DIY: Harvest Centerpiece


Harvest Centerpiece
“A table arrangement of grains celebrates the bounty of fall. In addition to the wheat, which symoblizes a fruitful life, this texture displayed includes other dried grasses(available at craft stores), so it can be made weeks ahead. The final flourish? A luxurious satin bow.(Grains and grasses from Dry Nature Designs; ribbon from Masterstroke Canada).”

Supplies and Tools
Colored Floral Tape
For each centerpiece, you’ll need about hundred stalks(six bunches) of dried grass and wheat
Floral Pruner

1. Bundle fifteen or so stems together at a time(they’re easiest to handle if you secure bundles with floral tape about four inches below grain pods).
2. Hold between thumb and forefinger at an angle. Add bundles, in a spiral shown, until all are used.
3. Wrap with floral tape(choose a color that matches your ribbon). Trim ends with floral pruner(cut center tips shorter for a stable base). Tie a wide ribbon over tape.

{Photos and project c/o Martha Stewart}

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