DIY Wedding Flower Crown Over a Drop Veil

A flower crown/halo/wreath/whatever-you-want-to-call-it can be the perfect finishing touch to your bridal look. We particularly love it over a long drop veil. They can be so beautiful and the best part is that they’re really not that hard to make! (They don’t have a very long life-span though so you’ll definitely want to make it on the day of your wedding.) You can go a lot of different directions with a flower crown but for this one we wanted to keep it simple and delicate so we chose to use just a few simple delicate flowers: genista, wax flower, and agapanthus. Here are the steps:

1 – Choose 1 to…..several types of blooms and buds. Look for things that will: hold up pretty well once they’ve been cut, bend easily, have enough of a stem to wire into the wreath, and are a good scale for your head. :) There are so many wonderful flowers to choose from!

2 – Create a circle of thin green wire that will be the right size for your head.

3 – I like to start with the smallest flowers to create a delicate base that hides the wire. I started here with the genista and bits of wax flower and worked my way around the circle, wrapping snips of flowers in with kind of shorter lengths of wire (like, 10″ lengths so they’re more manageable) as I go. For the back I kept the flowers closer and tighter to the wire circle and then for the front I built up some volume by only wrapping the base of the clipping and letting the top half stick out further from the wire.

4 – Finally I wired in just a few choice blooms of the agapanthus to create a focal point for the front of the crown.

That’s really it! But the outcomes are endless! We’d love to see your version…please tweet, instagram, FB, email us a pic!!

Photography: Rylee Hitchner // Styling: Joy Thigpen // Hair + makeup: Amanda Paige  // Veil: The Bride Room  // Dress: Temperley London // Location: Callanwolde

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Wedding Hairstyles with Drop Veil Tutorial


Finding the right wedding hairstyle under your veil can be a tricky prospect, particularly if you’re wearing a drop veil (which we love). For any of you who have already tried on a drop veil, you know the challenge: the veil kind of flattens your hair which can be bad news for many hairstyles. With a drop veil you’ve got to find a wedding hairstyle with a low profile. The example above gives you the low profile plus some nice interest. I think it walks a nice line between vintage-glam and a relaxed modern look. Follow the steps below to get the look:

1. Prep your hair with a big loose curl and some hairspray to give it some body and texture.

2. Section your hair into three parts: two “wings” in the front (imagine you’re wearing a headband–the hair in front of the headband should go into the wings and the hair that would be behind the headband should go into the ponytail) and then pull the rest into a low pony.

3. Do a little topsy-tail.

4. Do another topsy-tail in the same place but this time only pull it halfway through.

5. Pin the halved ponytail out slightly wider than it would fall naturally.

6. Pin any extra length of hair back up onto the front of the roll of hair.

7. Using a deep side part, pin the two front sections of hair into waves that meet at the top of the roll of hair in the back. Secure temporarily with bobby pins and spray with plenty of hair spray as shown in the final picture. When the hair spray is dry gently remove the bobby pins from the front and sides and the waves will stay right where you put them.

Photography: Rylee Hitchner // Location: Callanwolde // Hair + makeup: Amanda Paige // Styling: Joy Thigpen // Vintage dress and veil: Cheryl Taylor

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Wedding Hairstyles with Drop Veil

We know how hard it can be to find the right wedding hairstyle to wear with a veil, especially a drop veil…so we came up with this lovely solution. And here we tucked in a sparkly hairpiece under a simple drop veil for a little extra shine. Do you think you could do this wedding hairstyle with veil yourself?? We think you can!

Stay tuned tomorrow for step by step instructions for this wedding hairstyle with veil!

Photography: Rylee Hitchner // Hair + makeup: Amanda Paige // Location: Callanwolde // Styling: Joy Thigpen // Dress: Catherine Deane’s Elysium gown from BHLDN // Veil + hairpiece: The Bride Room

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Free Wedding Website with Wedding JoJo


Wedding websites can be a great way to maintain your wedding details and keep your guests up to speed on any updates or changes for the big day. And thanks to Wedding Jojo, not only are wedding sites functional, they’re pretty cute to boot.

Wedding Jojo allows couples to choose from their repertoire of themes and colors to customize sites according to their tastes and sense of style. New designs are often added in to keep everything hip and fresh, such as the Whimsical and Classical templates. Featuring a modern pattern with fun colors and versatile accents, the Whimsical theme is perfect for newly engaged couples looking for a bit of playfulness.  If you prefer a more timeless design, the Classical theme might be just for you!  It’s clean and modern-looking design is perfect for the couple having a black-tie affair.

Once a theme is chosen, photos may be uploaded into albums and events can be created along with directions and notes. Travel and hotel information may also be provided for out-of-town guests. And, no longer will you have to hunt down each guest for an RSVP! With Wedding Jojo’s RSVP management, you can easily invite guests to RSVP for various events making managing your wedding a little more stress free.

 Head on over to their site and sign up for FREE! 

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