We’re hiring a graphic designer!

We're Hiring A Graphic Designer

Yep! We’re looking for a grapher designer who works quickly and whose aesthetic we love for 20-40 hours of work a week. They can live anywhere. Please send resume, portfolio, link to pinterest/tumblr/blog if applicable to emily(at)oncewed(dot)com.

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13 Responses to “We’re hiring a graphic designer!”

  1. Mike Boong

    I would like to work at Oncewed.com but unfortunatelly I am not good with design. Let me know when you will be looking for programer :D

  2. Anaid

    This is perfect for my hubby, he worked for a while with a Bridal Magazine and he loved it but they had to close their business after a couple years, I’ll have him email you.


  3. Tom Dobinson

    My wife and I love your site, it was great inspiration for both of us and our wedding last May and I am really grateful, sincerely, for the inspiration this website offers not just to us but to users worldwide. It also made us appreciate that we were not the only ones out there who didn’t want a traditional ‘off the peg’ white wedding but a charming, vintage and wholesome wedding where all the details were well thought out and homemade.
    Hand on heart our wedding would not have been the success it was without ‘Once Wed’ and I would love to be a part of a team that assisted others to do the same.

  4. Andrea Dicey

    This is SO exciting! I recently got engaged and I visit your site practically everyday. It sounds like such an amazing opportunity and I will be sending my work over later today!

  5. Christina Iezzi

    As a designer, my goal is to provide clients meaningful, attractive and well crafted design solutions. As an employee at Once Wed, I will strive every day to fulfill this goal. Please visit my website. I have included my entire portfolio on Christinaiezzi.com. I look forward to hearing from Once Wed regarding employment.

    Christina Iezzi, Graphic Designer


  6. elena mariani

    Woooow fantastic! I want to work with you, it would be a dream! i’m a graphic designers and are I madly love your site! I live in Italy, is a problem? I send you an email soon! ;)

  7. Ivana Amarante


    i’m from brazil :) i’ll really like to work with u!
    i love this feeling around weeding things ;)

    check my portfolio! maybe we can work together..


  8. Susan

    My friend just sent this link to me and wrote “I immediately thought of you when I saw this”. This IS so me and I would love the opportunity! What a fantastic and truly inspirational site! I will definitely be passing it on to a couple of friends who are in the midst of wedding planning now.

  9. Renee Arwood

    Completely excited about this news and would love to learn more! Just submitted my info + portfolio — hope to hear from you soon! :)

  10. Haley

    Hi, Just wondering if you’re still on the hunt for a graphic designer? I’m a freelancer from Australia and would love to be involved in all the magic that happens on your site!!


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