The technique I think I struggle with the most when putting together arrangments is color placement. Working with so many shades and colors tends to drive me a little nuts because I always seem to struggle with pulling together a cohesive look at the end. Chelsea, of course makes it look incredibly easy and I’m so happy she breaks everything down by color and amount of stems. I always finding myself buying a lot more than I ultimately need too.



diy flower ideas1

For the Bridal Bouquet:
You need:
10 red/white anemone stems
3 full pink roses
10 Ranunculus stems in eggplant
2 bunches of buttercup greens
2 bunches of vinca vine
2 stems of green hellebores
clippers or scissors
ribbon (1.5 yards)

diy flower ideas2

Step # 1: Remove all most of the leaves from the stems.

Step # 2
: Start with a selection of flowers in your hand. Add roses at the bottom and let the ranunculus buds peek out at the top. Turn the bouquet each time you add a new grouping of flowers. Keep turning and adding until you are happy with it. Add greens around the bottom.

diy wedding flowers3diy wedding flowers5

Step # 3: Secure with twine.

Step #4: Clip the stems so they are all the same length.

Step #5: Wrap ribbon around stem and secure with two pins.


Chelsea, thank you again! So excited to have you on board!!


Comments (19)

LL | Reply

Lovely. Anenomes are my favorite. This could be used for a centerpiece too.

Erika | Reply

The brown velvet ribbon with the red/pink tones is such a nice touch. Frolic is one of my favorites too, so I’m happy to see her here too.

Pia | Reply

The presentation and the project itself are incredible. Thank you for sharing.

faith | Reply

how fun. looking forward to seeing what else she creates.

Jaime | Reply

Love, love, love this! It’s so pretty it’s made my day brighter! :)

LK | Reply

Ooo…so pretty!! I love the anemones….I wish I could add them to my wedding!

wendy | Reply

so beautiful! love the pink and green together.

Jinnie N. | Reply


coco+kelley | Reply

i’m in love with this bouquet! SO fresh!!! it’s making me feel quite springy, even though i woke up to snow falling this morning… thanks for the pick me up! :)

Annie | Reply

Incredible. Very excited about this new feature on your site.

kaitlin | Reply

so stunning. i’m in love. this is precisely what i am looking for!

kelley @ myislandwedding | Reply

It almost doesn’t seem possible that flowers can be so vibrant and downright interesting looking…, not your typical bouquet.
Love it.

AshleyL. | Reply

absolutely beautiful. This post was such a breath of fresh air :)

Thank you!

bi-coastal bride | Reply

What a sweet bouquet? Love the velvet ribbon. Reminds me of a Jane Austen book.

Frances | Reply

It is amazing how much florist charge for putting together a brides floral bouquet. Your example is so lovely and has inspired me to make my own! Thank you.

Kat | Reply

This is really beautiful and makes me feel like I really can do my own wedding flowers. Thanks for sharing!!

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