Escort and Place Card Etiquette

Escort cards and place cards are an amazing opportunity to infuse a bit of personality into your wedding. For a formal or traditional wedding, classic escort cards are a great way to go. Traditional escort cards have the names of the each guest (by couple or by family) calligraphed on the outside of a small envelope. The specific table number the couple is seated at is then inserted into the envelope. Just because something is traditional, does NOT mean it needs to be boring, so incorporating an unexpected color (our current obsession is navy paper with gorgeous gold calligraphy), can create something truly memorable. For the non-traditionalists, escort cards can infuse some amazing character into your wedding. Honestly, there are no rules or norms anymore for what your escort cards should or need to look like, so have fun and use them as an opportunity to showcase your wedding theme.

Place cards are used when the couples who not only want to assign guests to tables, but actually want to assign each guest to a specific seat. Place cards can truly be one of the most beautiful elements at your table setting. There are a million and one ways to do a place card. It’s always super beautiful and classic to calligraph the name on the top portion of the menu or do a simple tented card in front of the place setting. For a recent dinner party, Molly McGlone calligraphed stunning elongated place cards that we placed over the bread plate. Additionally, if you have a favor, perhaps a bottle of olive oil, why not tie the card to it using beautiful ribbon or twine?

Truly, the possibilities are endless! The only rule for escort cards and place cards, is that they should be reflective of you and the beautiful story you are trying to tell with your wedding!

Article: Sarah Tolboe for Park & Grove | Photography: Jose Villa | Styling: Joy Thigpen | Calligraphy: Betsy Dunlap | Graphic: Hannah Lee

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Flower Workshop with Amy Osaba

We love when old friends have big announcements! And today we’re excited to let you all know that one of our oldest friends, Amy Osaba, and her team are holding a workshop July 20, 21, and 22 in Atlanta, GA at their new (awesome) studio! Prepare to be inspired and gain new insight on the floral industry in this wildy creative and hands-on workshop. Amy will share her perspective on flowers, the benefits of foraging and a bit of business basics.

Amy will teach you about design, balance, composition and her secrets to creating cascading bouquets, large-scale arrangements, and floral installations! A budding young film photographer from Atlanta, Sawyer Baird, will document work created throughout the entire workshop so attendees will some new, stunning images to add to their portfolios!


A Welcome Dinner

Lunch each day

Coffee and light snacks throughout day

All materials

Individual shoot with Sawyer Baird

Vessel (for you to take home)

A goodie bag!

For more information regarding costs, accommodations, and registration, please head to Amy Osaba Events. If you’ve ever met Amy, you know this is going to be fun! Don’t miss out.

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Romantic Beach Elopement in Iceland

Sometimes we get submissions that seem surreal, like they’re from a fairytale or a movie…We couldn’t believe the landscapes, colors, and textures in these photos from Theirry Joubert. He so beautifully captured this beachside elopement/vow renewal on the shore of Iceland, that we almost felt transported to this moment in time. When you look at these phenomenal photographs, you can just hear the waves crashing against these ancient rocks, and feel a slight chill in the air. It’s amazing how something simple, like an elopement on a beach, can become something so extraordinary when you’re surrounded by so much beauty.

More from the beautiful bride (Translated):

We were married in France in August 2012, and Thierry of Pretty Days was who we chose to cover the story of our marriage. His style seduced us, and we instantly fell in love. Marriages and weddings are beautiful, and like most people in the world, we felt that our day flew by too quickly. So, we decided to “elope” and renew our vows on the beach.

The wild land and untamed land of Iceland has always fascinated us, and we wanted to share this moment with Thierry again because he’s become so important to us. The weather didn’t always cooperate with us during our elopement- wind, clouds, rain… But the most important thing for us was to live this moment, take in the absolutely unreal landscape, renew our vows, and share this adventure with Thierry.  We love these photos and can’t stop reliving this moment. 

Photography: Thierry Joubert | Dress: Atelier Anonyme | Shoes: Marc Jacobs | Groom Suit: The Kooples

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Wedding Insurance through Markel

Let’s face it- weddings are stressful. Yes, they’re full of wonderful, fun, and amazing moments, but for the most part, you’re a ball of stress from the second you get engaged until you set off for your honeymoon. There are a lot of moving parts that come together to create a beautiful wedding, and because there are so many players, there’s a chance something could go wrong. We’re not here to stress you out more, but we are here to offer a little help. Wedding Insurance is a great way to secure a little peace of mind during your wedding planning process, and Markel Wedding Insurance stands at the ready to help ease some of your tension and worry. 

Markel Wedding Insurance protects you in the event of almost any type of unforeseen mishap that could possibly occur during the months leading up to and after your wedding. No longer do you have to worry about your photographer going out of business and not fulfilling their contract, or someone slipping on the dance floor, or even the unlikely chance of wedding cancellation or postponement due to an unforeseen circumstance- they have you covered! You can choose to purchase Wedding Liability Insurance (which many venues now require) and/or Cancellation Insurance (which will reimburse you up to your policy limits for the cost of any lost goods or services). Imagine planning a wedding without having to worry about losing any deposits or risking one of your vendors not showing up- that weight is instantly lifted when you purchase a Markel Wedding Insurance policy! 

Not convinced yet?  Visit Markel Event Insurance  or call 1-855-480-9757 to get a quote and learn why you should protect your special day.  With policies starting as low as $75 (the actual price of your specific policy is based on location, the coverages you choose, and your total wedding budget), it is highly worth it!

Photography: Rylee Hitchner | Graphic: Hannah Lee

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