The Not Wedding

The Knot Wedding

Wohoo!! The wonderful Not Wedding is coming back to Atlanta. Leave a comment below and we’ll pick the winner of 2 tickets next week!

This contest is now closed! Congrats ASHLEY MANEY!!!

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92 Responses to “The Not Wedding”

  1. Krysta

    Awesome! We are getting married next Memorial Day weekend… we rented a private residence that is a beautiful log cabin in the woods complete with a bon fire pit, so we are going for a relaxed-backyard-summer camp feeling.

  2. Erin

    Getting married in November and I could definitely use some creative inspiration!

  3. Jasmeen

    I’m getting married in March. This would be a wonderful event to attend to get some ideas. :)

  4. Melissa

    Hi Krista, I LOVE your idea! How did you find that place?

    Inspiration is great!

  5. madelynne miller

    i live in atlanta and i have been engaged since january and i haven’t been to a single bridal show!

  6. Yvette

    Tying the knot next summer and would love some more inspirations. Atlanta has awesome vendors with great ideas!

  7. Tristan Adams

    This would be great to go to! i just got engaged about a month and a half ago and im sooo excited to be planning my own wedding. i plan on doing most of the details and even the food myself. this would be great to go to and i live in tennessee so it would make for a perfect little road trip! :]

  8. Keith

    As a wedding vendor myself, I’d love to see the Not Wedding first hand. We’ve been involved with many different wedding shows over the years, but nothing quite like the Not Wedding!

  9. Kristine

    Getting married next Aug!!! Would love to get ideas =)

  10. Haley Sheffield

    Thank you so much for offering this opportunity! I feel like this event will be wonderful for the creative {wedding} soul. ♥

  11. Liz

    Sounds like fun! I’d love the inspiration for my wedding next summer…

  12. caron

    i would LOVE to go to the not wedding and have never been! i’m getting married at ambient studio soon and would love to see the space in use and talk to local vendors! i also have a letterpress wedding invitation business so i’d love to meet other local vendors. thanks! :)

  13. Tiffany Jean

    It’s so nice to see such a creative and beautiful wedding planning event in the Atlanta area (and it’s happening only 8 miles from my home)! I’d love to attend for inspiration for my October wedding!

  14. Rebekah

    I love the Not Wedding! So many creative minds coming together to produce a lovely wedding.

  15. Aerolyn

    This sounds like so much fun! I’d love to attend! :)

  16. Maggie

    Usually these wonderful things are so far away (I live in KY), so it’s wonderful to think that I might actually be able to go this one!

  17. Lena

    This is awesome! Can’t wait to see what’s in store

  18. Mary O'Donnell

    I would love to be able to get the free tickets so I can come.

  19. Paris

    I would LOVE to attend this with my boyfriend. This would be great inspiration for us.
    & good luck to everyone else!!

  20. Sara

    This looks like an awesome event! Perfect kick-off to my wedding planning.

  21. Amanda

    Sounds like fun! Getting married in October and could use some more inspiration!

  22. Ashley Foster

    I am getting married next May! Any an all inspiration would be fabulous!

  23. Christine

    This sounds so great! Getting married next March and could use all the inspiration I can get :)

  24. jessica

    perfect!! this is awesome…a year and a half after getting engaged, i think we might actually start planning our WEDDING soon…this will be good inspiration :)

  25. cathy

    :) awesome! aren’t weddings one of the most loveliest things? — i can’t wait to get marry!

  26. Maria Fuqua

    This is exactly a month before my wedding! What a treat if I get to go :)

  27. Autumn

    This is a phonemail idea! I have not heard of this event until now! My mom and I would love to go especially since it is only a 30 minute drive!!

  28. Amy Wetsel

    I’ve been trying to win tickets for so long! It’s just too pricey for me to buy (nursing student and bride), but I’d love to go and take a bridesmaid for some fun bonding time!

  29. Jessa Vida

    Oooooo!!! I’m planning a wedding for next summer and just soaking up all the inspiration <3

  30. Jessica

    I’d LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to go to the not wedding. Getting married in Asheville in October and just starting to ge some inspiration for design and the extras that make weddings so great and memorable!

  31. Allison

    I’ve been obsessed with The Not Wedding! I live in Atlanta and am getting married in November. While we have most of everything ‘down’ I would LOVE to go an tie up any loose ends. And the reception hosted my my absolutely FAVORITE restaurant in the city (Sun in my Belly) doesn’t hurt one bit!

  32. Laura

    I’d absolutely love to attend and am still looking for inspiration for my wedding next year – and I live in Atlanta so that’d be perfect!

  33. Haley

    What a GREAT idea! We are having a beach wedding next July, and goodness knows I need some great ideas (and the more the merrier since I have issues settling on one thing!)

  34. Kate Dickey

    We aren’t having a “wedding”…we are starting a LOVE revolution.

  35. Lisa

    This sounds great!! I am getting married in Atlanta in Feb 2012 and this would be such a cool and inspiring experience!

  36. Margot

    I teach letterpress printing in Atlanta and have many students in class who are starting their own wedding businesses. I started my own letterpress design and print shop two years ago as well and I would love to see what is happening at the show- to know more about what brides are looking for. I also became engaged last week and would love to see what the show offers!

  37. Nat

    I’d love to come get inspiration for my September wedding! Please choose me!!!!

  38. Tara Michelle

    YEAH for the not Wedding!!!
    I live in Atlanta and we are getting married April 13th!! I’m so excited and soo in Love xoxo

  39. Katie

    Would love to go! Sounds like a gem of a bridal fair.

  40. Chelsie

    This sounds so fun and would be very inspiring for our October wedding!!

  41. Mal

    Currently living in the ATL. Would love to attend and take notes from other creatives!

  42. Holly Guertin

    The Not Wedding would be such a great place to get inspiration and ideas for the future! And it would be amazing to have an excuse to go back to Atlanta!

  43. meg

    ooh, i’ve heard about the not wedding from many reliable sources – sounds extraordinarily fab!

  44. Tiffany

    Oooh what a brilliant idea for a bridal fair, happening in my own backyard! My fiance and I would love love LOVE to go to this! We already have Our Labor Of Love shooting our wedding, now we just need planning inspiration so that there are pretty things to take pictures of!

  45. Sarah Pennington

    What a fun idea! At firt looking at all the websites and magazines is fun, then overwhealming, and then you are just over it. This is a great way for brides to be to get excited all over again! Thanks!

  46. Jordan

    I’m am always looking for inspiration! Yes please!

  47. Rachel

    I would love to win tix! I am getting married April 2012. I need lots of inspiration for a rustic vintage wedding! Changed plans last week so starting from the bottom again.

  48. Brittany

    My fiance lives in Atlanta, so this would be an awesome way to make a surprise visit and show up with tickets! We’re planning a June wedding next year, and we are so excited to start looking and planning together!

  49. Adeline

    Just got engaged. Too many ideas. Idea filters would be awesome.

  50. Amanda

    This would be awesome for my bestfriend who recently got engaged! Her fiance just recently was deployed to the middle east and an event like this would be an awesome way for her to start getting an idea of how she may want her very special day!

  51. Hannah Lane

    I would love and get some great ideas for my best friend’s wedding!

  52. Jillian

    My fiance will be flying in one week before this and has not been able to be much involved in the planning of the wedding, so it would mean so much to us if we could go to this together!:)


  53. Anastasia Noelle

    Getting married in the south and would love to attend! Thanks for the giveaway, as always :)

  54. Lauren L.

    What a cool idea! Also, Ambient Plus looks like a great venue for an event…hmm…

  55. Jennifer

    Hi! We are in the middle of planning our wedding now. (gives me a thrill to say that!) I am still looking for ideas to make our 3 day casual camping, hanging out, good eatin’ wedding a blast!

  56. Michelle Chancey

    My daughter wants to be a wedding planner! I’d love to win tickets and take her to The Not Wedding! Please pick me!

  57. Tara

    I would love to win this awesome prize! i’m getting married next spring and could sure use the help!

  58. Lauren Landon

    As a super-recent newlywed (early June), I am trying to get my foot into the wedding industry. This would be a fabulous start and a great chance to see some unique ideas and meet amazing vendors. Pick me, pick me! :)

  59. Davecia

    I finally have a wedding to plan to actually enter a contest like this. Hope I win.

  60. Jennifer W

    I am getting married in October outside of Atlanta and I’d LOVE to attend!

  61. Kate

    i need all the help i can get. rustic vintage wedding in october. i’d love to go!

  62. Amanda

    We are planning a Memorial Day 2012 wedding and boy could I use some ideas! I would love a chance to go back to Atlanta!

  63. Kimberly

    Oh, the Not Wedding!!!! Would love a road trip from Athens….Count me In!!!!

  64. Brittany

    Would love to go see what it has to offer! Great inspiration!