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As we’re planning our content for the year, we’d love to get your input! We figure it’d be a win-win to know what you’re hoping to see when you come to Once Wed. If you’d take a couple of seconds (literally) to fill out our little survey we’d be ever so grateful–and hopefully you’ll get to see more of what you want!

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6 Responses to “Short Survey”

  1. Chelsea

    I really enjoy the real weddings and suggestions as to where we can find unique things like bridal party presents, dresses, or jewelry.

  2. Luke Stanton

    Hey, I have just discovered this site. I find it really inspirational and can’t believe I have never seen it before. some amazing photo’s and ideas for weddings and photography alike.

  3. débora

    Eu amo este site! (I love this site). Gostaria de ver mais fotos de casamentos reais! (I would like to see more photos of real weddings!
    ) Já usei algumas idéias do site e o resultado foi excelente!!! (I’ve used some ideas from the site and the result was excellent!). I’m getting married in July and I will definitely use more ideas from the site.

    Obrigada. THANKS!!! ;) Débora (Brasil – Brazil).

  4. Amanda

    I haven’t commented (or really visited) in some time, but I wanted to let you know I love the new look of your site. Keep up the beautiful posts, I’m always so inspired when I do get a chance to stop by!

  5. Jeanette

    Just more. I love when you feature real weddings, usually they’re weddings I haven’t seen on other blogs. Seems like the posting has slowed down some. Also, a feature on your used wedding dress tab that would be helpful is the option to log in and “save” dresses that we’re interested in so we can come right back to it instead of having to search all over again. Thanks for asking for feedback, I love your blog!


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