DIY Flower Dyed Ribbon and Napkins


Pretty neat, right? Ginny Au dyed simple silk ribbons and muslin napkins with only flowers. No dyes or powders needed. Just gather some of your favorite colored flowers, wrap them in ribbon and/or napkins, and place in a jar of water in the sun for 2 days. Perfection!

diy-flower-dyed-ribbon diy-dyed-ribbon-and-napkin-wedding-ideas


-Muslin napkins
-Silk ivory ribbon
-Jar of filtered water
-Seasonal flowers in variety of colors


1. + 2. Choose your petals to dye your ribbon and muslin napkins with.

3. Soak your piece of muslin in filtered water and wring out the excess water.

4. Open the muslin and place your torn flower petals inside the muslin. Wrap around with the silk ribbon.

5. Place the wrapped muslin inside your glass of water and set outside in the sun for two days. Make sure to start your project when two consecutive days of sun is expected.

6. After two days the water can appear dirty and brown. This is normal. Remove you bundle from your water, untie the muslin and discard the flowers. Rinse the muslin and ribbon in luke warm water with a mild soap. Wring out excess water and place the ribbon and muslin in the sun to dry.

Photography: Erich McVey | Styling: Ginny Au | Calligraphy: Holly Hollon | Flowers: Cloth of Gold Flowers

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