Win a $200 Sephora Gift Card

Help us out and win a Sephora gift card!

We love our audience, and we’re constantly trying to improve your experience and keep Once Wed full of innovative and fresh content. So after receiving such an amazing response from our beauty tutorials, we’re interested to hear about what you may be looking for in future tutorials and how you’re going to use makeup on your wedding day. Since we’re always looking for ways to improve your experience and the content you see on Once Wed, we’ve created a quick survey for our readers to complete. Please take a few minutes to help us out by completing this survey on how you use makeup and how you plan on using it for your wedding day.

You’ll instantly be entered to win a $200 Sephora gift card when you take the survey and provide us with your email address. CLICK HERE for the survey and to enter for a chance to win a Sephora gift card!

Photo by Rylee Hitchner

Thank you to everyone for helping us out! THIS CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED. 

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165 Responses to “Win a $200 Sephora Gift Card”

  1. Jess Tierney

    Just took the survey! I’m getting married next summer and had planned on hiring a professional to airbrush our makeup but would love to see detailed to tutorials so that I could save some $$ and do it myself! :)

  2. Heather

    Love makeup and hair DIY tutorials. Especially when they are made with such gorgeous photos!
    (oh, and took the survey!)

  3. Valdora Estridge

    I took the survey! I love Sephora and am excited about potentially winning this gift card!

  4. Jennette

    I love your tutorials. I purchased blush and bb cream based on seeing them used on tutorials here. I used them both when I did my own wedding makeup this November. It helps so much to have instruction for particular looks and being able to see products used by real life people.

  5. Katelyn

    Totally lost when it comes to makeup for the big day. Hoping the ladies of Once Wed and Sephora can help me out! :)

  6. Gena

    I’ve never had a good professional makeup experience so am doing my own wedding makeup! Tutorials always help!!

  7. Chrissy

    Great idea – would love to be confident enough to do my own makeup for my wedding in September!

  8. miriam

    thanks for the opportunity! i am doing my own makeup for my wedding, so this would help me out so much!

  9. Kaitie

    Was just thinking the other night that I wanted to invest in some nice makeup for my wedding. This would be a huge help!

  10. Amanda

    I love makeup tutorials, but I think for a wedding it’s just better to have someone else pamper you that morning. It’s always relaxing to have someone else do your hair and makeup and just sit back and sip a drink.

  11. Lauren S.

    Thanks for the giveaway! I am clueless when it comes to makeup, so the more help I can get the better!!

  12. Desiré

    I don’t usually wear make up, so the only things I own are a bit of eyeliner and lipstain. Took the survey, here’s hoping I win to ease the cost of buying all new makeup!

  13. Stephanie M

    Took the survey and would LOVE to win. $200 toward wedding expenses would be wonderful! I’m planning to buy makeup for the big day and this would be great!!

  14. Stephanie

    Took the survey and would love to win the gift card! It would be such a sweet wedding gift!

  15. Fatima

    I love your site… it’s a constant inspiration for weddings and otherwise! Excited for this giveaway too. Fingers crossed!

  16. Charlie

    Completed the survey – fingers crossed! I love Sephora and this would be a great wedding treat! :)

  17. Nicole Palacio

    OH! I hope I win!!! I’d use the gift card to buy my bridesmaids some beauty treats!


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