DIY Chair Wedding Garland


We’ve been seeing a lot of ceremony aisle markers popping up all over pinterest and weddings blogs, so Holly of Rosegolden Flowers pulled together this great tutorial on how to create your own aisle marker with a set of simple vines. We used jasmine here for it’s delicate nature, but any vine or flowering branch would also look beautiful. Enjoy!



Floral Tape
Vines(we used Jasmine)


1. Make two bunches of vines

2. Secure longest branch to one side of the chair

3. Attach with floral tape

4. Secure the second bunch horizontally with floral tape

5. Drape the vines around the opposite edge of the chair

6. Tie a ribbon to conceal the floral tape

Photography: Odalys Mendez // Styling: Ginny Au // Flowers: Rosegolden Flowers

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  1. Rosegolden Flowers

    Hana – jasmine usually costs around $10 to $15 per bunch which is 10 stems. I used less than 1 bunch to make the chair garland. You could also use ivy which is inexpensive and always in season or passion vine which is in season right now. Good luck!


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