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It’s hard to find wedding websites that are not only customizable, but created by amazing designers and artists. One our sponsors, Wedding Jojo, provides both of these with their easy to use, customizable wedding template websites. The thought of creating a wedding website on your own can be a bit daunting to some, but Wedding Jojo strips away all the complications to make the entire setup a piece of cake. Below is an example of one of their newest templates…

wedding jojo

You can sign up at Wedding Jojo for free and create your own wedding website in minutes!

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4 Responses to “Wedding JoJo”

  1. Kate

    I actually used Wedding JoJo for my wedding after seeing them on this site and their designs are really neat, but beware that there’s no good way to export guests when they RSVP. Luckily, it wasn’t too much of a problem for me because I wasn’t doing seating arrangements, but essentially there’s no way to get your guest into from the site to and excel list, or any file that would be easy to use. I thought they were a little pricey for not having that.

    • emily

      Hey Kate

      Thanks so much for your comment. I’m glad to hear you had a great experience with them and I’m sure Wedding Jojo will definitely take your feedback into account as they continue to expand their site and product offerings.



  2. Elizabeth

    This is so cool! I have several friends who are in this process right now and will find this so helpful!


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