DIY Vintage Book Table Numbers

The ladies over at Bird and Banner were kind enough to send over this lovely table number and centerpiece idea made with vintage books and colored tape(yes, tape!) for me to share with you today. Not only would this DIY act as a great alternative to fresh flower centerpieces, but it’s also super easy to make which is always nice for the folks(including me!) who weren’t gifted with the craft gene. Click “more” below to see the rest of the project…


Materials needed:
10 -15 vintage books
Washi tape in three colors at Happy Tape
Xacto knife
White pastel pencil


Step 1:
First find a great used bookstore and spend some time roaming the aisles for great looking books with romantic titles on the spine. We found some beautiful books in no time and at minimal cost at our favorite local book store. Choose one book to create your table number and lightly sketch out the number in a white charcoal pencil onto book cover. Choose one color of washi tape and place in line with you sketch.


Step 2:

Choose your second color of washi tape, and repeat. Choose your third color and repeat.


Step 3:
Trim loose edges to finish. Stack remaining books to create the centerpiece. Style with vintage ink bottles and flowers to finish.

Project created by Bird and Banner

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30 Responses to “DIY Vintage Book Table Numbers”

  1. nicole b.

    I love this idea… OK, dumb question alert… are table numbers necessary when you’re not preparing a seating chart or sit-down dinner? We are serving hors d’oeuvres and cocktails after our 7 p.m. ceremony. We’re expecting 100 guests. My fiance and I do not want to tell our guests where to sit. But, it could be helpful for them if they could say (to each other), “Hey, we’re sitting at Table 7, come join us.” Anybody want to chime in? Thank you!

  2. TH

    I love this idea. I think I might have to steal it for my own wedding, thank you!

    @ Nicole: I think that’s a great idea, helpful for guests, rather than pointing at that “middle” table(s).


    This a brilliant idea – vintage is really in in london but it can be a real struggle not making it look too twee…and for a book loving couple it’s perfect – you did one recently with records – I’d love a mixture of the two…if Nicole worrying – could you just have a book wit the menu on it even?


  4. amanda

    nicole b, thats not a dumb question because ive thought it before. and to myself i decided they would totally help in a situation like you one you said. i think without a seting chart, they definitely look cute and help people find one another. so i would say depends on what you want to do, but to me, they’re super helpful.

  5. Mellie

    These girls are amazing with the stuff they come up with. I ordered wedding invitations from them and everyone raved about them. I got more compliments on my invitations than anything else!

  6. Sarah

    What a brilliant, easy to do, center piece! I also love the idea of using vintage ink bottles for flowers to go with the books. Thanks Bird and Banner!

  7. Gabby

    This is so creative and looks so easy to do! The ladies at Bird and Banner continue to inspire with their great taste.

  8. Foxxy McShane

    Ab. so. lute. ly. Slammin’! This idea eats other table number ideas for brunch. Yaay, creative ladies at Bird and Banner!

  9. lizzie

    I need to say this, at the risk of being pedantic- as someone who works with books and book restoration, this rash of recent book crafts is worrying- a lot of people are “recycling” readable, useful, books into something they might use once or twice and then toss. remember that just because a book is old or looks stupid to you doesn’t mean it isn’t a treasure to somebody else (or valuable)! I have a cousin who collects old vet’s manuals! you just never know, is all I’m saying.

    • emily

      Hey Lizzie! While I respect your opinion, I have to differ in the context of this project. I think Bird and Banner did a wonderful job taken something old and giving it new life. Plus, tape is removable, so they could very easily keep the books or give them away for others to enjoy and read for many years to come.


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