Super DIY Paint Chip Escort Cards

DIY Paint Chip Wedding Escort Cards

So this one’s about as DIY and budget friendly as it gets. Just go to your local hardware or paint store, pick out a bunch of paint chips within the range of your color palette (free), cut them up, and write everyone’s names on them. Done. :)

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22 Responses to “Super DIY Paint Chip Escort Cards”

  1. Maggie

    now if only my handwriting looked that nice!

    sometimes the employees give you dirty looks if you are taking large amounts of paint chips, heh heh. just a warning. ;)

  2. Linda M

    What about the customers who need to buy and pay for paint? It sounds underhanded.

  3. Taylor

    These are absolutely beautiful- and oh-so-cheap. I need to figure out a way to use them since I’m not doing escort cards!

  4. Bella

    I love this idea, and immediately went to the hardware store to pick up a collection of colors for my own wedding. The one challenge I discovered is that the BACK of paint chips are really unattractive. It’s like an ad for a paint company and has bar codes and discount codes. Any suggestions for how to get around that, while still keeping this a simple project?

  5. Katie B.

    it took me a second before i realized i knew at least three of the people listed on the paint chip name cards. small world :)

  6. Chelle

    @Bella – one quick fix would be to lay them all face down and spray paint the back of them with a pretty color before you cut them up. Or you could modge-podge on some pretty scrap book paper.

  7. joy thigpen

    Bella, you could either pin them to a wall or board so that no one ever sees the back side OR cover the back side with pretty paper/wallpaper if you want your guests to be able to pick them up and take them with you. (if you use the paper on the back, use double-sided tape so it doesn’t get wet and wrinkly like glue would)

  8. Jessica

    LOVE this idea, and I kinda like the idea of them not all being perfectly square- adds a little whimsy as long as it doesnt look sloppy. Thinking of staining some wood to hang these on. then putting it up on an easel.


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