DIY: Spring Bulb Wedding Favors

Bulb Wedding Favors

Give old tins new life by planting them with spring bulbs and gifting them to your wedding guests! Growing bulbs indoors is possible with paper whites, daffodils, tulips, hyacinths, amaryllis, cyclamen, agapanthus, and ginger.

Bulb Favor DIY

16 Responses to “DIY: Spring Bulb Wedding Favors”

  1. Brittany H

    This would make a most thoughtful and organic gift. Lovely.

    PS- You hosted the wedding of my husband and I –

    I have a blog too, I’d love it if you had a peek. I’m having a GIVEAWAY too!

  2. Emily

    My fiance and I are getting married in november. Any ideas for plants or flowers that will work with cold weather? I’ve been looking at little seedling trees that would be wrapped in burlap, but I love this idea as well… Just not sure the spring bulbs will work in the fall.

  3. Heather

    Actually, Emily, bulbs prefer to be planted in the fall and to winter over, so this might work for you. Or, you could choose a winter plant like hellebore that would be a first bloom in the springtime, even in the snow. For a winter wedding, amaryllis bulbs, though somewhat costly (even in bulk) might be a lovely treat, and they can be forced (made to bloom in winter indoors if desired). Many bulbs, like amaryllis, daffodils, other kinds of narcissus, etc, do well with being forced indoors in winter, and would make a lovely gift- if refrigerated to mimic the winter cold outdoors for a few weeks before hand, they could be ready for your guests to bloom right away…

  4. Julie

    My grandmother used to use coffee cans for all of her houseplants. Her’s didn’t look as cute as yours, but this brought back pleasant memories… I have to this.


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