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I’m heading out early today to help my husband with end of the year tax stuff…ugghh, but of course I couldn’t leave you without a little inspiration for the weekend. Remeber these adorable invitations from Flush Designs for a kitschy winter wedding? Well, Courtney sent me her finished table this week and it is absolutely gorgeous. The ideas she came up with are like some I’ve never seen before and I cannot wait till Monday morning when the feature is live. Until then, here is a little peek….

Have a wonderful and warm weekend!!


Comments (4)

Katie | Reply

How adorable does this table look? What a sweet little place card too.

Sarah | Reply

that bout is stunning. i am copying it for my groomsmen to wear at my wedding.

Tina | Reply

Oh My! This table looks divine!

Andrea | Reply

I can’t wait to see the rest. It looks so beautiful.

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