Every bride’s gotta take care of her bridesmaids and make sure they’re looking good on the big, right? Look no further than our fabulous sponsor, Joielle, to hook you up. Joielle is an online bridal boutique specializing in affordable and adorable dresses and accessories for you and your bridesmaids. They offer 10% off for bridal parties of 4 or more, and you can also order swatches on their site to help pick your wedding colors. Pretty cool, right? And today, they’ve got a giveaway and a special offer for you all.

The giveaway is for up to 6 of these Will you be my Bridesmaid Cards. Comment below to enter! The second offer is 10% off all women’s accessories and greeting cards, valid until July 4th. Use the code ONCEWED10 at checkout. Happy shopping!

Congrats to the winner, Brooke Payne!

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45 Responses to “Joielle”

  1. Meg

    These are exactly what I am looking for, for my farm wedding- soft and romantic!

  2. maiko

    adorable! i’d love some cards, i haven’t sent anything to my bridesmaids yet and these would be perfect!

  3. Wendie

    So cute! I’d love some to give to my bridesmaids to be!

  4. Jenny

    Really adorable cards! These would be awesome for my soon to be bridesmaid =D

  5. Kalin

    These are gorgeous – and I’m just getting to the point where I want to ask my bridesmaids. These would be perfect!

  6. Kris

    My bridesmaids to be live all over the country. These cards would be a perfect way to ask them!

  7. Jackie

    i love how romantic these dresses are and how cute the bridesmaid cards are! they’re the perfect thing to ask my girls.

  8. Claire

    These cards are so cute! I’d love to send those out to my girls!

  9. Hannah

    Can these be more beautiful?! LOVE the whimsical ethereal beauty of these dresses!

  10. Emily

    I love all of the different textures! What a great way to let each girl shine yet have them be cohesive.

  11. Theresa Betz

    I LOVE these soft and whimsical dresses – perfect for my garden wedding!

  12. Nicole

    I loooove these cards so much!! Hope I win these for once :> (fingers crossed)

  13. Catherine Kane

    I love that store and cant wait to get my bridesmaid dresses from there. seriously so beautiful

  14. Sarah

    Beautiful! Make me rethink colors for bridesmaid dresses!

  15. rachel

    i love how these dresses somehow feel vintage and modern at the same time! i would love to pick these for my girls

  16. Kimberly

    these are so beautiful. I would love to wear one of these dresses at my wedding.

  17. Meghan

    Love these dresses!! The cards are so adorable! I’ve been waiting for a cute way to ask my bridesmaids and this would be perfect!!

  18. Melissa

    Absolutely love these! First dresses I’ve seen that I LOVE!

  19. Esther

    I’m in LOVE. The soft, romantic fabric and design of these dresses are perfect for my late summer wedding. My theme is rustic chic!
    The cards would be the absolute perfect way to ask my bridesmaids (exactly 6!) if they’ll be part of my bridal party <3

  20. Victoria

    Wow! So gorgeous! I would love to have one of these beautiful dresses in our late fall wedding.

  21. Elise

    Beautiful dresses… and the cards are just too cute!

  22. Jenn

    Love the neutrals — exactly what I’ve been looking for!

  23. Alek

    Love the bridesmaids dress. They are so feminine and pretty, while still being easy to wear.