DIY Wedding Wax Paper Lanterns


We loved these great luminaria (shown below) that Kelly Wilkinson shared on A Practical Wedding┬áso much that we wanted to share them with you here, too! They are so budget friendly and easy to do, and create such a nice ambiance….that’s a win in our books! Kelly lays out a more detailed tutorial…if you feel like you need extra instruction I definitely recommend it. But basically, you just iron some foliage or petals (or whatever else that’s flat) between wax paper, cut them into equal panels (we just traced a template), tape the panels together using washi or scotch tape, and then we hot glued some little balsa wood sticks for added support, but you don’t have to… (The balsa wood sticks are super cheap and available at most craft stores. You could also use little twigs though if you want them to look more rustic.)


Top set of images photographed by Ali Harper // Last image: Kelly Wilkinson via A Practical Wedding

17 Responses to “DIY Wedding Wax Paper Lanterns”

  1. Jennifer

    Great tutorial…thanks for sharing! This is really pretty, and could easily be modified to fit a different theme. Besides, DIY weddings really cut down on the cost. I would love to experiment with something different than plants in there as well.

    • Helen

      I would use either battery powered tea lights or a small candle in a glass jar.

  2. Online Invitations

    I was planning on getting some sky lanterns for my wedding but due to fire hazards, I had to think for a safer alternative. So glad I found your page! Really cool designs!

  3. jw

    I’d like to know how to make these in more detail plz. Also Where do I purchase the stuff to make it ?

  4. Sandra

    What website sells wax paper? I am in Brazil and would like to purchase this paper.
    You can tell me?
    I want to do in my marriage


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