DIY: Simple String and Moss Vases


I’m always on the look out for unique and affordable centerpiece ideas, so I was thrilled when Laurie sent in this week’s DIY project because it fits both those crieteria’s perfectly. Fresh flowers can get expensive, so why not save money on the vases and create these lovelies. Enjoy!


What You’ll Need:

Tin Cans (an assortment of sizes)
Crochet Thread or Kite String
Sphagnum Moss

Daffodils (or any small blooming plant will do)
Small pebbles



1.  Begin by washing and removing the labels from your tin cans.  Be
careful not to cut yourself on the edge of the cans.

2.  Take a piece of moss, lay it on the outside of the  can and wrap
your string around the moss and can several times until it’s secure.
(see figure 1)

3.  Add another piece of moss and wrap the string around again.
Repeat until the can is covered.

4.   Take your scissors and trim the moss from the top and bottom of
can to make the edges neat.   (see figure 2)

5.  Wrap the string around several more times, pulling tightly while
working your way up and down the sides of the can.   Tie off with a
knot.   (see figure 3)

6.  Trim off any loose bits of moss with your scissors.

7.  Put a layer of small pebbles in the bottom of your can for
drainage  and plant the daffodils.

8.   Cluster a set of five or six vases in the center of each table.
(see figure 4)

What it cost:
Cans – Free !
Crochet Thread – $1.99
Moss – $5.00 for a large bag (which was enough to cover 8 – 9 cans)
Daffodils – $5.00 (for two four inch pots filled with multiple bulbs)

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24 Responses to “DIY: Simple String and Moss Vases”

  1. Pia

    I have never seen anything like this and I really love it. The string against the moss is so nice.

  2. Elizabeth

    This is one of the best idea to put accent on my table… and it is quite easy to do. I am actually planning to have an outdoor wedding and i think this can make a wonderful eco-friendly centerpiece. I also want to suggest to visit because they have cool centerpieces there. Better check it out.

  3. Kirsten

    Oh my goodness! I absolutely love these! What a fabulous idea…I can see my reception coming together already!

  4. Julia

    Are you using real moss or faux? I really want to incorporate moss into my wedding decor, but I’m not sure which to use.

  5. Kara Jo

    Awesome and beautiful idea! Great for eco-friendly or nature-related weddings! You could even reuse the moss and flowers later in your home decor or garden!


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