.

Listening to her describe how she creates a color palette for an arrangement is both beautiful and inspiring.

“My favorite part of designing a centerpieces is determining the color palette. Colors really get me going! I love finding one stem that inspires me and then building off of that one color to make a palette.

While the overall color palette for a wedding will be consistent, each arrangement takes on a life of its own. The underside of a leaf, the center of a flower that’s a different color; when I’m making a centerpiece, finding those little moments is when I get really lost in the design.”

Today Sarah is sharing with us her thoughts on color and how she uses it to create movement in an arrangement.

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Top 3 Tips for Running A Wedding Business

When it comes to running a business there are many lessons we need to learn from experience.

But there are equally other lessons it would be nice to learn from someone else before jumping in head first!

Sarah Winward is sharing with us 3 of her biggest learning curves from her years in business.

Regardless of your role in the wedding industry, we’re confident you’ll be able to relate to her experiences!

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Exotic Vow Renewal in Bali

When they married 10 years ago, Febe and Tipi never received their wedding photos. So, for their 10th wedding anniversary, they decided to plan an exotic vow renewal in Bali and have it photographed.

While we’ll never tire of these amazing scenic photos, I think we can all agree that the most beautiful part of these vow renewal images is seeing how sweet and steadfast the couple’s love for each other remains. A decade of marriage can bring with it many times for a couple to seemingly fall out of love, so it’s refreshing and encouraging to see Febe and Tipi’s relationship celebrated in such a beautiful way.

Photography: Katie Grant Photography | Styling & Florals: Paper Diamonds |Venue: Mandapa Ubud, A Ritz Carlton Reserve | Gown: MXM couture | Makeup & Hair: Morin Iwashita | Paper: Plume Calligraphy | Officiant: Eko Nugroho

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What is Sarah Winward’s Secret?

There’s no doubt Sarah Winward is a master when it comes to floral design.

But have you always wondered just what it is that makes her designs so unique and revered?

Sarah’s sharing her best secret to original floral design with us today. Believe it or not, the answer is foraging!

“Greens aren’t merely a base to an arrangement, they’re the bridging pieces that connect an arrangement to its environment and tie all of the blooms together. This is why I forage. It’s fun, it’s thrilling, but it’s really about completing the color palette.”

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