I’m heading out early again this week to start transferring over all the content from this site onto the new site, but once the new site is live in January I hope to be around alot more on Friday’s. The image above is from a beautiful, Big Sur wedding I am super excited about featuring on Monday. Not only is every detail absolutely charming, but I’m amazed how they stayed so close to their budget of $12,000.

Until then, I wish everyone a weekend filled with happiness and hope. Why hope?  Because I feel like I know so many people right now who need so much of it.

[Image c/o Joshua Caine]


Comments (6)

Vivian | Reply

those pincones are huge. where did they find them? what a great picture.

Kristin | Reply

Yes! I always love the budget weddings you feature. They give me hope that I can do something similar with my teeny tiny budget.

chelsea | Reply

Love this photos can’t wait to see the rest of that dress and of course the whole wedding.

Have a wonderful weekend!

monika | Reply

oh i love this! even better – that is the tie i have been looking for for months! is there any way I can find out where they got that tie?? can’t wait to hear all about it this weeding.

Liz | Reply

totally looking forward to seeing this feature. :)

Terra Law | Reply

I love this simple, rustic wedding. It is so charming!


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