Jewel Mint Giveaway
This morning I’m super excited to tell you about a special giveaway we’ve got going on with our sponsor, Jewelmint. Fashion icon Kate Bosworth and Hollywood’s stylist of the year, Cher Coulter have teamed up to bring you the ultimate in affordable luxury with their member-only jewelry club.
JewelMint is such a unique, fun concept. Basically, when you become a member you can indulge in the luxury of having your own personal stylist. Then, after taking a fun style quiz, you gain access to exclusive, handmade designer jewelry. Top jewelry styles are chosen for you based on your fashion personality profile and style. And, they have new personalized styles every month. Accessorizing with designer jewelry for just $29.99 a piece–um, sign me up!
And best of all (drumroll, please…), JewelMint is generously treating Once Wed readers to two amazing promotions!! First, one lucky reader will win a gift basket of wedding themed items worth $200–just comment below to enter! And second, every first time buyer to JewelMint can receive a 50% discount using the promo code OW50. Hurry on over to their site though because the discount ends November 30th!
Congrats to our winner, Christine!

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318 Responses to “Jewelmint”

  1. Tami

    Ohhhhh this is amazing!!!! I would LOVE to win a gift basket from this awesome company!

  2. Jacqueline

    I have been going crazy trying to accessorize myself for my May wedding — count me in!

  3. Natasha

    Oh Wow!! Oh so pretty oh so affordable and oh so fashionable – Jewelmint is my new fav!!EEK!!!

  4. Leah

    Love this idea! (And wouldn’t mind having this super cute jewelry as well!)

  5. Sleach

    How do I enter? Does this comment count? The collection is beautiful, and I could use some fantastic new jewelery. It’s been a long time since I’ve gotten new things!

  6. Rebecca

    I LOVE They’re my not so guilty pleasure and I get compliments on EVERYTHING I buy from them.

  7. rachael

    kate might be my fave. ever. jewelmint is seriously cool jewelry! love this :)

  8. Tiffany Olive

    The jewelry is just beautiful! having some pieces from Jewlmint would be a true honor :)

  9. Olivia

    Beautiful! Would love to win some jewelry for my June wedding in NYC :)

  10. Jeanette

    Beautiful jewelry! I would love to win for my mom. She and her long time love flew to Las Vegas to get married just last week. They wanted to do something intimate and adventurous. She’s having her wedding reception for her friends and family in January and this collection fits her style perfectly, it’s sweet and feminine just like she is :). It would be a lovely gift!

  11. Hannah Poole

    Just joined. Love the idea of having a stylist’s help. The jewerly is so lovely.

  12. Dina

    Aaah! What a great gift!! I hope I’m going to be the lucky winner :)

  13. Joanne

    thanks for this. FYI the link doesn’t work when I clicked on them.

  14. Hannah

    This is so lovely, and this jewelry would make a perfect gift for my bridesmaids.

  15. Casi

    What a fun site. Just took the quiz and looked through some of their jewelry. Love it all!!

  16. emily f.

    Holy smokes this is one awesome giveaway! I need some new accessories too!!!

  17. Katie

    Yes, I like the idea of a personal stylist and convinced that anyone can be celeb glam with one, right?

  18. Shirly

    What a great opportunity! Such lovely jewelry – would love to win this one. Count me in please!! :)

  19. Sonia MaRIE

    Woaah!! What a wonderful giveaway this is! Hope I am the lucky bride!

  20. Steffi Pijuan

    These are super cute! And who knows, with a $200 basket my bridesmaids could enjoy some fabulous jewels as well!

  21. Alisha

    ADORE this site! Such fun to be able to incorporate a style quiz into finding the perfect jewels! :]

  22. coasterkim

    Can’t pass up a gift basket giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win.

  23. Katrina Flores

    I’d love to win this! I really like jewelmint’s jewelry

  24. Kiersten

    Love the jewelry!! I just got done figuring out my “style profile” on the jewelmint website :) Thanks for the great giveaway opportunity!

  25. Colette Bauer

    I would love to win a gorgeous backet to get me *Even More* excited about love!

  26. Sayoko Lynn

    Love that I got a personal style profile… They have such cute things right up my alley. Hope to win this gift basket!

  27. Ashleigh

    Amazing giveaway! The jewelry would be amazing for a rehearsal dinner and the wedding!

  28. Marie-Eve

    oupps… made a mistake in the email address of my previous comment! again, this is an amazing giveaway for a jewelry addict like me!

  29. Laura

    Finally! Beautiful jewelry that doesn’t take advantage of the situation by charging too much when the word “wedding” comes into the equation.

  30. anh

    awesome promos! i’m definitely taking advantage of the 2nd one. thanks for sharing!

  31. Kelly

    This is a great giveaway! I’ve seen Jewelmint stuff in magazines and thought it was so pretty..

  32. Marissa

    Ooolala! How pretty I’m keeping my fingers crossed for this one=)

  33. Kathryn

    This jewelry is gorgeous! Checked out the JewelMint site and fell in love!! Thanks for the gift offer!

  34. Amelia

    GORGEOUS – I would love to win so I can accessorize my best ladies on my wedding day!

  35. Katherine S.

    I was just thinking yesterday how I no longer have any great bracelets. This would be such a joyous plan to win; thanks, OnceWed ladies!

  36. Alison F

    Oh I would love to win this! I remember reading about them in Lucky Magazine.

  37. Kelsey

    I’d love to win! I’ve never heard of Jewelmint before, but such a cool site!

  38. Kristen

    Oooh i’ve been on a treasure hunt for a while looking for wedding jewels…This would make the trip a lot easier!

  39. Julia

    This is such a great giveaway, thanks! I hope I am the lucky winner :crosses fingers:

  40. Alexis W.

    I want! I’m a huge JewelMint fan, kinda obsessed really. And recently engaged! Please?

  41. Bryana

    That is so cool! I never knew the concept for jewelmint! I going to go see how this works!

  42. Courtenay

    My fingers are crossed! I’d love to get the perfect accessory for my wedding dress..

  43. Courtney Wenneborg

    Here’s hoping! Some of these pieces are EXACTLY in line with our wedding theme! LOVE IT!

  44. Linda Yan

    What an amazing opportunity! I would love to get some new jewelry! I need to wear it for my man ;) Thanks for doing this giveaway!

  45. Rebecca

    What simply gorgeous jewellery. Would go perfectly in my wedding in 3.5 weeks time! Mis-matched watermelon bridesmaids, lace wedding dress in a lovely lush green garden setting!

  46. cindy barriga

    I love everything JEWELMINT offers. All of the items are stunning.

  47. Karla

    I went to jewelmint and signed up! I love the jewelry and if I won this basket it would be perfect for my wedding in sept next year!!

  48. Sarah

    Love it all!!! Would be amazing to accessorize with for my weddding day!

  49. Molly R

    Such an amazingly unique selection at Jewelmint! Keeping my fingers crossed

  50. Cary

    Looks great, count me in. Thanks for the discount code too- will be great for some early holiday gifts.

  51. Sarah Eley

    Beautiful pieces and so affordable! Even better! I would love to wear anything by mintjewel on my wedding day!

  52. Janis Chapman

    I would love to win a beautiful piece of jewelery. I just love it all.

  53. nicole

    The jewlery looks amazing!! I’d be honored to wear a piece on my wedding day!!

  54. Lesa Thomas

    I can’t wait to check out this jewelry line. It looks like We might find something perfect in this line for my daughter’s bridesmaids. Thank you Once Wed for again reminding us that style doesn’t have to “break the bank!”

  55. Anna Driver-Bishop

    What a fabulous giveaway!
    Thanks so much, Anna, mattandanna at live dot com

  56. Steph W

    Oh Yes Yes YES! I love JewelMint! Thanks for this fantastic giveaway!

  57. Kim

    I love my Fancy more than anything, (that’s what my fiance and I call each other, because we feel that ‘fiance’ is much too fancy of a word) but this jewelry is coming in a close second! : )

  58. Natalie

    Ooh, this would be great for me. I’m terrible at picking jewelry. Thanks for the giveaway!

  59. Elisa Bricker

    I would certainly love to win for an April wedding. These pieces are beautiful!

  60. Kelsey B.

    Just bought the Cosmic Fusion necklace! It’s so chic and gorgeous! Here’s to hoping that I win the wedding basket!!

  61. Alicea B.

    I love these jewelry pieces! What a perfect giveaway for deserving brides!

  62. erin

    im a member & i love everything about this website! it would be such a treat to win :) wedding date: may 19 2012 EKKK!

  63. Olivia

    This jewelry is lovely! It’d be amazing to win some beautiful pieces.

  64. Emily

    I hope it is not too late to enter. I just got engaged and found this site. Everything on here looks great!

  65. helen

    i check jewelmint every month but have not bought anything yet, this giveaway is great.