Inspired by the beautiful studio tour we featured yesterday, Mara of Neithersnow created this gorgeous flatware DIY…

Vintage flea markets abound in Florence. We stopped by one of our favorites in  Piazza Santo Spirito and picked up a few ornate silver forks. We edged them with white chalk marker and gray nailpolish. The best part is they can be cleaned and repainted after the event.


1. Select some vintage forks. Handles with floral patterns or very raised designs work best.

2. Mark off some thin and wide stripes using washi or masking tape.

3. Using a marker or nailpolish, paint directly onto the handle of the flatware. and let dry.

Credits: Photography by Anne-Marie Bouchard, AMBPhoto. Styling by Mara Zepeda of Neither Snow and Betty Soldi.


Comments (5)

Mary J | Reply

Ooooo, I love these. What a fun DIY — so many ways you could use these. And I love the tie into the previous post with the Paolo studio tour. What a fabulous pairing of posts. Hope to see more of these.

Laura Diamond Bridal Gallery | Reply

Great idea! Lovely way to add a bit more color and style into the wedding decor.

Elise Bellagala Intern | Reply

This is such a unique DIY wedding idea! It adds such a personal touch and is absolutely gorgeous!

Gramercy Studio | Reply

What a wonderful idea!

Canopy Rental | Reply

Lovely. Thanks for sharing this great idea.


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