DIY Flower Dyed Ribbon and Napkins


Pretty neat, right? Ginny Au dyed simple silk ribbons and muslin napkins with only flowers. No dyes or powders needed. Just gather some of your favorite colored flowers, wrap them in ribbon and/or napkins, and place in a jar of water in the sun for 2 days. Perfection!

diy-flower-dyed-ribbon diy-dyed-ribbon-and-napkin-wedding-ideas


-Muslin napkins
-Silk ivory ribbon
-Jar of filtered water
-Seasonal flowers in variety of colors


1. + 2. Choose your petals to dye your ribbon and muslin napkins with.

3. Soak your piece of muslin in filtered water and wring out the excess water.

4. Open the muslin and place your torn flower petals inside the muslin. Wrap around with the silk ribbon.

5. Place the wrapped muslin inside your glass of water and set outside in the sun for two days. Make sure to start your project when two consecutive days of sun is expected.

6. After two days the water can appear dirty and brown. This is normal. Remove you bundle from your water, untie the muslin and discard the flowers. Rinse the muslin and ribbon in luke warm water with a mild soap. Wring out excess water and place the ribbon and muslin in the sun to dry.

Photography: Erich McVey | Styling: Ginny Au | Calligraphy: Holly Hollon | Flowers: Cloth of Gold Flowers

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Gift your Bridesmaids with Coatt Jewelry!


Are you looking for the perfect bridesmaids’ gifts for you to give to your special ladies? Well, we have found a beautiful memento for your maids that will demonstrate your gratitude in a stylish and meaningful way. So please let us introduce our new sponsor, Coatt!

Coatt is a family run design studio that specializes in jewelry design, specifically bracelets and necklaces. They have created a unique line of monogrammed bracelets and necklaces that would make perfect bridesmaids’ gifts. Each monogram is unique in that Coatt spells out initials by using morse code! They can spell out words on a bracelet or necklace as well. Cool huh? Each piece uses gold dots and dashes on silk cord to spell words, names, and phrases.

We are in love with this truly original idea for a monogram versus traditional lettered designs. We’re sure your bridesmaids will be in love too, and Coatt makes these lovely gifts even more appealing by offering a discount for you if you buy multiples!

Each piece is made to order with your specific words or initials, so allow for a few days after your order for them to create your new and unique piece of jewelry. These beautiful designs will definitely be worth the wait!

Check out Coatt’s website where they also sell morse code stationary and bookmarks!

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Elegant Hellebore Wedding Ideas

Ciara Richardson Photography and Ashley Beyer of Tinge Floral collaborate every month to feature a flower. They went all out this month with the beautiful, Hellebore, and sent over some beautiful wedding ideas for me to share with you. Is any one here planning to use Hellebore at their wedding?

Photography: Ciara Richardson | Floral & Tablescape Styling : Tinge | Cake: Rue De Lis | Dress : Ciara Richardson | Venue: La Caille | Paper Goods: October Ink | Suit: Artful Tailoring

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DIY Wedding Wreath


In continuation of our lovely series from some of my favorite southern creatives, Ginny and Holly created this beautiful diy wedding door wreath for you to recreate at home. Be sure to check out the DIY wedding car garland and DIY wedding ceremony aisle marker. Enjoy!

diy-wedding-wreath-ideas diy-wedding-decor-wreath


Wire wreath frame
Floral Wire
Greenery Garland from Fifty Flowers


1. Pull together supplies to complete your wreath

2. Tie wreath with floral wire

3. Cut wreath to wreath desired length

4. Secure 3 pre-soaked oasis at even intervals with floral wire

5. Insert long stem flowers at the base of oasis

6. Insert shorter flowers on the top of side of oasis

Photography: Odalys Mendez // Styling: Ginny Au // Flowers: Rosegolden Flowers

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