It’s becoming much more common for women to embrace their natural hair whether it be curly or straight, and we’re so happy that women are proud of their natural beauty and are doing what they can to let it shine. We love this simple wedding updo for naturally curly hair from Yolanda Jones, styled by Lora Kelley and photographed by Joey Kennedy, and we encourage you to embrace your organic beauty on your wedding day and work with what you have! Keep reading for the full tutorial on how to recreate this wedding updo.


-Duck Bill Clips
-Hair Spray

Step 1: Leave hair natural and feathered out.
Step 2: Add hair oil to provide shine and soften fly-aways
Step 3: Divide hair into 4 basic sections and clip off with duck bill clips
Step 4: Start with the section at the base of the neck – hold it out from the head, and using your hand, fold it over and tuck ends into the hair and pin.
Step 5: Do this with the next section of hair above the first section, but fold it the opposite way of the first – this will create dimension in the hair.
Step 6: Pick on of the side sections, and divide it into two more sections.
Step 7: Fold the lay one over the other, and fold them across the head, tucking the ends in and pinning as you.
Step 8: Use the last section of hair to lay over the top and across the back of the hair, folding across the hair, and tucking the ends under. Pin.
Step 9: Spray with hair spray.

Photography: Joey Kennedy | Hair: Yolonda Jones | Make­up: Lora Kelley | Shirt: Rag and Bone | Jewelry: Anthropologie | Jeans: Rag and Bone | Styling: Lora Kelley


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joey | Reply

thank you OnceWed! This turned out beautiful!

Tanja Kibogo | Reply

wow! This lady is soooo beautiful! Love her hair and great job capturing it Joey! xoxo

Helen Michelle | Reply

The model has got gorgeous hair! I have curly hair as well but not as long as the model’s. I did leave my hair down for my wedding and it looked pretty but it was summer so it did get uncomfortable as the night progressed. This hair-do is amazing, for Summer or even Spring brides. Spring brides can add some flowers.

Rachel | Reply

Yes! Thanks so much for doing this. My hair is very similar and I can’t tell you how hard it is to find inspiration for beautiful updos.

NaturalHairBride.com | Reply

Just love the how-to style! Our brides would of be this look too.

natalie | Reply

Beautiful updo but I can’t understand the directions

Maggie | Reply

Yeah the instructions suck unfortunately :( I wish there were clearer instructions, I’d love to try this

Tomi | Reply

It looks like a love heart from the side! So cute for a wedding

Lola | Reply

What is the name of this model?

Eva | Reply

This hairstyle looks beautiful, but I don’t quite understand steps 8 and 9… Maybe the barrier of the language (I’m French) ?

Alicia | Reply

I also don’t really understand what to do with each section, but maybe that’s because my hair is straight. I can’t imagine folding my hair would have any thing close to this effect lol, her hair looks so nice too!

kat | Reply

Beautiful hair, beautiful updo and beautiful model. HORRIBLE instructions. Typos all over, and bad descriptions.

Jez | Reply

Make a video tutorial on how to do this please. I have super curly long hair and would love to do this but the instructions and pictures are unclear.

tris | Reply

Can’t you make a video of this?

Mary McLeod | Reply

We didn’t have a video for this specific tutorial, but we’re working on getting more videos on the site for our readers!

Aoibhín | Reply

Using a model with a fairer hair colour would make for better pictures as black tends to lack definition in images viewed on electronic devices

Isabel | Reply

Would you make a video? I loooved this hair updo but I really don’t get it

Bliss by Monica | Reply

The model’s hair is gorgeous!

Adriana | Reply

Love this hairstyle, i want to try it on myself. Too bad i can’t understand the instructions! ):

Isabela Almeida | Reply

Beautiful hairstyle. Too bad the instructions are useless and the pictures do more harm than good in explaining. Confusing is an understatement.

Dee | Reply

Your style is beautiful, but the instructions do not match up at all to the pictures, and there are a lot of missing steps in the pictures as well. I really really wish there was better instructions, this requires a video I think.

Studio Ohlala | Reply

That’s super nice!

Duha | Reply

this updo is so lovely and easy, it became one of my favorite hairstyles!
thanks for sharing this gorgeous tutorial!

abiti da sposa usati | Reply

Thanks for the instructions!

brautkleid verkaufen | Reply

You are awesome OnceWed, many thanks for the tut!

Leandra L Brown | Reply

I love this! I’m definitely going to try it!

hikari | Reply

Love this hairstyle, i want to try it on myself.

Joy | Reply

This is such a beautiful hairstyle. I’d really like to do it with my hair sometime, do you have clearer instructions or better yet a how-to video? I tried following these directions but they’re slightly vague so they’re hard to understand the step by step process.

Haven | Reply

Stunning!! She’s so pretty, she looks like a doll

Kara B | Reply

Curly hair is beautiful! Glad to see an article on this! Seeing hairstyles with pin straight hair is not realistic. Thank you for showing “real” woman!

Marta Wrońska | Reply

Amazing :) Great job! Curly hair looks so lovely on every girl :)

Kelly | Reply

This lady is soooo beautiful!

Peter Mcaleer | Reply

Very Pretty idea!

NST Pictures-Artistic Wedding Videos | Reply

Thank you for the tips! Beautiful!