Insure your ring with Perfect Circle


Your jewelry is as special as you are. But not all jewelry insurers recognize this, which is why Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company stands apart from the rest. They offer jewelry insurance not only to protect your bank account, but your precious memories. Imagine being halfway across the world and losing your engagement ring.

How wonderful to have the peace of  mind that your policy with   Jewelers Mutual offers worldwide coverage  for loss, damage, theft, and mysterious disappearance of your jewelry pieces. They answer every call personally, so you’ll have a real person on the other end helping you navigate through this stressful experience. Most jewelry insurers require you to use their own jeweler, but Jewelers Mutual allows you to use the jeweler of your choice to replace your  piece.

Their expertise and knowledge in jewelry and jewelry insurance spans over 100 years. Most traditional insurance companies offer riders or add-on policies for jewelry, but Jewelers Mutual has specialized in insuring jewelry since 1913.

Protect the cherished memories your jewelry represents. Insure your engagement ring and wedding ring with Perfect Circle Insurance from Jewelers Mutual. 

Photo by Rylee Hitchner

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Lace Wedding Ideas For Springtime

Back in the fall Joy Thigpen traveled up to shoot at Early Mountain Vineyard with Eric and Lora Kelley in anticipation of the beautiful, spring weather to come. With delicate flowers and vintage lace as their inspiration, they created a lovely setting perfect for any spring time wedding. Although baby’s breath gets a bad rep in the wedding world, I think it can be an absolutely lovely choice when sourcing flowers to sprinkle down the aisle. It’s delicate enough to keep things light, but without getting lost up against the grass.

Photography: Eric Kelley // Venue: Early Mountain Vineyard // Skirt: Lanvin // Top: custom made by Joy Thigpen // Flowers: Joy Thigpen // Rentals: Festive Fare // Hair and make-up: Lora Kelley // Paper Suite: Black Bird Press + Holly Hollon // Jewels: Tiffany + Co // Flowers: Fifty Flowers // Arch: Lowes

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Fall Wedding Dinner Ideas

We really wanted to tell a story with this shoot rather than only presenting a finished product.  So much of the beauty in gatherings is in the heart and soul that goes into the preparations.  How fulfilling it is to sit down to a lovely table and present a dish to those you love when traces of the morning you had in the garden, the fragrance and crackle of garlic cloves when pulled them from the head, the peace that comes from selecting and preparing flowers and all the other pleasantries of the day are served right along with the food.  The story is a direct representation of what it feels like to relish in a day preparing a meal, mindfully presenting it to friends and enjoying their company while you indulge.  Hope you enjoy!

Rustic Vegetable Galette


4 large carrots, sliced
1-2 cups mushrooms, roughly chopped
2-3 bell peppers, any color you like, roughly chopped
1/2 red onion, finely chopped
1-2 heads of garlic, minced
*it’s lovely to keep the produce in season and local so use your imagination and grab what looks fabulous at the market
1 Tbsp good olive oil, plus additional oil for brushing
Salt & Pepper to taste
2 sprigs rosemary, minced plus additional sprigs to garnish

Make the pastry (outlined below) and set aside in the refrigerator.  Preheat the oven to 375 degrees.  Wash and prepare the vegetables.  Toss together in a large bowl with olive oil and season with rosemary and salt & pepper to taste.  Saute vegetable mixture over medium heat until onions are translucent and the carrots begin to soften but still retain their bite.  This takes about 10-15 minutes.  Remove from heat and let cool.  Divide pastry into 4 sections.  Roll one section into a rough circle about 1/8″ thick.  Brush a circle about 2″ from the perimeter onto your pastry.  Heap 1/4 of the vegetable mixture onto this circle.  Turn up the exposed 2″ of crust to form a border around the vegetables.  This should be rustic, not perfect so don’t think too much or overhandle the dough.  Repeat for the remaining 3 sections of dough.

Place all 4 galettes on a baking sheet lined with parchment and bake on the center rack about 15 minutes.  If the crust begins to brown more than your liking, cover the perimeter with tin foil. garnish with rosemary sprigs as you like

Photography: Britt Chudleigh // Flowers: Honey of Thousand Flowers

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Pippin Hill Outdoor Wedding

Michael and I live in Florida, but when it came time to plan our wedding we knew nothing could compare to the beauty of my hometown, Charlottesville, Virginia. As soon as we found Pippin Hill I immediately fell in love with the venue: from the gorgoues views of the Blue Ridge Mountains to the bridal suite, barn reception area and soft colors it was absolutely perfect.

Lynn Easton Andrews and her team at Easton Events created an event that was beyond our expectations. They took my simple idea of a romantic and timeless affair and turned it into an evening that no one will soon forget. We chose a color pallate and decor that would allow the natural beauty of the vineyard to shine through. Soft blushes, ivories, greys and pale green florals were accented with hundreds of glittering candles evoking a truly romantic feel.

90% of our guest list were from out of state, so it was very important for us that the wedding reflected the southern charm of Charlottesville. Trips to Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello were arranged, guests received Virginia peanuts and UVA goodies in their welcome bags, the food at the reception was locally inspired and we had custom Charlottesville maps created with our favorite restaurants and attractions.”

Photographer: Eric Kelley // Event Design, Styling, and Production: Easton Events // Floral Design: Southern Blooms by Pat’s Floral Design // Venue: Pippin Hill Farm // Save the Date: Rock Paper Scissors // Invitation: Hogan Birney, Mama’s Sauce // Calligraphy: Tara Jones // Map: Elizabeth Blackburn, eDanae // Catering: Pippin Hill Farm // Cake: Favorite Cakes // Chargers & Napkins: Festive Fare  // DJ: 20 South Productions // Videographer: Meet + Cute Films // Dress: Reem Acra // Hair: Lucas Shaffer // Make Up: Lora Elaine

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