How to Make a Garden-Inspired Floral Centerpiece


Whether you’re planning to tackle your own floral centerpieces or just a couple of gorgeous arrangements at your ceremony or guest book table, this beautiful tutorial will have you whipping up stunning arrangements in no time. Or, if you don’t have the DIY gene, be sure to pin this arrangement just for the stunning color tones and texture for your wedding!

kelly perry layout


1) Establish the shape and size using a branch or foliage with a graceful shape.  You can follow this with fruit and a layer of flat leaves at the base.  I used Lady’s Mantle as our flat leaf, but you could use any flat leaf.  We love using Coral Bell foliage in this application too.
2) Next, I added chamomile and carnations low in the arrangement.  I like to use a bulky (carnation) and branchy (chamomile) flower in this phase to provide both coverage and support for the next layer of flowers.
3) To pull color to the edges of the arrangement, I added foxglove from the Garden Gate Flower Company in Cornwall.  It’s long and reaching shape is perfect fit for this job.
4) In step four, I added some small white roses.  I call these accent flowers because they generally rest one step below the big beautiful focal flower.  As I place them, I think about how the focal flowers will rest, wether centered or in a line.  This helps me create a nice supporting layer for them to rest.  You’ll notice I removed some petals and fluffed out the petals.
5) The purple roses are the focal flower in this arrangement and are arranged in an implied line.  Like a constellation in the sky, they move your eye through the arrangement and tell the story of the seasons.

6) The arrangement is finished with chocolate cosmos, light and airy in size and texture, but dark in color.  This balances out the use of light colored flowers low in the arrangement.

We’re always thrilled to share floral tutorials from Kelly Perry of Team Flower! Check out some of our other favorites here: foliage chair swags, test tube floral chandeliers, and DIY concrete candles!

Flowers: Kelly Perry of Team Flower | Photography: Taylor & Porter | Venue: The Lost Gardens of Heligan

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Bohemian Real Wedding in Joshua Tree

Jessica and Luckey knew just want to do to create their perfectly bohemian wedding: be themselves. The bride and her sister did all the florals and decorating themselves, along with creating the jewelry. The groom, an artist, created a beautiful ceremony setting, that was simple enough to allow their special moments to speak for themselves. And further, they chose the perfect date: September 27th , the date of the Supermoon. “We loved the idea of spending the evening with our favorite people under the autumn moonlight. To our surprise, it ended up being a very rare total lunar eclipse/supermoon/blood moon combo! It was such a memorable moment when this epic, red, crescent shaped moon crept up from behind the mountains. It felt completely surreal.  I’m so happy we all got to experience it together.”

More from the photographer, Jamie of Rad in Love:
“I loved Jessica and Luckey’s simple and peaceful approach to their wedding day. They got ready together in the house they own with their family in Joshua Tree, with vetever oil diffusing in the air. (The oil has a grounding element, perfect for your wedding day!) Jessica and her sister (who also made the wedding jewelry) fluttered about before hand, putting together the florals and last minute ceremony touches- adding to the elements brought in by the groom Luckey, who is an artist. The ceremony details, with the color, architectural elements, and cacti, where so Luis Barragan-ish. The freaking phenomenal vegan-raw cake was made by a close friend and wedding guest. The family dogs padded around the compound, along with all the kiddos. You could tell the couple was surrounded by their closest friends and family for such an intimate celebration of love. Our kind of jam!”

Photography: Rad in Love | Venue: Saguro Hideaway in Joshua Tree | Dress: Houghton from LOHO Bride | Shoes: Charlotte Stone | Suit: Topman | Jewelry: Malia | Rentals: Plants & Patina

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Simple Organic Wedding in Utah

Today’s bride, Aubrey, had the loveliest vision for their wedding day: “I really hoped for our wedding to feel romantic and organic while remaining simple. We also wanted it to feel a tiny bit undone.” With an outdoor ceremony and open-air reception filled with lush florals in a palette that mimicked the tones in the fields outside, her aesthetic plans for the wedding certainly came together beautifully. With the help of many talented family members and friends (including a beloved aunt who sewed the bridal gown!), their perfect day was complete.

Read on for more from the bride:
“Our wedding day was the most blissful and magical one Eric and I could have imagined.

Wishing for a ceremony in an open field and racing against the calendar’s winter months ahead, we were spoiled with the most wonderful talent to help us make our dreams come true. Florals were the only decor we imagined at our ceremony, and Ashley from Tinge Floral was able to create a most beautiful overgrown look with blossoms kissing the sides of our aisle. 

And my dress…my dear, sweet Aunt Jeanette patiently and perfectly helped me design something elegant yet simple. She majestically sewed my dress in three weeks time, and I truly can not express how special and warm it felt to wear something made with so much love and reverence. 

Incorporating our two year old son was incredibly important to us so we had identical tuxes made for him and Eric. After we were announced husband and wife, all three of us walked hand in hand as a family (w/ Lightning McQueen) back up the aisle. This may have been our favorite moment of all. 

13 flower girl dresses made by the hands of loving friends, my late grandmother’s necklace around my neck, having my father’s arm to walk me down the aisle, and being madly in love with my groom at the other end… the details of our day and the people around us truly made it the most special one. Our hearts were overflowing as the rain drizzled outside, candles flickered in the evening breeze, and we dined on the yummiest Food by Tom. Soon enough we were being sent off with sparklers ablaze and mouths aching from a happiness we never knew was possible.”

Photography: Jill Thomas | Wedding Coordination: Natalie Kenley | Caterer: Food by Tom | Florals: Tinge Floral | Bridal Gown: Jeanette Nelson | Bride’s Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell | Bridesmaid Attire: Jenny Yoo | Invitations: Script Merchant | Videography: Joshua Brown | Woodworker: Hans Ringger | Cake: Tess Comrie | Makeup: Vivian Johnson | Suits: Urbana Custom Suits

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How to have a beautiful wedding within a budget


No matter how small or how large your budget is, every one has a limit they’re comfortable spending on their wedding day. But is can be hard to know where to start (and when to stop) when it comes to allocating and parting with this money. We all want a beautiful wedding, so how do we achieve this while staying true to ourselves and our financial situation?

We spoke to some wedding planners and designers to ask their advice on how to create a beautiful wedding on a budget.

Determine your priorities

Created Lovely Events creative director and planner Nicole Sihlis says determining wedding priorities is the first step she takes in creating a budget with her clients.

“One of my favorite ways to start a wedding consultation is by asking a couple how they celebrate together. When something good happens in their life, what is their favorite way to embrace that moment? Their response is generally a really good indicator of where their priorities will lie within their budget.

“A response that falls along the lines of, ‘We typically go for a really nice dinner and order our favorite bottle of wine.’ will indicate that a strong caterer and nice table wine will be a budget priority. Another response might be, ‘We typically call our closest friends or family and grab drinks on a patio by the water.’ This would indicate a more laid back vibe, potentially where you want to prioritize creating a lounge feel where guests can sit and relax and enjoy a cocktail before dinner.  More of your budget may be going into creating an atmosphere over high-end drinks or food in this instance.”

Make it personal

Answering these questions, Nicole says, is a way to ensure a wedding becomes a heightened extension of how each couple lives their day-to-day lives, and not just a beautiful event.

“If clients are a little vague on how they celebrate, I dig deeper into questions such as their favorite restaurants, favorite stores, favorite places they’ve traveled, and why? Often they’ll describe the décor or details, sometimes the food. All of this information bring out a greater understanding of the vibe you’re trying to create and if the food really is the priority, or if it’s the atmosphere that’s taking precedent in the budget.”

Start allocating your budget

Going Lovely event designer and planner PJ Dunn says once you’ve determined your overall budget and priorities, you can start to allocate money to these expenses. (If you’re not using a wedding planner to help with this, consider an online budgeting tool to assist.)

“You can absolutely have a beautiful experience without a huge price tag but you’ll need to get creative,” she says.

“You may be able to ‘splurge’ more on one or two things – your priorities – but keep in mind that you’ll have to cut back in other areas. Hiring that dream photographer that will provide you with pictures you’ll have for a lifetime (totally worth it by the way) may mean you’ll want to think about budgeting less and buying a non-designer or used dress or DIY your own flowers. ”

Find areas to save

And don’t hesitate to sign up family and friends to assist!

“Is your aunt great at cupcakes? See if she’ll contribute to the dessert bar. Your cousin plays the guitar? Live music for your ceremony! It’s a great way to not only be personal but also allow others to help out and be a part of your special day.”

Photography: Lauren Kinsey | Florals: Mytrie Blue

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