We bought plain petit fours from our local bakery and personalized them by making little “wax” seals out of chocolate. Fun, right? We used a monogrammed wax seal found on etsy and pressed the seal into semi-melted chocolate.

Are you a cake kind of person or are you planning to serve some desserts in addition to or instead of the standard wedding cake? Although, when it comes down to it, petit fours are pretty much in the cake category…. But still…they’re a fairly alternative choice for a wedding.

Photography: Ali Harper // Styling: Joy Thigpen // Chocolate Wax Seals: Dodge and Burned


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Joelle | Reply

This is absolutely adorable, and such an easy/inexpensive way to add a little personal touch! I had a bride suggest this to me the other day, and I’m really excited to try it out!

Destinos Blog | Reply

Such a cute little idea! Definitely going to try it!

Adriana | Reply

This is a great idea – I have so many seals I haven’t gotten around to using and I can’t wait to try this!

ren | Reply

wonderful! thanks for sharing :)

Lynn | Reply

This is a wonderful idea!

But I’m wondering…. How do you begin with it?
Do you melt the chocolate first?
and make drops with it? And then when they’re almost hard again, you press the seal in it?

pleinair | Reply

I am also curious exactly which moment do you press seals onto chocolate? and do you make the sealed chocolates and then apply on petit fours?

Rachel | Reply

I would take a sheet of wax paper and make several dots of chocolate (you could use a piping bag for uniformity). When the dots are almost set, quickly make the seals. These can be done weeks ahead and stored in an airtight container in a cool dry place. When you are ready to use, just peal off of the wax paper and add a dot of melted chocolate to *glue* them to petit fours or cookies or cake pops! Perfect addition to a dessert table!

Pipi | Reply

I’ve tried making the chocolate seal without success. The chocolate sticks onto
the stamper. I’ve tried using Pam to grease it but that didn’t work. I’ve tried using saran wrap but that made the chocolate dull. Please help. I am trying to make these for my daughter birthday party.

Eleni | Reply

I had the same problem when I used the Wilton candy melts. I put one on wax paper and microwaved it until is was a little warm then pressed the stamp, but it just got the stamp all messy. Nothing like the pictures above!

Linda | Reply

I haven’t tried it yet, but I wonder how a good quality white chocolate would work? I’m making some monogramed petit fours soon and was thinking of trying the white chocolate. Even if it comes out a little ‘dull’ in the sheen department I can dust the monogram with a sparkly luster dust to jazz it up after it hardens.

Heather | Reply

My guess is that you ladies are using the stamp before the chocolate has cooled sufficiently. Works the same with wax.

Chloe Flynn | Reply

Hi could you advise me if you are able to supply a bespoke wax seal, I have a client who would like there own seal on the chocolates I supply !!!!

Many thanks

robe de mariée occasion | Reply

Wow! Never saw a chocolate stamp before! Very very nice! Thanks!

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