Important wedding details not to overlook

DetailsNotOverlook_TitleGraphic_V4When it comes to wedding planning we all pay attention to the big details and decisions like the venue, food, floor plans, music and flowers. But what about all of the finer details?

When you are pinning images to your Pinterest board, ask yourself what it is about the image that you like? Most often you will find it is the beautiful, more intricate details that are drawing you in, like the flowing silk ribbon on the bridal bouquet, the carefully folded napkin and sprig of herb at the place setting, the flicker of candles on the table, the sweet accents on the bride and groom’s chairs.

We asked Event Designer and Planner Molly McKinley to turn her sharp eye to the top wedding details every bride should pay attention to.

Invitation Styling
Make sure to bring your invitation suite with you for your photographer to take a picture of, along with any sentimental elements they can style it alongside (like your grandmother’s locket). Request that your florist bring extra ribbon and a few blooms for your photographer to play with.
Jewelry and Accessories
Create time to focus on your accessories. If you’re lacking on time, hire a stylist to hone in on your vision and make it happen.
Wedding Day Hangers
Your wedding day dress hangers don’t have to have your names wired on them, but they should at least be a simple wooden design that doesn’t take away from your gown or your bridesmaids.
The Groom
Don’t let your groom rent. This should be his best looking day, too, not just yours. He needs to find a tux or suit that is his to keep – one that fits him perfectly and makes him feel top notch!
Floral Details
Talk through the finer details with your florist, like what your bouquets and bouts will be wrapped with (and how). Do you want long ribbons? Shiny or matte? Silk or organza? Unless it is specified, these details might not come out just like you’ve imagined.
A planner (or sometimes your florist) can help you pick out linens that will completely elevate the look of your event. We usually try to stay neutral color-wise, and bring in textures appropriate for the season. If you’re looking for a pop of color, why not add that in in the flowers or the napkins?
Why pay $5,000 for flowers if you can barely notice them? If your guests are having to pull out their iphones to light the way at times, it also becomes a safety issue. Always ask about the lighting situation at your venue prior to booking, so you’re at least aware of it. Uplighting, pin lighting, or twinkling lights overhead can completely change the look and feel of your event.
Place setting
Even the napkin fold can completely change the look and feel of your table. We try to schedule a meeting around putting together the perfect place setting for your big day so we can think through all of the elements and logistics of how the food is being served. Renting chargers, a newer style of silverware, stunning glassware, etc can bump up your bill a bit. If you can’t afford it for each of your place settings, you could focus these special details on your head table for a fraction of the cost.
I know it seems like a small detail, but choosing votive containers that carry out your overall look is important. Your florist likely has several beautiful options – you just have to ask. They can really add a lot of personality to your wedding.
Chairs are some of the most prevalent elements of your event. I would rather have a bride who puts her money towards nice chairs then use that money for giant floral centerpieces. It makes a big difference. Bad chairs can cheapen the look of your ceremony or reception. Also don’t forget to plan something special for your bride and groom chairs. It’s a fun moment to sit in those together, once you’re finally man and wife!
Table Numbers and Menus
Your day-of wedding paper should flow with your invitation suite or complement your centerpieces. Think through your flowers and their height and the containers used. How can you bring a table number into the mix that stands out without it taking away from the overall look? How are you going to alert your guests of the menu for the evening? Will it be a part of your table setting? Are you having easels with painted menus at each station? Or something unique? Think through the look you like and talk to your planner about something that makes sense logistically and stylistically.

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Celebratory Anniversary Photo Session

While we obviously love weddings and everything that comes along with the planning and the preparation, what we truly love is marriage. Marriage is an incredible gift, something that Amelia and Ben have started to learn about in their first year of marriage. This sweet couple has an almost unbelievable story (see it at the bottom of this post), and after several struggles in their first year of marriage, they decided to celebrate this beautiful gift with an anniversary photo session. It doesn’t hurt that they have style in spades, but we also love that you can really see some of the strongest aspects of their relationship through these photos: a sense of comfort, admiration for each other, and a flirtatious sense of humor.  

From the couple:
“Ben and I met at a clothing store where I was working. I rang him up on my last day. He asked me what my plans were and I told him that I was flying off to Maui to attend Bible college the next month. He left the store with both of us smiling. We never introduced ourselves; he was just one of the many people in line on that busy Saturday. The month passed and I was living in Maui. I happened to be at church one day helping set up a wedding with my roommate. As we were cleaning up the stage I was going on and on about this handsome guy I met one time.

In the middle of my story, I looked up and in walks the “handsome guy.” The sun was coming through the church doors and it was as if he was part of a dream. I looked at my roommate and in disbelief I said, “That’s him! That’s the guy I am talking about right now!!” Then he walked right up to me and we finally exchanged names, both of us with giddy smiles all over our faces. He explained to me that he was a groomsman in the wedding. He then asked me to be his plus one. And that was the beginning!

Ben and I went through a lot in our first year. The most hurtful was losing my father to an aggressive brain tumor. At times, Ben truly reminds me of my father and that is so special to me. I am incredibly thankful to have had Ben by my side. Marriage has been such medicine for healing in my life. This anniversary shoot was lifting to the spirit. I enjoy looking at these photos and realizing the strength that now lies behind our love.”

Photography: Amanda K Photography | Creative Direction & Styling: Rebekah Carey A & B Creative | Hair: Bria Pelayo | Make-up: Robin Opal | Yellow and cranberry gowns: Anthropologie; Silver gown: JS Collections via Bloomingdale’s | Grey Suit: Banana Republic; Black Suit: Calvin Klein | Venue: Ashland Springs Estate

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LAST CHANCE Composition 101 offer ends tomorrow

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Now is the time to invest in yourself and your artistry.

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