How to not Invite Some People to your Wedding

One of the hardest parts of planning a wedding is creating the perfect guest list. Whether you’re trying to keep a very small guest list or trying to keep the guest list to those that matter the most in your life, almost every bride will run into the question and debate of how to keep their guest list to their desired size. Don’t feel bad or guilty about this! On your wedding day, you’re meant to be surrounded by your nearest and dearest friends and family- not people you’ve never met or barely know. But we understand that it may be difficult to avoid inviting some people, so here are a few tips that should make it a little easier:

Family: Stress the importance of an intimate guest list to your parents and your fiancé’s family. Remind them that you want every person at the wedding to have a close relationship with you and your future spouse. Unfortunately, many family members don’t fall in to that category so, to help your parents out, be sure to give them a specific number of invitations to the wedding they may extend to family members and friends. If they feel strongly about having all of the second-cousins there, encourage them to host a party in their hometown to “meet the newlyweds.”

Plus ones: Minimize your “plus ones” to those in serious relationships or to those who will not know other guests at the wedding.

They invited me to their wedding: You don’t have to invite everyone who has invited you to their wedding. Friendships change. For example, a sorority sister who got married 8+ years ago may not be a current friend that needs a wedding invitation.

Work: Don’t feel pressured to invite work colleagues just to make people feel included. 

The one year test: Have you maintained a close relationship with the person in question for the last year? Do you see yourself maintaining this relationship in the future? If so, invite the guest. If not, reconsider them.

Using these tips should help you break the news a little more easily, and remember, some people may be hurt that they’re not invited, but ultimately, your wedding is about you and your families. Do what makes you comfortable, and eventually everyone else will understand.

Article by: Virginia Edelson of Bluebird Productions | Photography: Jillian Mitchell Photography

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Delicate Boudoir Ideas from Girl with a Serious Dream

We were instantly enamored when we received these images from Lauren Kinsey that she shot for the Spring 2014 Girl with a Serious Dream lookbook. We love the idea of a bride wearing something special, like these pieces from Girl with a Serious Dream, before or after her wedding. The getting ready attire also acts as an heirloom for such a special and cherished day. Being able to wear a delicate lingerie piece long after the wedding is a small yet lovely reminder of that special day. How nice would it be to wear something again that makes you feel just as special as you do when you walk down the aisle?

Photography: Lauren Kinsey Fine Art Wedding Photography | Hair & Makeup: Eulanna Bloodworth | Bridal Robes, Cover Ups & Veils: Girl With A SeriousDream | Styling & Floral Design: Alee Willis Creative | Venue:Maclay Gardens

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Protect your Big Day with WedSafe

Yay- you’re engaged! One of the first things you’ll do once you start planning, is choose your wedding dress. Choosing your dress is one of the most special parts of wedding planning, and you’ll remember the day you find “the one” for the rest of your life. And let’s not forget that you’ll be looking at photos for years to come of that dress, and potentially even pass it down to your children.

But what comes after you find the dress?  A lot can happen from saying “yes” to the dress to then saying “I do” to the groom.  Did you even know that there are certain insurance policies, yes wedding insurance, that provides coverage against losses such as stained, ruined or damaged special attire, including your wedding dress!

What if it gets stained? What if it gets torn during fittings? Or even the old “the dog ate my…dress?” After finding the perfect gown, you want to make sure it’s protected. That’s just one small area where wedding insurance with WedSafe can come in handy. Not only can it help you get reimbursed for your gown-gone-wrong, but it can also protect other elements of your wedding day, from vendors to venues, all for a low cost!  No one foresees or wants any problems on their special days, but the fact is that some bad things do happen occasionally, from a no-show vendor, to a forced cancellation or postponement.  Wedding and event cancellation insurance with WedSafe can help protect against financial loss, and provide some peace of mind too.

Look beautiful in your gown and be smart about your planning. Learn why wedding insurance can be among the best investments you make at

Photography: Rylee Hitchner

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Stylish White Wedding in Bali

We love it when brides share their most cherished memories with us, and this stunning bride wanted to share her vivid memories of her stylish white Indonesian wedding with you all:

“Reminiscing the most beautiful day of my life, ‘I remember the corner. The corner of your colour, the corner of your smile. The street corners turning into corners of the corridor. Into the corners of the place where we hold hands. The corners of your mouth, of your eyes. The corners of words we spoke. The corner of your name. On the corner where we exchanged our vows for life. The corner where we kissed. I remember the corner.’

It has always been personal right from the very beginning. Each and every little thing about this wedding is a reflection of us. We knew exactly what we wanted: a wedding stripped to its very core, the union of two souls and a celebration of love, no glitz and glam. Far from typical Indonesian weddings with thousands of guests and the fanfare; it was going to be an intimate affair with our closest friends and family, a personal sweet memory lasting for years to come..

The inspiration was simple: nature’s beauty meets ethereal elegance. Simplistic, subtle, yet stylish. First things first: the wedding dress. Instead of world-class designer-labels, we opted for a piece by a talented local designer, for the sake of originality. The dress holds special significance since it is one of a kind, with a hand-painted design incorporated into the gown through laser cut. No other dress in the world could be the exact same.

Venue pick comes naturally: Secluded Uluwatu area of Bali was perfect fit, and Alila Villas Uluwatu, perched at the cliff of Indian Ocean instantly stole our hearts. We didn’t even bother checking on other venues. For once, we’ve decided we were going to have our wedding at the edge of the world. We were to fly the whole pack of family and friends to paradise island for a wedding getaway. It was a remarkable journey: humbly starting with the vision and some scattered creative ideas, watching it take form and in the end, unfolding to a realization before our eyes. We couldn’t have done it without the help of a solid teamwork from the vendors. On the day of our wedding, our décor was a portrayal of subtle elegance and the pureness of white. Sunset Cabana was basking in golden sunshine, white floral arrangements and ornaments, embellishing the beauty of the wooden structure as it already was. The ceremony began just before sunset with white petals down the aisle, tingling crystals above our heads, and the perfect shade of blue as backdrop, that of the clear sky and the Indian Ocean. Nothing could be more perfect.

Next was alfresco dinner under the stars, serenaded with a selection of our favourite music. Our wedding reception was set on poolside terrace of the villa, overlooking the serene ocean. Wooden structures and withering frangipani tree blended beautifully with lushes of white floral, accented with chandeliers; creating a surreal image of our very own secret garden. The table setting was a romantic image of its own, white floral composition on Victorian vases, gold tinted crystals and glassy cutleries, soft lace table runner on rustic wooden tables, completed with lovely Tiffany chairs. Each set comes with a laser-cut box of macarons and a personalized thank you cards, showing our deepest gratitude towards the people that are dearest to our hearts. To top it all up, this splendid setting captured gorgeously by our favourite photographer!

Crazy after-party all the way through midnight make the night unforgettable. Everyone was down on their feet having a really good time. It was not only our night, but theirs too. It warmed our hearts to hear everybody’s compliments of how amazing the day has been. A few months passed, I still remember vividly stills and episodes of the wedding; it will be our cherished memory for the rest of our lives.”

Photography: Angga Permana Photo | Dress: Fifi Firianty | Shoes: Venilla Suite | Cake: Alila | Ceremony Venue: Sunset Cabana, Alila Villas Uluwatu | Reception Venue: Poolside 3-bedroom villa, Alila Villas Uluwatu | Bridesmaids’ dresses: Priska Henata Couture | Suit: Wong Hang | Décor: Rose Barrel Décor | Stationeries: Cottonville | Hampers: Silverbox

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