DIY Wedding Pom Pom Vines


I have a soft spot in my heart for colorful paper and hanging decorations, which means of my favorite things in the world is garlands. For months I’ve been trying to come up with an excuse for a party just so I can make tons of them. This project is a simple twist on a pom pom garland by stringing them vertically with paper leaves so they become vines. You can hang them in trees or tie them to a strand across a ceiling to fill up a room.  Customize your own by using different colored tissue paper, cutting different leaves and flower types, or even cutting paper birds and tying them into the strands. Click “more” below to see the rest of the project…

-Anna of Rifle Design




1. cutting mat, 2. twine, 3. craft paper, 4. assorted tissue paper, 5. scissors, 6. floral wire



To create the tissue paper pom poms:
Accordion fold 7 sheets of tissue paper together with 7 folds, each about 1 inch wide. Find the center of the stack and wrap floral wire around the center to create a divide. Fan out each side of the tissue paper and carefully pull out each layer of paper until you have a ball.

0909_5 0909_6

To create the leaves:
Cut craft paper into a silhouette of a figure 8 and make a fold in the center where the leaves meet. Using a craft knife or scissors make a small “x” incision into the center of the crease to create a hole to pull the twine through. Next, fold a crease through both leaves to give your shape some character.

0909_7 0909_8

Attach the pom pom to the strand by using the extra wire from the center. Slide the twine through the center hole and tie a small knot underneath the leaves when you have it in place so that the paper won’t slide around on the strand.


Use as many pom poms, leaves, colors, and styles as you like to create the look you’re going for!

Time: about 20 min. per vine

Project created by Anna Bond of Rifle Design

54 Responses to “DIY Wedding Pom Pom Vines”

  1. ashleigh

    I just made a ton of these pom pom’s for my wedding this weekend! Wish I would have seen this idea earlier, love the vine idea! Thanks for all the great DYI projects.

  2. charise

    oh man! i have always liked the idea of the tissue poms but didn’t think they’d really work for my rustic wedding. seeing the leafy vine version almost makes me decide to make them for our wedding … which is in 3 weeks. hmm, can i handle another DIY project?

  3. Kate

    I was wondering if anyone could direct me to a place that sells different coloured tissue online? Impossible to find where I live! Thanks in advance.

  4. gigi aka the kid

    glorious. i think i will make a bunch and just turn my apartment into a giant pom-pom ballpit. and then neatly tidy them away into the closet when the mister comes home. but the second he leaves, whooowheee. roll out the pom-poms!!!

  5. Sage & Style

    This is such a fantastic idea! I’m going to steal it for a summer baby shower I’m throwing …. LOVE your blog btw. So many fab ideas for non-brides too!

  6. Debbie

    Best idea ever! I tried them myself and they look absolutely beautiful! :)

  7. melissa savoie

    This is such a cute idea I made the flower ball and put it in a cylender vase with a battery tea light with vase filler over it to give it a glow effect it looks really classy thanks for the idea to get the ball rolling for this one

  8. Kate J.

    Where did you find that dusty redish pink color tissue paper? I can’t find it anywhere! Thanks


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