Ginny Au European Workshop Part II

Imagine waking up on your wedding day in a French chateau and foraging the grounds for your own wedding flowers. You invite your closest friends and family to join you for an intimate dinner after a sweet and simple ceremony. Wearing a vintage gown and veil, you cherish every moment of your wedding day at your childhood home. This is the story that Ginny Au and her attendees dreamt up during the first two days of her workshop in Dordogne, France, and working together, they made this dream come to life.

From Ginny Au:

These beautiful images from Erich McVey are the second stage of the European workshop. During the creative process, the attendees and myself talked about the environment we are in, looked over the gowns sent form Gossamer Vintage, and devised a story for our photo shoot. The concepts were simple, organic and drawn completely from how the space inspired us. It was my hope to encourage the attendees to declutter their design process, focus on a simple cohesive story and allow that to naturally unfold. The beautiful florals, design and styling in these images are the product of every attendees work, with the guidance and nurture of the creative leaders.

Photography Erich McVey | Creative Direction Ginny Au | Prop Stylist & Creative Leader Ginny Branch | Floral Design & Creative Leader Sarah Winward | Calligraphy & Creative Leader Katie Decker Hyatt | Makeup & Hair Amy Clarke | Gown:Gossamer Vintage | Photo Scans: PhotoVision Prints 

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Ginny Au European Workshop Part I

This September, a group of very lucky designers, photographers, florists, and dreamers made the journey to France to learn the art of the creative process from Ginny Au, Ginny Branch, Katie Decker, and Sarah Winward. For those who attended, Ginny’s Creative Process Workshop was simply a dream. Tucked away in the countryside of Dardogne, France, this group of women learned how to embrace their creativity, individual talents, and work with their surroundings. And to make the workshop even more special, Ginny invited Erich McVey to capture the process and shoot the attendees’ work. We can’t wait to share the fruits of their labor with you tomorrow!

From Ginny Au:

It was always a dream to host a workshop in Dordogne, France. Such a humble, secluded environment, allowing the attendees to shut out the pressures and noises from the outside world. This ‘creative process’ workshop took place in two parts; understanding and creating a design and then executing that design in a photo shoot. This first installment tells the beautiful story of 15 attendees foraging from the grounds and local markets to create floral arrangements, prop styling, practice calligraphy and ultimately how inspiration and beauty can be found in the most simple and unexpected objects. The quiet photography of Erich McVey captures the mood and humility we all felt during these 3 days. The perfect preservation of a remarkable group of women coming together to learn and discover.

Photography Erich McVey | Creative Direction Ginny Au | Prop Stylist & Creative Leader Ginny Branch | Floral Design & Creative Leader Sarah Winward | Calligraphy & Creative Leader Katie Decker Hyatt | Makeup & Hair Amy Clarke | Gown: Gossamer Vintage | Photo Scans: PhotoVision Prints 

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Capture Your Wedding Memories with Carey Macarthur

It’s such a privilege to introduce our readers to new talent, and today we’re so excited to share a little bit about Carey Macarthur, a photographer who truly loves photographing weddings in her home state of New York and around the world.

From Carey about what weddings mean to her:

A wedding day represents a rare and courageous event where two people choose to stand in front of all those they hold most dear and declare their love for one another. A wedding day deserves to be documented beautifully, as a sacred testament to love and life; recorded with the same care and compassion that the two people have for one another.

My images are a blend of formal photographic training, an intrinsic interest in storytelling through photography and a love for classical, painterly compositions, that speak not only to the details of the event, but to the sentiment woven throughout the day. I compose minimally orchestrated images that articulate the occasion with unobtrusive simplicity, while capturing the gravity of the moments and the larger meanings they represent. I feel the best pictures are achieved through making a genuine connection with my subjects and by being fully engaged in the magnitude of the day.

It’s a privilege and honor to act as a visual scribe and witness to the endlessly unique and intimate moments of love and joy.”

Visit her website to inquire about her availability for your 2015 wedding!

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DIY Low Twisted Bun

In August, we featured Jemma Keech’s absolutely breathtaking engagement session with Jose Villa, and we fell in love with her lovely twisted bun hairstyle. We loved it so much that we asked her to show us how to do it! Jemma worked with her future sister-in-law, Hannah, to show us the step-by-step instructions. Keep reading for the full tutorial!
1. Place hair in hot rollers and wait approximately 15 mins.

2. Take out the rollers, and if required, use a curling wand to add some extra curl to the front sections.

3. Gently brush out curls with a soft paddle brush, parting the hair in the middle or on its natural side.

4. Divide the hair into 3 main sections – 2 smaller front sections (one on each side of the face) and place the larger back section into a low, loose pony tail.

5. Create a hole just above the hair tie and loop the pony tail over, through the hole.

6. Take a small piece of hair from one of the small front sections (either on the right or left side) and plait/ braid it up and over the head. Secure this with a bobby pin behind the opposite ear.

7. Go back to the looped pony tail and now proceed to loop the rest of the hair through the hole, repeat this step securing the hair with pins until a bun is created.

8. Finally loosely pin back the front sections of hair into the bun. Take care to gently do this so as not to loose the curl and also to cover the base of the plait.

Tutorial and color Photography: Jemma Keech | Black and White Photography: Jose Villa | Hair: Hannah Winter  | Model: Sancia Warner

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