Irish Cloud Shadows

Irish Cloud Shadows from story of eve on Vimeo.

Gentle light peeks shyly over the horizon, whispering its arrival with growing confidence. The white crests of breaking waves prance like palomino ponies, brazen in their showy display. The wind carries it’s voice, the gulls soar from their lofty perches. The day has begun. Wispy clouds glide by overhead, disappearing, to then manifest again, cloaking the mountain tops. Billowing cumulus clouds froth on the horizon, stained pink and burgundy, with gilded tips of gold.

The inspiration for this shoot was born in nature, of the rawness of wind and wave. The concept and design were woven together in the simplicity of this idea – rustic, organic, natural, honesty of materials, of the earth and ocean. Our wish was to evoke this through all the senses, from the feel of the organic cotton gowns which barely swathe the wind nymphs, the sight of the banquet table decorated with rocks veined with quartz, reindeer moss and mica dust, the smell and taste of the sumptuous fruits of the sea.

A simple and sublime palette of gentle neutrals, of cool blues and greys, creates a feeling of calm and serenity creating a harmonious aesthetic brought further to life with the unglazed porcelain, battered silverware, sea glass escort cards, and buttery stone-washed softened linens and hand dyed muslin fabric.

Production, Art Direction & Styling : Pearl & Godiva | Photography: Tec Petaja | Cinematography: Story of Eve | MUA: Kathryn O’Neill | Hair: Marie Maye | The Gowns: Sarah Foy & María Luisa Rabell | Bespoke Headpiece : Opal & Owl | Stationery & Calligraphy : Chelsea Petaja from Oh my Deer | Handmades Florals: Hanako Floral Studio | Food Styling: Jette Virdi | Props: Pearl & Godiva | Models: Christie Brewington from Oxygen Models & Stella Tattan from Morgan the Agency | Location: Coumeenole Beach, Dingle, Co.Kerry | A special thank you to Slea Head Farm

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Kate Breuer Photography


Have you been searching for a natural light photographer that will travel almost anywhere in the world to shoot your wedding? Are you looking for someone with a fun-loving spirit that is excited to capture every precious moment of your wedding day? Well, we’re so excited to introduce you to our newest sponsor, Kate Breuer!

Kate Breuer is a traveling wedding photographer who specializes in shooting happy and romantic weddings for adventurous couples. She’s always eager to meet couples that are interested in hiring a photographer that’s not your typical wedding photographer, and she works hard to capture the real emotions and memories of your wedding day in photos that will last you a lifetime.

Kate understands that choosing a wedding photographer is a big decision and that every couple should be surrounded by people she trusts on her wedding day, and she works hard to make you feel comfortable throughout the most important day of your life. Kate is caring and committed to capturing your wedding in an artistic manner, and she goes out of her way to make sure she’s the right choice for the couples she works with, even traveling around the world to photograph for them. She even brings a second photographer with her at every wedding. Kate is based out of Los Angeles and Germany and loves adventure and traveling the world to shoot beautiful love stories!

So, if you are a couple who hates the boring and traditional idea of wedding photography, Kate and her team may be the perfect choice for you. Visit her website today to see more of her beautiful work!

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Elegant Riverside Dinner at RiverOaks

This past October I had the wonderful opportunity to speak at Bliss and Bokeh, an amazing workshop in Charleston for female photographers. One of the evenings consisted of a delicious dinner at a wonderful new venue in Charleston, RiverOaks.  Marianne, the owner of River oaks, put together such a delightful evening for us all underneath twinkling lights along the riverbanks of the Wando River. If you are looking for an intimate space to host a wedding or event in Charleston, definitely be sure to check out the beautiful RiverOaks!

Photography: KT Merry | Venue: RiverOaks | Event Design, Flowers, and Styling: RiverOaks with Jennigray Hewitt and Deborah Gibson Design | Catering: Harvest Catering | Drinks: Squeeze on Site | Calligraphy: Lydia Hendrix | Tabletop Rentals: Polished | Farm Chairs and Wine Barrels: Eventworks 

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Heirloom Hangers


The time you share with your bridesmaids before your wedding may be some of the most precious hours you ever spend together. So much of your wedding and the preparation focuses on the time after you walk down the aisle, but that time before, in your last hours of being a single woman, should be cherished and remembered forever. With the creation of Heirloom Hangers, Ashley Garmon has created a beautiful memento to help you and your bridesmaids remember that treasured time.

After years of shooting gorgeous wedding gowns, Ashley Garmon, one of Texas’ most talented wedding photographers, realized that a wedding dress was deserving of a hanger that was just as unique and beautiful as the bride’s gown. It was tragic for Ashley when she saw custom wedding gowns hanging on plastic, or even wire hangers. So, Ashley came up with a solution to this problem: she created a line of custom designed and handmade hangers that were specifically designed to flatter your wedding gown and serve as a memento from your wedding day.

Each hanger is customizable: you choose the shape and font, then her team in Austin, Texas customizes your design where the entire hanger crafted by hand. Also, the detail on each hanger is impeccable; for example, the hook has been designed to withhold the immense weight of a huge ball gown and can turn in all directions to allow for it to be hung almost anywhere. Each hanger starts at $75, and any additional hangers you add to your order will receive a 10% discount. How special would it be for you to customize each hanger for your bridesmaids to take home as a token from your wedding day to remember that beloved time before you walk down the aisle when you’re with your closest friends and family?

Take a few minutes to visit Heirloom Hangers to order your custom designed hanger for your wedding day!

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