Untamed Petals

Untamed Petals1

The Untamed Petals philosophy is that the accessory makes the outfit. Each hand-crafted headband, halo, sash, or fascinator is designed to make a bold statement and complete any look. From imported silk chiffon to vintage rhinestone trim–an Untamed Petals piece looks glamorous on any bride, yet is chic enough to wear out with friends or to the office.

Untamed Petals

Our wonderful sponsor, Untamed Petals, been generous enough to give away their best seller “Double Poppy Halos“(shown in the first image at the top) to one lucky Once Wed reader! Leave your name/email below in the comment section and we’ll pick a winner at random next Thursday.

This contest is now closed. Thanks!

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520 Responses to “Untamed Petals”

  1. Julie

    I loooooove the Double Poppy Halo. Sooo pretty and beautiful and sparkly, but not over the top. Amazing

  2. Maria

    Oh my goodness! I have been coveting that Poppy Double Halo for months and months but it’s outside my budget. I would absolutely love to win!

  3. Wanda Reguero

    Our wonderful sponsor, Untamed Petals, been generous enough to give away their best seller “Double Poppy Halos“(shown in the first image at the top) to one lucky Once Wed reader! Leave your name/email below in the comment section and we’ll pick a winner at random next Thursday

  4. madelynne miller

    these are so elegant and pretty. i love the hairpieces because they are a fantastic alternative to veils for the modern bride!

  5. Jana

    This is perfect…I’ve been searching for unique accessories for my summer wedding! These are all so beautiful!

  6. Morgan

    This would be the perfect accessory for my upcoming wedding! Quite lovely.


  7. Kate B

    Gorgeous! I could never afford to spend this on an accessory (especially since my wedding was three years ago, so I wouldn’t even have that excuse, not that I’d have been able to pull that trigger for that pricetag anyway), but I would LOVE to own something like this! Thank you for the generous giveaway and chance to win!

  8. Melissa in MA

    So beautiful. This would be perfect! 2 months from saturday!

  9. Ruth

    Just lovely! I also adore the chiffon crossover dress. Once Wed I think I have found my ideal bridesmaid look! Thank youx

  10. Meredith

    I was just window shopping their website yesterday! I would LOVE to win. :)

  11. M. Chan

    My little sister is getting engaged next week, but she doesn’t know it yet! I’d love to give this to her to wear on her wedding day.

  12. Tara

    Talk about wedding hair inspiration! The first look would go great with the loosely pulled back curls I’m going for on the big day!

  13. Stephanie B

    Not only are these beautiful, but the hairstyles are elegant and replicable too! Could definitely not afford this on my med student budget, but would love to win it! sbrosius@uab.edu

  14. Ashley Boykin

    So pretty! Perfect for your wedding or a night on the town :)

  15. Amber E

    Ooh, I really like the double poppy halos! Also the last picture!

  16. Catherine

    Love all of this stuff! The headband is gorgeous. I’ll definitely be buying something for my wedding.

  17. Allison

    Love love love these! The headband would be perfect for my casual farm wedding in November!!!

  18. scarlet

    Seriously, all their items are so dreamy and beautiful! Thanks to Untamed Petals and OnceWed for this awesome opportunity :)

    scleung (at) ufl (dot) edu

  19. Lisa

    These are so beautiful! I would love to wear one on my wedding day.

  20. kristina

    Truly fit for a princes. For a bride. (In all honesty they seem to me something Galadriel would wear; magical.

  21. Maureen

    Romantic, elegant, simply breathtaking! I would be honored to wear this piece to my wedding! <3

  22. amanda leah

    They have such gorgeous things. I’m a fan of Untamed Petals on Facebook. I love when their posts come up on my news feed. They’re so lovely to look at!

  23. Lindsay

    These are so lovely! Plus, I always wanted a “double headband” :D

  24. Taylor

    I would absolutely love to win the Double Poppy headband! I have been a long time fan of Untamed Petals and spent all of my accessory money on the Polly wreath for my flower girl. I’m totally crossing my fingers!

  25. Colleen

    This is EXACTLY what I have been searching for to wear at my wedding!

  26. April

    Oh wow this is actually something I’ve been looking for, these are all gorgeous!

  27. Liz

    Oooh! Pick me! We’re getting married in August and I still haven’t found the perfect headpiece :D

  28. Caroline

    So pretty, I love that they are so wearable for any occasion!

  29. Emily

    These are beautiful! I would love to win the headband! emilyllanas @ gmail . com

  30. Nikki

    Wow – those are absolutely stunning. I would love to win it!

  31. Liza

    So fantastic! A treasure you could keep forever.

    Liza Garrett

  32. Sarah M

    This would look look lovely with a “goddess” dress. And totally re-wearable!

  33. Taryn

    Every time I see a picture of one of Untamed Petals’ beautiful pieces, I can’t help but picture me wearing it in on my wedding day!

  34. Jenn

    So pretty, I don’t plan on wearing a veil so this would be perfect!

  35. Andrea

    These are really beautiful, I especially like the last photo of the hair clip. Looks lovely.

  36. Miss Kate

    Is there anything more lovely than a tastefully bling’d hairpiece? Love it!

  37. Jessie

    I have been eyeing the selection at untamed petals for WEEKS. There are so many beautiful accessories, but these double halo headbands are my favorite!

  38. Emily E

    I love untamed petals! I hope I get to wear something of theirs on my wedding!

  39. Kaycie

    Their accessories are so ethereal. I would love to be blessed with one!

  40. Jessie

    Oh wow!! These are STUNNING! I am in lust!! What an amazing giveaway!!

  41. Angela

    The first one is my favorite and I would LOVE to win it for my June wedding. Thanks :)

  42. Kelly Jeanne

    Oh, these are beautiful! I’m looking for a hairpiece for my August wedding, and one of these lovelies would work like a dream.

  43. Kari

    The halo is to die for!!! I’m sooo in loooveee…This would make my wedding day look perfect!

  44. katie

    Beautiful, unique, breathtaking, ethereal… WOW! I have been looking for something to wear in my hair for my May 14th (2011, as in 3 weeks away….eek!) wedding and have not found THE thing yet. I would love the opportunity to wear one of your creations in my hair that day! Thank you!

  45. Renata

    Gorgeous, amazing, lovely. It will fit just fine with my hair colour.

  46. Shannon K

    This is gorgeous, this is exactly what I want for my wedding day. It would just perfectly go with my Jane Austen style dress!

  47. Ashley

    Getting married in November, this would be the perfect finishing touch!

  48. Cara

    Wow, those are gorgeous! I especially love the bottom left headband… may need to gift it to myself!

  49. liz

    i totally agree with Maria. Please gosh pick me! i have been following these bands for MONTHS and still havent bought one because nothing compares. please please pick me! xoxox 2 u!

  50. Jenny

    Those are gorgeous hair pieces! I would love to have one for my wedding =D

  51. Michelle

    I LOVE THESE PIECES!! amazing work, fingers crossed for me.. Wedding is in 29 days!

  52. Jessie McCormick

    I have fallen in love with headpieces as the ultimate accessory to complete that perfect look on my wedding day. It would mean the world to me to win! Thanks for the opportunity :)

  53. Sydney

    Stunning! I would love to wear this for my May 2012 wedding.

  54. Kelsi

    Gorgeous pieces! Have been thinking about ordering one for my wedding day in June.

  55. Jen

    loooooove untamed petals! you can dress them up or down so easily– genius!

  56. Jess Hedden

    I’m not a huge fan of sparkles, but these are absolutely amazing!!! So cute!!

  57. Tiffany

    I have been in love with everything on Untamed Petals for the past year. This would be perfect for my wedding in July!

  58. Dawn

    I am in love! So pretty and classy. just want I want for my wedding!

  59. shannon

    so pretty!

    I’m definitely wearing a headband, they are kind of a wardrobe staple for me even though half the time i look like a grown up Blair Waldorf…:)

  60. amanda

    I really hope I win! My wedding is exactly one month from today and I adore the Double Poppy Halos! :)

  61. Amy Chen

    These are gorgeous.. I never thought about wearing something in my hair but after seeing these I think my outfit won’t be complete without some sparkle up there!

  62. Kat L

    Beautiful! They immediately grabbed my eyes.
    -Kat from Canada-

  63. Nessa

    So pretty! Simple and elegant, and perfect for any special occasion!

  64. Emily F.

    Woohoo! I’m such an Untamed Petals fan!

    Emily Finch

  65. Melissa

    I love Untamed Petals pieces! So wish that I could have one for my wedding!

  66. Christina Tran

    Just gorgeous! I so wanted one of the accessories but just couldn’t afford it!

    Thanks for the contest!

  67. Michelle R.

    GORGEOUS!!! These are exactly what I have been looking for!

  68. Tricia

    I LOVE these, would be so lucky to win!

    Tricia Grant

  69. Connie

    These are absolutely stunning! I adore the poppy halos- so elegant but still very different! I would love to win… obviously!

    conniearich at gmail dot com

  70. Katelyn

    I love this!! I’m crossing my fingers I win this one. It would look PERFECT with my lace wedding dress.

  71. Liona

    Absolutely stunning hair accessories! I have a friend who is getting engaged soon :) She is such a wonderful person & this style suits her so perfectly! I would love to give this to her as an engagement gift!

  72. Courtney Morris

    I am obsessed with this headband and all of Untamed Petals pieces. I would love to win so I could wear it for my wedding next Spring (fingers crossed).

  73. Nicole S.

    Oh what a happy day it would be to win the double poppies halo to go with my Jenny Yoo dress!

  74. Rebecca royster

    Oooh i love these! So good to wear on any occasion! Gorgeous gorgeous work

  75. Valerie T

    These are stunning! Been toying with idea of greek goddess for my garden wedding on Labor Day!

  76. Franci

    I bought one of these halo bands for my wedding, huge crystals-just beautiful! If I won this I would wear it for my anniversary and write it up for the blog I work for ;)

  77. Ashleigh

    Love these they are so pretty yet very simple and elegant :)

  78. Emily

    I love love love this!! Thanks so much for sharing the vendor info!!!

  79. Bri Ana

    Oh that would be perfect with my greecian inspired Catherine Deane dress! Amazing vendor picks as usual, OnceWed.

  80. Renee

    I would love to wear this headband on my wedding day! I’ve been searching for something like this, yet everything is so expensive. Beautiful.

  81. Jenna

    Gorgeous!!! and perfect for my romantic/bohemian Costa Rica wedding!

  82. Shauna

    Absolutely stunning! Would be a dream to own something like this!

  83. Madeleine

    My brother and his fiancé are getting married in October and I know she’s on the hunt for–you guessed it!–a jeweled headband. I would love to be able to give this to her! She is such a lovely addition to our family. :o)

  84. Ecochic

    This is beautiful. A little bling to add your day, and not to overstated.

  85. Britt

    I would be so excited to wear the “Double Poppy Halo” on my wedding day! What a beautiful piece!

  86. Jenny

    Oh. So. In. Love. The Double Poppy Halo is just magical. Untamed Petals…you rock my world.

  87. Meridee

    I was just looking at their Etsy shop yesterday! This is exactly what I need to add a little sparkle to my day. Gorgeous…

  88. Jen

    Love, love love those headbands! Thanks for the intro Once Wed!

  89. Leslie

    These are sooo romantic! Love the idea of replacing the veil with one of these for dinner and dancing!!

  90. Salina


    Would be a fabulous touch of Bling for my Frank Lloyd Wright Inspired Wedding on 5/21!!

  91. Brianne LaVoy

    I love, love the headbands and they would go great with my wedding dress.

  92. Clare Sweeney

    This is absolutely gorgeous! It would fit in beautifully!

  93. Emily A.

    the double poppy halo would go perfectly with my best friend’s grecian wedding gown. she is getting married on may 14th, and this would make a beautiful gift for her!

  94. Megan Brown

    Would love to wear this for my June 18th outdoor wedding!

  95. Sarah

    Wow, these are so elegant and unique! I am in the VERY beginning stages of wedding planning (as my boyfriend is talking to my father this weekend!), but I have been looking at your website for months :)


  96. Harriet

    Who doesn’t want to wear a halo, especially on their wedding day?!
    These are beautiful, so delicate and feminine. Headpieces are wining me over from a simple veil girl to a delicate headpiece girl!

  97. Jill

    The halo would be the perfect accessory to my very simple wedding dress. I would be thrilled to win!

  98. Jami

    I LOVE the double poppy! I have been stalking untamed petals for weeks now, trying to decide which headband is THE ONE for my dress. I think the double poppy is it! I also introduced a friend today to untamed petals, and she bought a headband on the spot. I also love oncewed- gives me great inspiration!

  99. Sarah Beth Guthrie

    [Trying desperately hard not to get too attached to the idea of me wearing this on my wedding day…]

  100. Shannon D.

    Stunning! Would add a wonderful sparkle without breaking the bank…

  101. Allison

    I love the double poppy halo! So stunning! We are paying for our entire wedding ourselves AND we are both in school for our Master’s. I would LOVE to win this!

  102. Lori

    My fiance happened to be looking over my shoulder as I scrolled past the “Double Poppy Halos” He thought it was “fancy!”

  103. Derwin Almeida

    My fiancé has shown me this head band numerous times. I would love to surprise her with it.

  104. Andrea

    OOOOH I’ve been eyeing these for quite some time! Sign me up :)

  105. EM

    These are so stunning. I like the idea a lot more than a veil, yay!

    (enaandausting at gmail dot com)

  106. mickey

    This would be perfect for my wedding! My dress is a beautiful embroidered sue wong and the beading on this headband would totally pop!

  107. Elizabeth

    Ah! I desperately need something for my hair. My wedding is June 5th!

  108. Vanessa

    My wedding is in septembre, and I’ll be wearing a one shoulder grecian style, so this double band will match perfectly! so simple, cute and elegant…

  109. Natalie Y

    This is perfect to go with my dress! I’d love to win this please!

  110. Ann

    Love it, love it, love it!

    A bride to be from Belgium

    ann.bats at telenet.be

  111. Carly

    Love love LOVE it! Was adding the photo and details into my accessories list when I saw the competition! What a great opportunity!

  112. Kathryn S.

    seriously, what did we do before amazing artists displayed their beautiful work on Etsy!?!

  113. Susi

    Ooh! Ooh! I have been wanting this piece for months now! It’s so perfect for adding a touch of glam to a breezy look!

  114. Vanessa F

    I definitely want to wear an headpieace on my wedding… but they’re all so pretty ! i want them all :)

  115. Adrienne West

    This is exactly what I have been looking for! I would be a lucky girl to win!

  116. Amanda Osborn

    I love this! Crossing fingers, toes, eyes…etc..

    miss.mandy.may (a) gmail (dot) com

  117. Suzanne

    the double halo took my breath away – so evocative of a timeless era, romance personified and the glamour that intrinsically surrounds a woman who radiates beauty. I’d be so blessed to wear such a delicious treasure.

  118. Hannah Johnson

    These are beautiful! I’d love to get them for my sisters (my maids of honor).

  119. Mallory

    Gorgeous! Just purchased my dress a couple of weeks ago and this would be the perfect accessory.

  120. Robbie

    I love untamed petals :) They have such beautiful accesories ;)

  121. Meighan

    Oh Beautiful! Any wonderful woman who wins this is a lucky girl :)

  122. Beth Scandalios

    So unbelievably beautiful! I would be blessed. Thank you.

  123. Anne-Cathrine Lund

    Oh my… I just went to the Etsy store. WOW. So lovely items. *Added to favourites*

  124. annalou

    oh my goodness…my wedding is in August and I would feel like such a lucky princess wearing this beautiful piece!

  125. Taylor

    So so pretty. You could pass it down to your daughter and grand daughter, too.

  126. Colleen

    Untamed Petals makes such beautiful hair pieces…and I have admired the double poppy from afar for months now!

  127. Jennifer

    Oh, these Untamed Petals hair pieces are so beautiful! I love the Double Poppy Halo! Do they make a coordinating sash for the wedding dress too??

  128. Mihaela

    Holy cow! I’ve never heard of UntamedPetals before…their stuff is so beautiful!

  129. Kara

    These are gorgeous, they would be wonderful with any wedding dress!

  130. Summer

    Um, that is STUNNING. I just bought my 1920’s style wedding dress from Jenny Packham and this would be the perfect thing to complete it!

  131. Caitlin

    I would like nothing more, in this moment, to give my sister anything and everything for her wedding day this summer… this would top it off :)

  132. Emily

    Love it! I have a very simple dress and this would add the perfect touch!

  133. Nicole

    These are absolutely beautiful and I know my daughter would look stunning in any one of them!

  134. Emma S.

    Beautiful! Please add me to the contest. (Fingers crossed…)

  135. Carrie

    I absolutely love this! I’m getting married 05/19/2012 and this would be the perfect headpeice!

  136. Christine Lee

    What a gorgeous collection…so pretty and feminine…i loooove!

  137. christina

    Absolutely beautiful! Thanks for the chance to win something so wonderful.

  138. Lindsay

    The Double Poppy Halos would look AMAZING with the Clair Pettibone dress I just bought. I have very curly hair and have been looking for an alternative to a veil. This would be perfect!

  139. Megan Hochstetler

    one word.. WOW! These are just the thing for my wedding!

  140. Lisa

    These pieces are gorgeous I can’t believe they are handmade! I would loooove to win!!!

  141. Samantha A.

    I LOVE this look, Alyssa Milano wore something similar to that on her wedding day and ever since I saw the pictures, I’ve been looking for a headpiece exactly like it! This one is even more beautiful!

  142. Catherine Pickard

    Love these! They could all be the perfect compliment to my simple beautiful gown that I get to wear this summer : )

  143. sharon

    they’re gorgeous! hopefully i win so i can wear it to prom (: thanks for hosting the giveaway!

    elegant_storms at yahoo.com

  144. Stacey

    I LOVE the look of the headpieces–which can be used as a sash for the reception!

  145. Mary

    Is it too late to mention these are gorgeous & I’d love to win!?!

  146. Stephanie

    The double is great, it almost goes into a “Greek” style wedding.

  147. Tara

    I thought the hair accessories were gorgeous and then I saw the sashes…perfect!

  148. Stephanie

    i love these pieces! absolutely beautiful. i really want to wear something like this for my wedding this august. i can’t afford it, so i’d love to win :)
    thanks for another amazing post and for keeping me inspired every day!

  149. Jenny B

    Wow, this piece is absolutely gorgeous! I would love to win this to wear in my vintage inspired wedding!

  150. Anna

    These are amazing! The last picture perfectly matches the details on my dress!!!

  151. Maurissa

    These are all so lovely – just the right amount of sparkle for my wedding day. Would love to be so lucky!

  152. Michele P.

    gorgeous! hubby’s niece gets married in November and this would be wonderful for her, such a pretty design.

  153. Erika

    I would LOVE to wear the halos headband at my wedding this August. It is absolutely gorgeous!

  154. whitney

    oh, golly! what a dream it would be to be adorned by one of these beauties!

  155. Jessica

    I have been eyeing these head pieces for months!! :crossesfingersandtoes:

  156. Mirna

    I would be truly blessed if I could wear this to my wedding :)

  157. Taylor

    Oh my gosh this headband is gorgeous! I would love to win it!

  158. Katie

    These are gorgeous! They look like something a fairy princess would wear.

  159. Tanya

    One of those pieces that looks timeless. Would be able to pass something like this on to the next generation and begin a tradition for the woman to wear something special! Again – stunning!

  160. Joanne

    i still don’t know what to do with my hair and the wedding is only 2 months away *eek. Hope i win.

    sw33tazngirl03 at yahoo.com

  161. Kelcey

    These head pieces are so beautiful, they would complete my whole look! I would love one :)

  162. Chris Waters

    These are truly gorgeous! My flowers for my wedding are all different variations of poppies! I have been trying to decided what I am doing with my hair- less then 2 months away! This would be perfect!!!

  163. Gina Petrongolo

    These are so pretty and would be perfect with my dress!!!

  164. jessica

    I have been dreaming of you double poppy!!!chicatica318@yahoo.com

  165. Poppy Dombrowski

    I was just looking at these and saying how beautiful they were to my girlfriend!! When I scrolled down to see the one I loved is called double poppy halo (my name being Poppy) she told me its fate. I hope she’s right! I hope I win it.