Beach Inspiration for an Indoor Wedding

While we might all love to host a beautiful outdoor wedding, with dinner under the stars, we know that that just isn’t realistic. So, we task our wedding planners, event designers, and floral designers with the potentially difficult task of bringing the outdoors in — in a way that isn’t overdone, bizarre, and still feels natural.

For this editorial, the creative team wanted to find a way to bring the allure of the beach indoors, without using the oft-overdone elements of sand, shells, and driftwood. Starting with the color palette, they drew warm tones from the colours and tones of the sun setting on the beach. Read on for more!

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More from the photographer, Jake Anderson:
“The draw, the allure, of nature is strong, and our inspiration is drawn from the colors, shapes, and textures of the beach, put in the context of an indoor wedding. Our vision incorporated the shape of the waves in the rolling and seemingly haphazard texture of the backdrop, the curve of place-cards, and even the sweeping calligraphy. Kelly used the tones and colors of the sun reflecting off sand as inspiration for her floral pieces. She also pursued a flowing nature to her pieces, which allowed the eye to travel over them, much as they would over a wave. Simplicity focused on organics, and an allowing of natural elements, within an indoor setting, was a difficult task, but one we felt we succeeded in through focusing on a consistent color palette, and intentional details.”

Photographer: Jake Anderson | Florist: Kelly Lenard | Styling: Mint + Lovely | Paper Goods: Plume Calligraphy | Venue: The Seeboth | Dress: Carol Hannah via Alice in Ivory  | Jewelry: Shop Lizzibeth | Makeup: Nola Kahn | Hair: Leah Anderson | Tabletop: Juliksa Quotidien via The Home Market | Rings: Alyssa & Anna | Ring Box: Weathered WI | Suit: Menguin @menguintux

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Simplistic Outdoor Elopement Inspiration

While the beauty of an elopement can be found in it’s complete simplicity and single focus on the vows themselves, there are still ways to create a personalized wedding-type experience. In this case, we love that the creative team took a few moments to create a romantic space for the ceremony. Adding floral detailing to the rocks, in a completely natural way, seems to emphasize the intimacy of the moment and ground the couple’s location within the vastness of the Pacific coast.

For more elopement inspiration, here are a few of our favorite real elopements recently featured on Once Wed: this magical setting in the Rocky Mountains, a romantic Charleston elopement with just the couple’s pastor in attendance, and this whimsical forest elopement.

More from Once Wed Premium Vendor, Rebekah at A&B Creative:
“Oftentimes, I find that there is little more that a couple in love needs than just that. A couple that looks to elope is one that is typically focused on their love and their future and is less concerned with the logistical details of a wedding that can sometimes detract from that initial purpose. This elopement inspiration is for a couple that may live in a bigger city (as this is just outside of San Francisco), and just as they want to marry without the added distraction of too many details, they also want their venue to visually match that aesthetic and not distract. Adding some delicate floral detailing to the rock they’re marrying on, which overlooks the Pacific, and a knock-out bouquet that takes the place of a room full of arrangements, our couple gets to breathe in the gravity of this moment and revel in the simplicity that was created for them by eloping. After a portrait session near their ceremony “venue” they get to head out to an intimate dinner in an English inspired pub. They end the evening by tucking into their Tudor style room to watch the fog roll in.”

Photography: Mariel Hannah | Creative Direction & Styling:Rebekah Carey of  A & B Creative | Makeup: Katie Nash Beauty | Florals: Aubriana Kasper MacNiven of The Bloomery Co | Ring: Trumpet and Horn | Dress 1: Claire Pettibone | Dress 2: Jean-Ralph Thurin | Cake: The Whole Cake |Photo Processing: Photovision Prints | Venue: The Pelican Inn

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Lovely Lighting Ideas

We can’t emphasize enough how important lighting is to your wedding. Great, intentional lighting has the ability to add so much interest and ambiance to your wedding, turning a seemingly generic venue into something absolutely special. Luckily, great lighting is easy to come by. Below we’ve rounded up some of our favorite lighting ideas to help transform your wedding day, and you can see the rest of our lighting picks here.


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Playful Pink Wedding Ideas from Cuba

Pink has always been a favorite wedding hue, and we can’t say that we’re surprised. Here, we love the variation between the subtle blush silk ribbon adorning the bride’s waist, moving all the way up to bold, playful corals in the bridal bouquet. Whatever your color preference, one of the easiest tips we can give you to bring life and interest to your palette is to use different shades of your chosen color.

Wedding stylist Ginny Au frequently talks about the importance of texture and mood within your color selection, as the slightest variations can create a dynamic change in the overall design. Here, Ginny layered hand-died custom silk ribbons in gentle blush hues onto the bride’s bouquet and accenting her dress, eliciting a softer, more romantic feel. In the bouquet, the playful variations range from ballet pinks to bolder fuchsias, developing movement and depth. Read on for more from the photographer Greer Gattuso.

“I had been hoping to work closely with Ginny for a while, because I love her aesthetic, and I’ve also been wanting to shoot more international destinations. So when the opportunity came up to travel to Cuba, we were both eager to go. The U.S. had just relaxed the restrictions, and the timing couldn’t have been more perfect.

Overall, we were striving for authenticity with the shoot. That’s one of the reasons why we chose to work with a local model. We arrived a few days early and scouted locations in Old Havana. Ginny was constantly seeking out distinctive textures, colors, and architectural details. We were inspired by paint pigments, archways, and even faded lettering on simple concrete walls. And being so close to the sea, Cuba has this incredible filtered sunlight that seems to look different and more magical everywhere you turn—it’s basically a photographer’s dream. 

The entire time we worked together, Ginny was encouraging me to think about composition and ways to add movement and emotion to what I was shooting. For example, the Cortana gown we chose perfectly illustrated her concept of “fluid motion.” At one point she added a flowing piece of sheer fabric over the gown and asked the model to run down a quiet street. There was a slight breeze, and the effect was spectacular.

Working with Ginny has helped me not only find my own voice as an artist and changed the way I see my subjects, but also to use what I’ve learned to attract my ideal clients. I can honestly say that she’s changed my photography and my career for the better.”

Photographer: Greer Gattuso | Styling: Ginny Au | Flowers: Bows and Arrows Flowers | Dress: Loho Bride | Ribbon: Frou Frou Chic

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