DIY Herbal Bouttonnieres



Herbs are casual and aromatic and perfect for a late summer or fall wedding. As far as ingredients go, the sky is the limit! Here I’ve incorporated blueberries with lavender thyme, oregano and sage and wrapped them with a sweet dotted ribbon for contrast. The best part is that the boutonnieres could be dried and used for cooking later, making them completely Eco-friendly! Click “more” below to see the rest of this project…






You will need:
13 small stems of herbs  (choose varying colors and shapes)
3 stems of small berries
floral tape
narrow ribbon




1: Start with a leaf stem like sage to be the backbone of your boutonniere. This leaf is just for support.
2. Place taller, lanky herbs like lavender and rosemary on top of the leaf. It’s OK for them to sit higher than the first leaf.
3. In front, place smaller rounder, herbs like oregano or thyme blossoms or fruit like blueberries. Heavier items always look nicer at the bottom with the leaner stems poking out the top.




5. Secure with floral tape,
6. Wrap the ribbon around the stems several times to disguise the floral tape while leaving a length of ribbon free to tie up the ribbon at the back of the boutonniere.




Project created by Chelsea Fuss
Photography by Lisa Warninger

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25 Responses to “DIY Herbal Bouttonnieres”

  1. Ciara

    Love this idea! I’m thinking of incorporating lavender into my wedding and its great to have another idea on how to include it! herbs should appeal to all members of the wedding party too as its not too girly or fussy! thanks!

  2. Celine

    I love this! It looks so delicate and perfect! I don’t like big bouttonnieres because they usually flop over! But these are perfect sized! And I love how they feel so down to earth!

  3. Krystel

    We had already totally planned on doing herb boutonnieres and I appreciate the tutorial! Rosemary blooms June-July in our area and the blossoms fit right in our color scheme. We’re hoping to get some cuts of rosemary with flowers on it and using lavender. Thanks for more examples of this under-used option!

  4. Abby

    A nice substitute for the lavender would be Russian sage…similar purple but more silvery.


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