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HitchedIf you are a bride, groom or simply smitten by weddings, the girls over at Bash Please and Urbanic Paper have got the event for you. They have pulled together some of the freshest talent out there to take over the Smog Shoppe on September 23rd for the event of the season. If you’re in Southern California and haven’t already signed up, hurry and order your ticket! Or, leave a comment below because we are giving away two tickets today! Hitched is definitely one event you don’t want to miss…

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80 Responses to “Hitched Giveaway”

  1. marri

    oh! i’m actually getting married at smogshoppe AND went to urbanic last weekend to look at some wedding stationery options! they did mention this event… it looks fabulous!

  2. Veronica Lowe

    I’m a veteran florist (as my second income) and my best friend is looking to get married at the smog shoppe. I’m helping her plan and design her wedding, if we could go to this event it would help us so much ;)
    ps I love your blog and frequent it every morning over my iced coffee before I dive into my work emails!

  3. Jen Hatton

    I’ve been looking forward to this event for a while. My girlfriend and I are both getting married next summer…

  4. Jaxcen O'Farell

    I cannot wait to attend! I am getting married in Lake Tahoe, and have found countless ideas from your site…I actually am interested in tapping some of your sponsors for my own wedding. Thank you for arranging this event!

  5. Misherr

    the day just doesn’t seem right if i don’t start my day with reading once wed! :) i never thought i would be this much into wedding planning prior to reading your blog. but this blog has inspired me sooo much with your distinct point of view. love it! thank you for inspiring me every day… esp. for a bride who cannot afford to get a full service event planner. it would be so awesome also if i get to go to the hitched event to meet some of the industry’s most creative forces. cheers!

  6. Kate

    Just got engaged and feel like the lamest bride-to-be ever. Your blog gives me hope. Thank you!

  7. Paige

    i usually dont go to wedding events…. but this one sounds amazing! i would definitely make and exception:)

  8. Eunice

    I would love love LOVE LOVE love to attend Hiteched! I’ve been dying to go ever since I first read about it!! :) :) Would be delighted to attend.

  9. Catherine Khong

    I just recently got engaged, and we were thinking of hosting our wedding ceremony/reception at the Smog Shoppe.

    We’d love to attend. Thanks.

  10. Erin

    I have been planning my own wedding sans a planner and I must admit I love all these ideas I come across on your blog. I’m not going to lie, you have kept me sane through this chaotic yet overwhelmingly fun experience. I have learned a great deal about myself, including my new passion. I want to pursue planning weddings for a living and would love this opportunity to explore the event of the wedding planning industry as a professional while planning my own at the same time!

  11. Lauren

    I could use all the help I can get :) and would love to attend HITCHED! Currently in the beginning stages of planning.. this would be the perfect kick off!

  12. Eun Jung Kim

    Hello! I’m helping my boyfriend’s younger sister with her wedding but I have no idea where to start! This event sounds fun and informational! Any help would be greatly appreciated! <3

  13. Adriana

    I’m newly engaged and new to Once Wed – you have already given me so many ideas, so thank you!

  14. Lacey Wagner

    I am so excited for this event! I am helping a friend plan her wedding at Marvimon house and we would love to go to this event. Glad to see something like this in Los Angeles! Hope you pick us :)

  15. lisamarie

    I am just barely starting to plan my wedding and I could use an event like this to give me some direction!!!

  16. Kristin

    I am 22 and am in the corporate event industry and am an avid wedding blogger/twitter follower and would love to get more insight into the world of weddings! Especially, seeing as it is my goal to have my own company someday and want to soak up all the information I can along the way to be able to do so.


  17. Desiree

    Oh I want to gooo! I love the Smog Shoppe and wish my guest list were smaller so I could have my wedding there. PICK ME!!!

  18. Kelly

    Got engaged in December and moved to Santa Monica in February. Since then I have learned that planning a wedding is tough, but planning a wedding in a new city is really, really tough! :) I have seen so many beautiful events through your blog held at the Smog Shoppe and would love to see the venue with my own eyes. It would be a thrill to go and check out all of the amazing things that Southern Cali has to offer!

  19. Corbett Grace

    I’m so excited for this event! My fiance and I have been talking about this event for months now and we are so excited! We went to a normal bridal expo a couple of weeks ago and nothing there interested us! It all looks like things from every other textbook wedding. Before we were engaged we knew we wanted to come (we’ve only been engaged for less than a month!!) and we just haven’t bought our tickets yet, hopefully we won’t have to!

  20. Crystal D.

    It’s going to be great! So many great names will be there oozing their creativity and fresh takes on the wedding business!! I’m really looking forward to going! :)

  21. Marcie Palacios

    Please PLease please!!!!
    I got so excited to see Sharkpig and the Flashdance are going to bee there!!!!

  22. Melissa

    Truth is I’m no where near getting married BUT I adore weddings! Especially whimsical ones. It would be awesome to go :)

  23. Emily

    I love love love this blog, I read a few wedding blogs pretty much every day but I always save this one for last (best for last)! I have been reading up on the Hitched event for a few months now and I am dying to go! Please pick me!!!

  24. Byanka

    We have 10 months to go in our planning process and so far I have a venue & photographer.. I need help! I’m crazy about weddings.. love, fashion, cake, flowers.. everything! But with all of the years of looking at websites, magazines & blogs I have way too many ideas.

    My BF just got engaged as well and the talented group of artists who will be there are exactly our cup of tea.

    Would luv to attend!

  25. Desiree

    Fiance: Master’s in Classical Music

    Me: Visual Artist

    Wedding planning: We’ve gotten to see ONE venue, we need help!

    Pick us. Thank you!


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