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One of our favorite Sponsors  – Traveler’s Joy – is giving away a very special prize: $500 of honeymoon activities and experiences to one lucky couple!

– “The first $500 of honeymoon activities and experiences are on us. Whether it is surfing lessons, a spa treatment, or an amazing bottle of champagne on the beach, let us treat you!”

Here’s how you enter to win:
1) Register here with Traveler’s Joy
2) Like their facebook page here
3) And share in the comment section below where you’d love to go for your honeymoon.

Hello Ladies! Before you plan your honeymoon you’ve got to spend some time on Traveler’s Joy — the best honeymoon registry site.

If you’ve never heard of a honeymoon registry, let me fill you in on all the goodness involved when you register with Travelers’ Joy including their long history of serving over 100,000 members.

To name just a few perks of using Traveler’s Joy, there’s….

1) Instant Registry: You can have a complete registry within minutes! When setting up a registry you can choose from a list of 50 theme based (think beach, cruise, or mountains) or location specific (think Italy or St. Lucia) item lists.

2) Group Gifting: Unlike most registry options, it’s easy to divide the cost of your expensive items into manageable portions. A camera that costs $1,000 can be split into 5 $200 gifts (or gifts of any size) giving you the flexibility to register for much more expensive items.

3) Physical Items: With Traveler’s Joy, you can register for increasing numbers of “accessory” or “tangible”  items related to your honeymoon. Examples include travel guidebooks, cameras, video-cameras, luggage, snorkeling gear, and even newlywed flip flops.

4) Check out their Real Member Honeymoon Section where you can read more stories about Traveler’s Joy couples and help you begin your honeymoon adventure!

16 Responses to “Traveler’s Joy”

  1. Amy

    Living in such an expensive city, we’ve haven’t gotten the opportunity to travel much. We would love the opportunity to be able to go on an actual getaway on our honeymoon, to a tropical place where there is water, sand and sun!

  2. Evelyn

    My fiance and I are dreaming of an Italian honeymoon. Neither of us has travelled overseas before, so to have that experience together will be just awesomely romantic and life-changing.

  3. Carrie

    We will be travelling to Ireland after our wedding in June. It’s so beautiful there and I can’t wait!

  4. elise caldarola

    We’ve always wanted to visit Santorini and the greek islands so we’re finally planning to go on our honeymoon. We love using traveler’s joy!

  5. Callie

    I’m not sure where/if we’re going to get to go on a honeymoon. We’re getting married in April, and I’ve had lots of ideas: the latest being a road trip through New England/the Northeast, but since we’re about to move WEST & start new jobs & a new life just two months before our big day, I’m not sure if it will get to happen right after the wedding or at all. This money would totally make the difference!

  6. Karen

    We are so incredibly excited to spend a week on Saint Johns =] November can’t come soon enough!

  7. Stefanie

    St. Lucia would be an absolute dream destination and perfect place to escape after our wedding!! Fingers crossed !!!!!!

  8. Sal

    We’ll be visiting the greek islands. Can’t wait! By the way, when will the winner for this contest be chosen?


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