Winter Wedding Wreath DIY

DIY Winter Wedding Wreath

With the holiday season in full swing, I know so many of us are looking for easy and beautiful ideas to decorate our homes with. Wreaths are especially popular right now, and I love this wreath tutorial sent over by Honey of Thousand Flowers for a holiday or winter wedding. Sarah suggested you can use ferns or any type other type of greenery to create a winter wedding wreath. You could make just one of these to hang on a door, or several to hang in a window. You could even hang several of them with fishing line from a branch to use as a ceremony backdrop for a wedding!

Winter Wedding Wreath


-Ferns, or any other green

-Wreath forms (or stiff wire to make your own)

-Floral wire, clippers


-Break apart the wreath forms into individual rings. (I used a wreath form so that I had a few perfectly circular wire bases for my wreaths. Sometimes it is hard to make your own into a perfect circle.)

-Place the greenery on the ring and beginning at the base of the leaf. Wire it to the ring by wrapping the wire through and around the ring up the leaf.  Be careful not to tuck any parts of the leaf under the wire.

-Place the next leaf on and continue wrapping it with wire the same way until you’ve gone all the way around the ring with leaves.

winter wreath diy

Photography: Leo Patrone // Tutorial: Honey of Thousand Flowers

9 Responses to “Winter Wedding Wreath DIY”

  1. Tobin

    I love this! My wife is planning our wedding and I used to live in Humboldt county where there are TONS of ferns, and I think having her (and maybe the lil’ fairy flower girls, too!) will lend a perfect pinch of my beloved Humboldt county woodsy charm. Thanks so much for the great suggestion! Pinning NOW!

  2. Screendoorgirl 3

    So pretty! It is summer and I have some Boston ferns. I am going to try this tomorrow –looks doable. Thanks!


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